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Recruiters Offering Worldwide Job Placements

(The Companies Headhunters or Agencies in this Section are not country specific and can offer jobs in any country )

Executive Recruiters and Fees

Executive recruiters, especially in Europe, the USA, Canada, South America and the Far East are paid for by the employer looking for employees. They will get between a fixed fee and up to 30 percent of the employees first annual salary.

Sometimes, a small fee is being charged, normally not more than $50.00. This can be for several reasons, one is to keep out floods of unwanted and unqualified applicants, the other might be that an intermediary of the employer is asked to perform preliminary selection, so that the unsuitable candidates are not forwarded to an overburdened executive recruiter or human resources professional.

But, as a general rule, executive search agencies will not ask for a fee from employees. If someone, taking the above mentioned exceptions into account, charges you, the employment is, generally speaking, a scam. It usually works for "job offers" in countries that have restrictive VISA applications, such as Canada and the USA. The "recruiter" will ask for resume and VISA details and a small fee (usually about $100). Then, after a few weeks, the recruiter will ask for a larger fee that can be several thousand Dollars for, as he states "for the VISA and other fees". You pay and you will never hear from him again. "Canadian" and "English Hotel Jobs", or common laborer jobs in the USA are the favourites for such scams. So stay clear of these!

In some parts of the world, like in the Middle East, fees charged by Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepalese and Pakistani agencies for their nationals wanting jobs in the Gulf States or also in Europe are very common. There can make up half their first annual salary.

Some Points about attending Interviews Abroad

Also read our general Interview Advice Page

The one question which many candidates looking for jobs outside their home country often ask: If a potential employer is interested, am I expected to appear for an interview in the employers country or wherever the job is located? If so, who pays for that and what do they expect from me? Be sure you make that point, the payment of the expenses, in writing clear with any potential employer or recruiter, before you embark half way around the world. Don't bother with international jobs, where the employer, or his agent, is not willing to pay the expenses of travelling to an interview!

If the job is at a significant level, and the employer is really interested in your services, and they do not have a subsidiary in your own country, they will pay your travel and accommodation costs. Sometimes, they might agree to a video conference type interview, but this is still rare. Moreover, the higher the level of the job within the company's hierarchy, the more likely, they want to have a physical presence for an interview.

We work with many candidates and recruiters worldwide and the feedback we get from the recruiters and candidates is a constant source of new information on interview techniques and interview trends around the world. We have also interviewed hundreds of international candidates in different countries and from all sorts of backgrounds through the years. The comments below are a consensus opinion of the most commonly experienced issues and problems.

There are some basic rules that are valid all over the world.

1. The better your information about the company and the country where the job is located, prior to your interview, the more likely you will have a good and successful interview. Don't try to teach the person interviewing you about their country or offer comparisons with your home country, but if required, ask the relevant questions.
2. Wear appropriate clothing. A proper suite for a man, not necessarily a business suite for a woman, but a nice skirt with a blazer, or something similar, is almost always appropriate. Even if you have attractive legs, do not wear a skirt that is too short, nor for that matter, too long! If you have an interview in Rio, Bangkok or in Lagos, don't come in a woolly suit, suitable for London or Stockholm weather! Take enough clothing with you, that you do not have to worry about washing or dry cleaning when away from home. Have cleaned and polished shoes! We cannot tell you the number of times that we have interviewed people wearing shoes that have not been polished since new! The same applies for handbags for women!
3. Don't be too chatty. While in some countries an interview can be quite relaxed, in most countries it is a rather formal occasion. Be short and to the point in your replies and keep it on a professional level. Keep a balance between offering information and replying to what is asked. The importance you have in your local Church or the Little League does, generally not interest employers.

Don't try to flirt.The interviewer, male or female, might be very friendly. But, you should not construe that as an invitation to flirt. Don't be "touchy". Slapping someone's back or, even touching someone's arm, is simply not acceptable. The only physical touch, is the shaking of hands when you enter, or to say good bye, when you leave!

4. Don't use first names. The family or last name is the appropriate form of address in most countries. In some countries, especially in Europe, us the title of the person. If the interviewer is a Doctor or Professor, call him Dr. or Professor so-and-so. Don't say "Yes Sir" or "No Sir" in your replies, unless the person opposite you is a member of the aristocracy. You are not in the military.

