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The Tools to Create an Internet Presence

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For those who want to start their own business, we are trying to give you suggestions about what kind of tools and products can help you start a successful venture. We are careful, to recommend products we have used ourselves, or products we have experienced in use, while consulting and coaching other people. The question you must inevitably ask is, "how much does it cost me to set myself up in an internet business or, if it is not directly internet related, to give myself an internet presence"?

There is no doubt, the internet is the medium with which you can create an almost instant business presence. Whether you will make money with that, is another question. However , potentially you can make money fastest and with an absolute minimum cash investment. There is no guarantee that you will succeed and anyone telling you, that it does not require some serious effort to set up, is "leading you down the garden path"! The amount of money you can make with an internet business will vary with your effort, the products or services you select and various other factors. In that respect the Internet is not different from any other business. However, our suggestions here are not only for Internet related busineses. They can be used for establishing an Internet presence for any business.

So, let us summarize:

You will require a lot of effort, so called sweat equity! This is especially true in the early stages. You probably have a more relaxed business life later on, when you have set everything up and when you mainly keep the operation running smoothly.
You require persistence and tenacity, discipline and thoroughness. You have to be optimistic, but not euphoric!
You require very little money to start the business.

In the end, a lot has to do with your personal effort and investment and you can not put a price on that. Your desires and aspirations will determine this. The financial investment is, however, something quite different. There are, obviously, many ways to do this, but the one, with the products we we outline below, we know, works. It is made up of the following services and associated costs:

You need to register a domain name. One reliable company is - annual fees for a domain costs $15.00 a year and if you want the advertising banner removed (you will need banner free hosting) it will cost another $15.00. The site is easy to use, clean and also offers a simple web builder. You can leave your website on their server and as long as you keep it reasonably small (15-20 pages), it will be fine there. The support by this company is superb. This is excellent for a start-up and you save yourself the money for the ISP below, because directnic is your ISP. They also have a site builder to create your website and they have a site submission program so you can start submitting your site to the search engines. They also offer a Premium Service for around $12.00 per quarter with more than enough e-mails and disk space for any start up.
US$ 30.00
(per year) Domain name registration only US$ 15.00 per year or $12.00 per Quarter for Premium Service
Once you grow, you will need a reliable ISP (Internet Service Provider, where you "host" your website - you will leave the domain registration with directnic). There are numerous good ones available. The ones we have experience with are:

XO (formerly Concentric)
XO offers a webbuilder (where you can build your websites. It is very easy to use and saves you the costs of having to purchase something like Front Page) They have hosting packages available from, monthly $15.95 to 375.00. The $15.95 package (2000mb/20 e-mails) will be enough for most people. They are ultra reliable.

iPowerWeb is an excellent hosting company. They offer you a monthly subscription for US$ 5.95 per month, if you pay one year in advance, and no set up fee. You will get 2000mb, 500 e-mails, SSL, a marketing package, statistics and lots more. It is an outstanding deal. Marketing and search engine submission. Very reliable.

Netfirms Web Hosting is a company specializing in hosting small businesses' web sites.They offer you a monthly subscription for US$ 8.95 per month, if you pay one year in advance($107.40), and no set up fee. You will get 2000mb, 100 e-mails, a website starter CD and lots more.

PowWeb Hosting- 2,000 MB + 2 Months FREE! - $7.77/month! . The subscription is only $7.77 per month and you get 2 months free if you pay a year in advance. PowerWeb offers a site builder and a marketing package. A good reliable company. They have always specials
Premium Web Hosting for as low as $2.50/mo.
They offer plans from US$ 9.95 per month with 500 Mb/5000mb per month/75 pop3 e-mail accounts. One interesting special offer is that you can host 6 domains for only US$ 14.95 per month. - Fast, Reliable Web Hosting - $5.00/mo This company offers 50 Mb and 6 Gb of traffic for US$ 5.00 per month. There is free set-up provided you pay a year in advance. The 25 e-mail accounts should be more than enough.

HostRocket.Com - Web Hosting This company offers 1000 Mb and 5 Gb of traffic for US$ 6.95 per month (two year contract - otherwise $14.95) with no set-up fee. There is free set-up provided you pay a year in advance. Unlimited e-mails.

Offers from Hosting Companies constantly change and it is worthwhile to look around, before you commit yourself. Generally, the best deals require one year payment in advance.
US$ 60.00 - $299.40
per year
You should have an autoresponder. Most of the web hosting companies above offer one as part of their package. But, if you want to get more sophisticated, or when your site picks up traffic ( you can argue that, you have to have a good autoresponder and mailing list/client manager otherwise your site will never pick-up traffic! This is a valid argument!) you would consider someone like aWeber who offers an integrated suite. aWeber also offers some interesting articles on the subject.

Another company is "". The offers are rather similar and reliability and support is very good with both companies.

US$ 179.40
US$ 19.95
if you pay monthly)

US$ 149.00
a year

The SuperAffiliate Business Book (US$47.00), How to create and Sell Products On-line (US$127.00), and The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business (US$ 29.00) US$ 203.00
The APS Accounting System or the QuickBooks Accounting System US$ 99.00
If you want to increase your Web Site Traffic through better positioning in Search Engines, a WebPosition Gold makes it easy to monitor your search positions & to improve your rankings! Don't be buried in last place, move up to first place! US$ 149.00

Total approximate First Year Start-Up Costs for a potentially successful Internet Site (or less than US$ 61.00 a month)
(affiliate site - with lowest ISP costs)
US$ 720.40

Given, that you create something with which you can potentially earn several tens of thousands a month, this is an amazingly low amount. Moreover, the total start up costs do not all come up at the very beginning, but are probably spread out over three or four months.

Creating your Market Strategy and Plans

If you start your own business, then putting into place a proper marketing plan is essential. You will have to work out an overall plan as part of the business start-up process. But at a later date, you will have to sit down and work out the details of how you approach your clients and your market. And that is where the Marketing Plan starts. Here are some books that will help you. Some will appeal to you more than others.

Some Books on Marketing from

The important point is that you do the planning systematically and that you follow your plane, adjusting where necessary as you go along, but always controlling and checking how you follow the plan. The plan is not an end it itself, but a tool for the advance of your business venture!

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