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Dynamic Area Sales Managers to obtain Out Sourcing



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Multiple Positions

Based in the USA

Dynamic Area Sales Managers
to obtain Out Sourcing Assignments


BPO is a fast growing sector and highly cost effective.

We are a BPO in India and are looking for

Dynamic Sales Managers

to Source Assignments for us within the United States

Location can be anywhere in the USA.

Minimum experience is 3 years in the Marketing Department of a BPO in the USA.


Remuneration will be at industry standards. Applicants should indicate their Salary expectation and give their Salary History. In addition, to a salary, a commission on completed contracts is offered


Visit our website www.rnc-bpoi.com to know more about the company


Please mail, fax or e-mail your resume & salary history to

R. N. Iyer Esq.
Kerala 695581

Phone: (011) 91+471+2527648
Fax: (011) 91+471+2433976

e-mail: hrd@rnc-bpoi.com


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