If you are invited to lunch or dinner, see that you know how to eat appropriately. Use the fork and the knife and hold them properly. Don't cut the meat, then put the knife aside, using the fork only, to eat it. That might be acceptable in the U.S.A. But, contrary to common belief here, it is not acceptable elsewhere! If you are offered wine for instance, and you do not drink alcohol, ask for a mineral water (not iced tea or Coca Cola or even a coffee with the meal!).

If you drink wine, don't show off your knowledge of wine! If you have dinner with a female interviewer, or if a female is on the dinner or lunch table, do not sit down before the female sits. If she gets up for any reason, get up from your own chair, stand, and only sit down again, when she has left (for instance to go to the bathroom). Do the same when she comes back! Stand up, let her sit down and then sit down again!

Don't smoke in between the courses of a meal. Not even if the host smokes and offers you a cigarette! If a dinner or Lunch is in a private house, don't smoke at all! If the occasion is in a restaurant, only smoke when the coffee is being served and when it is clear that it is a smoking restaurant (non smoking restaurants are now common in Europe). Don't refuse coffee and ask for coke instead!

5. If the position offered is at a certain level, you might be required to attend 3 or more interviews with different interviewing groups. Be sure that you remember the names of the interviewers, and address them properly. (it is quite ok to write the names down) If you did not understand the names during the introduction, ask for them again. Also, introduce yourself formally to each person, with your first and family name, and properly. ( in academic interviews where you sit on a chair in front of a panel, this might not be possible). But remember, there is nothing worse than a shoddily handled introduction or hand shake. If you are in an office or conference room, don't sit down before your hosts sit!
6. Give clear answers to questions without exaggerating your own importance in your former jobs. Some interviewers can be quite aggressive and might try to trick you into quick and not well thought out replies. Take your time in replying. Don't be "spineless" in your replies. You do not have to be opinionated about specific points, but spinelessness will not get you a job either. If your interview is in another language than your own, take time in your replies so that your formulations are correct. If the interview is in English, don't use words that you have picked out of the Thesaurus. It does not sound educated, just pretentious. Use as natural a language as possible, but, without colloquialisms or slang terms.

Prepare questions before you get to the interview so that you know what to ask for. Some employers will tell you, after the interview, whether they are interested. But most will take some time to reflect and evaluate your performance. So do not phone the moment, you have arrived back home and ask about the outcome.

As a general rule, if the potential employer has paid you the travel and hotel costs, he had a certain interest and is more likely to come back to you quickly. Unfortunately, we know, that many human resources departments these days no longer have the courtesy to respond. But use your judgment when approaching them, asking for a status report.

If you need some professional help, we are ready to give that in a short phone interview (15 to 30 minutes). If you send us by e-mail a short description of the job (including country/city location) you applied for, your resume/CV (we do not want Social Security Numbers or Passport details, but, a short strengths and weakness analysis of yourself would be useful), a salary history and some short notes about why you want this particular job, together with the payment of the fee (click here), we will give you a date and time to phone us for a coaching session.

We wish you good luck. Any feedback you have, will be appreciated! Send us an e-mail.

Executive Recruiters or Headhunters Offering Worldwide Jobs or Vacancy Postings

(see also the pages below)

Recruiters in Asia specializing in International Recruitment

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language


Career Strategy Inc A Job Search, Resume Posting and Vacancy Posting Site Based in Japan English, Japanese Only for fully bilingual (English/Japanese) Applicants. Look for the English Language tab.
Pacific Bridge Inc
1155 Connecticut Ave.,
N.W., Suite 850
Washington DC 20036
Phone: (202) 467-5020
Fax: (202) 833-2279
A Job Search, Resume Posting and Vacancy Posting Site USA, Washington DC based; English, and additional Asian Language Specializes in bilingual people for jobs in Asia. An international recruitment agency and human resources consulting company focused on Asia. Our company specializes in placing Asian returnees, local candidates, and expatriates in excellent jobs in Asia or businesses related to Asia.
Strategic Executive Search and Management Recruitment Worldwide USA, English, and additional Asian Languages. Based in the USA but with subsidiaries in Singapore and other places; Mid and upper level executives and key technology personnel

The first executive search firm recruiting with a truly global perspective, with world-class candidates in the world's top 1,500 cities, in over 100 countries, on six continents. Unlike some of our competitors, which simplistically divide the world into a small, self limiting, number of field offices or franchises, ART is entirely region-neutral -- "virtually local to you" -- bringing you our candidates wherever you need them to be. Searches are only for CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CSO, CPO, CIO, CTO, President, General Manager, Managing Director, Vice President, Country Manager, Director and certain Manager level positions.

