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Business Development - Sales - Franchise Opportunity


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Business Development - Sales - Franchise Opportunity


Business Development - Sales - Franchise Opportunity
Handyman Matters has been recognized by INC Magazine as a Leading Franchise Opportunity with our Recession Resilient model. It is because our services fall in the realm of necessity and are requested on a regular basis. Most of our owners’ biggest complaint is that they didn't purchase a Handyman Matters franchise years ago! Timing is everything, and you now may be at a time where choosing a franchise is the proper next step for you.

Handyman Matters has created systems, operations and technology - including proprietary software that systematically manages time estimates, scheduling, marketing, dispatching and numerous other areas - to create a "retailing of services" concept that combines a highly structured business management model with the hands-on talent of true craftsmen.

We believe a company's brand elements are critical to success. This is why we have devoted the last decade to creating a brand that clearly expresses quality, sophistication and commitment to our customers. Our business is focused on extraordinary customer service delivered in a fair and professional manner.

We have received numerous awards and are proud of our accomplishments. Awards include: Franchise 500 Rank in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, Low-Cost Franchises 2009, Franchise Business Review Top 50 2008, Top 200 Franchises 2008, All Business All Star Franchise 2009.
From small beginnings to industry leadership, Handyman Matters remains focused on its founding principles, embraces their customers as “customers for life", and continually challenges itself to improve system-wide services and processes. Today, Handyman Matters has 134 franchisees in 34 states and 3 countries.

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are now over 126 million housing units in the United States, and of that number over 95 million were built before 1990. Today, these homes are nearing 20 years old and need necessary repair and maintenance to maintain their value. This means that these homeowners are going to need the type of help Handyman Matters can provide. The current housing market lends itself to the home improvement industry. More and more American homeowners are opting to stay in their own home and invest in remodels and home upgrades rather than putting their home on the market. The maintenance and repairs are a necessity that cannot be ignored by home owners and commercial property owners alike. In the commercial and industrial segment, there is a need for repair and maintenance on a regular basis. Additionally, projections show that there will be more retail space available than is needed for the market. What this means to the handyman industry is that the number of new shopping centers built will be drastically reduced and the existing space will require repair and maintenance, as well as considerable tenant finish.

All of these factors add up to a perfect environment for Handyman Matters. We are positioned as a leader in the home services industry and are poised to grow with the right people.
It’s important to know our most successful business owners do not necessarily have experience as a handyman or in the real estate maintenance industry. They do have experience at growing business, managing their people, and impacting their community in a positive way.  They are attracted & appreciate our systems of technology. Typically our owners have strong backgrounds of sales, marketing and management skills. They are comfortable and energized in creating a strong foundation of employees underneath them, and tend to have instinctual ways of networking & growing the business through all turn-key vertical markets in system.


It is important that you have confidence in your interpersonal relationship skills and can show an aggressive, competitive personality with a desire to always win. You are described as a "Big Picture" personality that wants to build an empire. You are from the executive manager level with natural talents to lead, delegate & empower others around you. You hold a passion to help in your own community, particularly with seniors. You demand an exit strategy with the idea of working on the business not in the business.

The Skill Set

It is imperative for you to be able to take direction as well as give it. We have a innovative and unique system for one reason: it works. We recruit people who are skilled at recruiting and motivating staff, somewhat analytical, can follow a system and who understand the basics of business. Networking skills for Business to Business and Business to Consumer.

Financial Requirement

There is a minimum liquid fund requirement and a minimum personal net worth requirement. Please note: if you are a veteran, ask about financing options.

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