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Chief Operating Officer in Cape Town South Africa


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Chief Operating Officer in Cape Town South Africa
For Yuri Arcus Productions

Yuri Arcurs Productions
is looking for a
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Job Description

We are looking for a strong leader, who is able to perform administratively at the highest levels, while pushing for deadlines and keeping a creative staff motivated and driven to perform at peak performance. We are a young and vibrant team of photographers, retouchers and producers totalling more than 80+ full time staff members, and standing as the world’s top selling stock image production house for the last five years running. The stock photography industry is ever changing and very knowledge specific, so a willingness to learn and adapt is crucial.

We set our sights on the best possible end result, and we do not let ego, position or personality get in the way of achieving this. We prefer goal-oriented, straightforward and direct communication, both up and down the leadership hierarchy.

After minimum of 2 years as COO, a career advancement to CEO is possible, and desired by the board and management.

Salary: Negotiable


Experience is key to this position - a minimum of 6-10 years of at least middle management/supervisory level experience is required with references. Familiarity with the stock photo industry is appreciated. You hold an MBA, or a similar managerial background, or the greatest drop out story ever told. Your persona is one of natural authority, and you communicate very well in both written and verbal English presentations. You are good at making yourself understood to an audience. Getting a department to improve and reaching a greater output gives you great satisfaction. You have experience in delegating assignments to staff and understand the importance of follow-ups. You praise generously but are also very capable of addressing under-performance in a precise and serious manner. Being a leader is not central to your self worth and you judge yourself based on your ability to get things done, optimize workflow and increase output. You are practical, not proud. You do not have favorites, you have favorite outcomes.

You have no problem working long hours or weekends if the task requires it. In meetings you naturally direct the discussion flow towards a solution, and are able to cut off unhealthy and lengthy discussions not leading anywhere. Your strong communicative skills combined with your unbiased reasoning makes you a valued and trustworthy leader.

In addition, you possess basic managerial knowledge of South African Labour Law.


Managing budgets for departments and keeping a close eye on expenses.
Managing employment/deployment of resources in order to increase production levels
Provide basic reporting to the Board of our main Holding Company.
Daily presence in all departments.
Weekly in-depth results and follow up meetings with all departments and assignment of new tasks
Daily operation of the company

About our work place

We have a unique way of doing things—the Yuri Arcurs Way. It is grounded in our company values, business ethics, and uncompromising standards for high performance. From start to finish, we take great pride in making our images not just aesthetically, but also technically superior. Because we love what we do, we are always looking for ways to improve and perfect our craft. Constructive criticism and challenges to status quo are therefore a daily part of our work environment and always welcome. Our company combines the best of South-African and European workplace mentalities, making responsibility, engagement and passion key descriptions in our workplace ethos. The Yuri Arcurs Way is brought to life every day through our unique determination, work ethics and focus.

If you cannot wait to become our COO,
send us your application containing the following:

CV (European Style Resume)
Motivational Letter
A recent picture of yourself
Date of availability

Please address your application to Miss Jessica Styles


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