Japan Inc.
A Japanese Portal
This is not a Job Site but a General Information Site about Japan with many links to Job Sites Based in Japan; English and Japanese Information Site - Not a Recruitment Site
Allied Global Partners
Not Global but instead a Specialist Site for Japanese Executives Based in Japan; English, French, German and Japanese This site is for Western companies looking for Japanese Executives operating their Japanese Subsidiary
Amrop Hever Singapore
Bob Gattie
Gattie-Tan Soo Jin Consultants Pte Ltd
3 Shenton Way
#11-08 Shenton House
Singapore 068805
Tel. (65) 6225-3188
Fax (65)6224-7585
Headhunters with Internet Job Site - Recruits for Asia, Europe, Singapore, English and other languages Context driven executive search firm with 89 offices in 57 countries. All areas and Business sectors
Prime Calibre
Level 23, 128 Wellington St,,
Ph: +852 3905 3064
Fx:+852 3693 4222
Executive Recruiter for Jobs in Asia Hongkong, English, other languages Recruitment for Sales and Marketing Jobs in Asia with solid experience in representing and growing leading (privately owned and listed) commercial companies across the Asia Pacific region.
Strategic Executie Search Asia (SES)Hong Kong: Consumer Products
Suite 1203, Haleson Building
1 Jubilee Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2111 8181
Fax: +852 2111 8282
Hong Kong: Financial Services
29th floor, Shell Tower
Times Square, 1 Matheson Street,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel.: +852-2591-4033
Fax: +852-2813-4613
Executive Recruiter for Jobs in Asia. Go to Locations to find the approprite Offices Hongkong, Manila, Beijing, Taipeh, English, other languages Our objective is to assist our clients to minimize their business risk, by helping them to identify and attract the most suitable and appropriate executives - those who possess key qualifications to achieve our clients' business vision - within a defined time horizon.

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language


Clyde Consultants
105 Cecil Street #03-01 The Octagon Singapore 069534
Tel: (65)-6-227-2828
Fax: (65)-6-227-3218

An Executive Search Firm, Job Search, Resume Posting and Vacancy Posting Site Singapore English, Japanese Executive search (as distinct from advertised recruitment) is most     effective when targeted at professionals at the first tier – managing directors, executive directors, general managers – and functional heads in finance, operations, IT, supply chain, R&D, and human resources.
Consult Group
Hong Kong, China
Consult Selection (Hong Kong) Ltd
16/F, Cheung Kong Centre
2 Queens road
Central, Hong Kong
Ph: (852)2297 2488
Fx: (852)2297 0066
International Executive Search and Selecton Hongkong based with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, English, and additional Asian Language Recruits talented Human Capital for many of the worlds largest companies at middle, senior and executive levels of management, covering a broad range of industry sectors and diversity of cultures. Consult Group enables clients to maximize their commercial endeavours by attracting and securing the most capable of individuals.
Cornerstone International
445 South Figueroa St., Suite 2700, Los Angeles, CA 90071 USA, Tel: 1.213.489.6888

