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Project Engineer


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Project Engineer - Based in Louisiana

Project Engineer

The Company

The company is a growing and stable leader in the demilitarization of munitions and explosives for the Department of Defense. The job location is in NW Louisiana and involves assisting in the design and optimization of unit operations that dismantle, destroy and recycle explosives from bombs, artillery shells, mines and related munitions.

Your role will be to

Develop and assist with the design of unit operations through the use of Brainstorming, Hazard and Operability Studies and troubleshooting existing unit operations.
Create detailed design and equipment drawings in AutoCAD Light.
Demonstrate daily a working knowledge of Microsoft Office Software and electronic e-mail.
Research and propose possible solutions to technical issues.
Design equipment and solicit bids for equipment; evaluate bids received.
Modify and re-design existing equipment and processes to accommodate similar operations that require different configurations utilizing the same equipment.
Create (write) operational instructions and revise existing instructions as required.
Work very closely with team members to obtain the most optimal design and work procedures possible.
Write specifications for new equipment and investigate the best source for procurement of the equipment.
Coordinate and/or supervise all aspects of the construction, procurement, modification and startup of unit operations and associated equipment.
Solicit and evaluate multiple bids for equipment and construction needs.
Supervise contractor construction and maintenance projects as required.
Train personnel in the use of new equipment and processes as required.
Assist the Director of Support Technology and other managerial team members as required.

Minimal travel (less than 4 trips per year of 3 days duration each) is associated with this position.

Job Requirements and Your Abilities

The job requires work in the close proximity of high explosives on a routine daily basis. This work must appeal to you (it is about the same as working in a refinery where being in close proximity to large quantities of flammable, hazardous and reactive chemicals is the norm).

Intimate thorough knowledge of AutoCAD 2009 is required.

The organization (management team) is small and close knit. The job requires very close consideration and support for every managerial function and team member. Occasionally, assistance with functions apart from your normal duties is required.

Occasionally, work apart from Monday-Friday 7am-4pm is required. This is especially true for construction, startup and troubleshooting phases of a project.

In cannot be stressed enough, how important being able to communicate effectively with all levels of the organization is for this position. This communication means patience, understanding, sympathy and technical competence being utilized simultaneously for the benefit of your team as well as the organization as a whole.

Ability to grow with the position and take on more responsibility over time.

Credentials and Experience

BS in Industrial, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering from a generally recognized college or university.

2-5 years experience in a chemical manufacturing or refining environment, or experience in a mining operation where the use of explosives was routine

Alternate acceptable experience is former military personnel with a BS in Industrial, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering in the Corps of Engineers or one of the combat arms.


To apply for this position, please send a full resume to

David Smith or Ferris Callihan
Explo Systems, Inc.
1600 Java Road
Minden, LA 71055
United States

Phone: +1 318 382 8700
or e-mail to

Only successful applicants will be contacted

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