Regional Office Hong Kong, China Team International - Hong Kong
(Executive Search & HR Consulting)
112-114 Des Voeux Road, Central 15th Floor
Hong Kong, People\'s Republic of China
Asia / South Pacific
Strategic Executive Search and Management Recruitment Worldwide USA, English, Worldwide Cornerstone International Group is one of the world’s largest HR consulting networks, including a consortium of more than 100 member offices strategically positioned in virtually every primary and secondary business center of the world 
JAF Consulting
1 Goldhill Plaza #03-35/37 Podium Block Singapore 308899
Executive Recruiter for Jobs in Asia with worldwide offices Singapore with offices all over Asia English and Asian Languages A professional Executive Recruitment firm, we treat every business relationship with the utmost importance. We are in the business of helping companies to build and enhance their human capital. We partner our clients and commit to deliver value-added services with clear and measurable results.
9 Temasek Boulevard
#28-01 Suntec Tower Two
Singapore 038989
Ph: (65) 6339 0355
Fx: (65) 6339 6355
e: (resume)
Executive Recruiter for Jobs in Asia with worldwide offices Singapore English, Hudson is one of the world's leading providers of PERMANENT and CONTRACT RECRUITMENT, MANAGED SOLUTIONS and TALENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES. From single placements to total project solutions.
Chalre Associates
28th Floor, Tower 2
The Enterprise Center
6766 Ayala Avenue
Makati City, Metro Manila 1226
Ph: +632 892 6703
Fx: +632 892 6704
Headhunters and Executive Search Firm for South East Asia Manila Philippines, English and other languages Focuses its Executive Search practice in the emerging countries of the Asia Pacific region.  We believe the greatest need for our services is in countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam that are underserved by traditional firms.
Resource Personnel
45 Ventnor Avenue, West Perth, Western Australia 6005
Postal address:
PO Box 7519
Cloisters Square
Western Australia 6850
Ph:(+61)08–9389 4483 Fx:(+61)08–9486 4842
Executive Recruiter for Oil and Gas Jobs in Asia and Australia Australia, English, other languages Able to offer our clients in upstream oil and gas a unique combination of services .
Oil Advisors
Level 11,
London House,
216 St Georges Terrace,
Perth, Western Australia 6008
Ph:(+61) 8 9481 0389
Executive Recruiter for Jobs Perth Western Australia, English, other languages Oil Advisers is continually developing a global network of Alliance-Partners and Agents who place our candidates looking for jobs and meet the needs of the oil companies who are always on the lookout for highly qualified, skilled and experienced technical engineers and managers.

* * * * * *

European Recruitment Companies Recruiting Worldwide
(see also International and American Companies in Europe)
Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language


ECR Hospitality Recruitment On Line Job Site with Resume Posting and Career Search Denmark
English, other languages, Worldwide
Specialised in the recruitment of staff -from entry level till top management positions- for 4 & 5 star Hotels & Resort as well as Restaurants around the world. ECR has been successful in recruiting for (key-) positions within hotel chains like for example Le Méridien, RadissonSAS, Orient-Express and Hilton as well as for independent Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants and more.
Nosal Partners
100 First Street, Suite 2200
San Francisco, CA 94105
Tel: (415) 369-2200
Fax: (415) 369-2202
High Level Executive Recruiter for Jobs in Europe and Asia and Brazil USA
English, other languages, Worldwide
These consultants provide insight into the broad spectrum of strategic, financial, operational, and human capital challenges that companies face, as well as access to an extensive network of business leaders across industry and functional areas
Alexander Hughes
57, bd de Montmorency
75016 Paris
Tel.: 33 1 44 30 22 00
Fax: 33 1 42 88 33 95
High Level Executive Recruiter for Jobs in Europe the USA and Asia France
English, other languages, Worldwide
With a tradition of excellence since 1957, our privately-owned network of executive search professionals is dedicated to working with you to find and retain the vital human capital you need to achieve your strategic business goals.

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language


Egon Zehnder International Pte Ltd
Mr. Davy Lau
6 Battery Road #37-01
Singapore 049909
Tel (65) 6225-0355 Fax (65) 6225-0352
Executive Search firm Swiss based but truly international
English, other languages, Worldwide
Executive search at the highest level. Our 375 consultants, operating from 63 wholly owned offices in 37 countries, are organized around a single-profit center partnership. This is designed to eliminate competitive barriers between our offices
Barclay Simpson
66/F The Center, 99 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Ph: +852 2915 8865
Executive search firm with very impressive list of openings in these fields, both permanent and interim and handle occasional retained searches on behalf of clients. United Kingdom jobs with international placements including the UK, US, Middle East, and Australiasia. A leading contingency recruitment company in corporate governance recruitment in London, UK, having specialised in corporate governance since 1989." Jobs in Internal auditing, information security, IT auditing, information security, risk, compliance, financial crimes, legal, and public sector jobs.
SAM Headhunting Group A/S
Hollufgaards Allé 1-3
5220 Odense SØ
Tel.: (+45) 70 22 02 05
Executive Search Firm - Candidates can submit their CV to the candidate database at each office and to subscribe to their monthly electronic newsletter in English. Denmark, English and local language, worldwide Global executive search company represented in 19 countries currently handling more than 350 searches worldwide. You can opt to view all searches currently being handled by their many divisions or select a target office and view only those searches. All office sites are available in English and the native language of the region in which they are located.

Have us help you find a job!

Do you want us to find an outstanding Job for yourself in your field of speciality? This is not an easy task, but we can help! We know the job market, nationally and internationally, we know European, Japanese, USA and other Overseas companies as well as the local ones that look for your type of skills! Are you looking for a Job but, really, have no time to do the search justice? Then try us, we can help!

Would you like us to help you find a job? Job Hunting is time consuming and we can help you with the "footwork".
You send us your Resume or CV and a cover letter and we will submit it to employers looking for your skills! We will do this for you for one, two, three or for six month!
Click here for more information. Prices start at $59.00 for a month.

Resume Submission for one month
Resume Submission for two months and Publication on JobLine for 60 days
Creation of Resume and Cover Letter from your data plus Resume Submission and publication on JobLine for three months

You can also actively submit your Resume details to potential employers through us for 30 days and publish your Resume at the same time in our pages for 90 days: And all for $69.00

You Resume and cover letter decides whether the employer will look at your submission.
To get the job is decided in the first ten seconds the employer sees your cover letter! If you do not have a good resume and cover letter, we will create it for you from your data!


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Some More Job Portals, Job Boards and Executive Search Agencies from Australia-New Zealand, Pacific

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language Remarks
Careersonline Internet based Recruiter and Job Web Site - Information Australia, English,

Written by professional Careers Advisers (since 1979) Australia's Careers OnLine has been helping internet Job Seekers with their Career Development and Job Search since 1995 - Jobs across Australia/New Zealand

Byron Employment
A Job Search, Resume Posting and Vacancy Posting Site Australia, English Choose from the thirty-three job categories listed below, and search for jobs in regional areas and international locations. Information for Overseas Candidates
(a Monster job board for Australia)
A Job Search, Resume Posting and Vacancy Posting Site Australia, English

Large Internet Recruiter Site with Jobs across Australia/New Zealand. Australian Part of

Kiwi Careers A Job Search, Resume Posting and Vacancy Posting Site for New Zealand but also for Australia New Zealand, English

Government Internet Recruiter Site with Jobs across New Zealand. Lots of information on Industry, Jobs, Funding etc.

My A Job Search, Resume Posting and Vacancy Posting Site for Australia Australia, English

Internet Recruiter Site with Jobs across Australia. Claims to be largest Job site! A technology Job Search, Resume Posting and Vacancy Posting Site for Australia Australia, English

Largehigh tech and IT Internet Recruiter Site with Jobs across Australia.

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language Remarks
Miningplazza Australia
149 Risby Ave
South Australia 5600
Internet based Recruiter and Job Web Site with Information on all types of mining industry jobs - Resume and Vacancy Posting Australia, English,

Mining jobs - Mining Industry Database- Search for jobs in mining from wide range of mining careers across the world. With new mining employment vacancies added daily, you will find a mining job that is right for you. On line CV posting and vacancy searches - All levels of jobs Australia, English All types of jobs in Australia sorted by job category and by cities. All levels of jobs - Resume posting and Vacancy searches
Expat Careers International
New Zealand
Ph:+64 9 489 2121
Fx:+64 9 489 2122
A Job Search, Resume Posting and Vacancy Posting Site New Zealand, English

Expat Careers International recruits senior management and technical specialists for clients in the six Arabian Gulf countries.

Executive Recruiters Worldwide

(without country specific emphasis - for Africa see also Jobs in North, West and East Africa and Jobs in South Africa)

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language Remarks
Casino Careers, L.L.C.
506 West Patcong Avenue, Linwood, NJ 08221 , USA
Internet based Recruiter and Job Web Site for the Casino and Gaming Industry - Information USA,
Large Internet Recruiter Site with Jobs across the World
Ken Herst, MHS
6750 West Loop South
Suite 940
Bellaire, TX 77401 USA
Phone 713 - 660 - 0008 
Fax 713 - 660 - 0009   
Headhunter and Internet based Recruiter and Job Web Site for the Hotel, Hospitality, Resort and Condominium Management Industry - Information USA
Texas, National and International English
Mainly a Headhunter and Executive Search Company Headhunter and Internet based Recruiter and Job Web Site for executives between $75-750k annualk salary London, Bangkok and Washington DC. English Careerpath is an international career change and executive search firm comprised of Careerpath Asia, Careerpath Europe and Careerpath America; overseas job search, employment services, overseas jobs, resume writing and targeted international resume mailings for executives, professionals and expatriates
South African based Top level Headhunter with Internet based Recruiter and Job Web Site for executives South Africa, English, Afrikaans Headhunter and Executive Search Company. Operates Internationally.

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