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Recruiters, Job Boards, Work and Residence Permits in Spain

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A national of the European Union or of an EFTA country has the same right to work in Spain as a Spaniard. This is naturally not true of people from outside the EU/EFTA. All others will require a work and residence permit that is only given on the basis of the needs for the economic skill of the person. These needs

Openings at $75K to $500K+ have to be certified and applied for by a prospective employer through the Ministry of Labor (Ministerio de Trabajo), before you enter Spain. So, please do not think that you can simply come to Spain and start work. Also you should not think that Spanish people are not qualified for either high tech or high management jobs.

Many people are highly qualified in these areas. Except in a few areas, there is no shortage of qualified people in the Spanish Economy. Most Spanish universities turn out scores of highly educated people who are not only linguistically but also professionally capable and who have to look for jobs abroad. Spain has a high structural unemployment rate, especially outside the two main commercial areas of Madrid and Barcelona.

Having said all of that, Spain is a wonderful country to work and live in. Though Americans will be surprised about the long hours they will work. 50 to 60 hours per week is not uncommon. The key, besides professional skills is fluent knowledge, not some college level, Spanish language. If you have that, or are willing to acquire that through a solid local language course, you will start to enjoy life in Spain.

Middle and high management positions enjoy, by international comparison, high salaries and excellent working conditions. Once you have a job, getting housing will be quite difficult and expensive. Especially urban housing in the middle of the city - and who would want to live in a boring suburb with all the cultural things going on in the cities - can be costly. Like in most European countries, you have to accept about one third of your salary going towards your housing costs.

If you want more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to answer your questions as long as they are short and to the point.

Advice on the Spanish Job Market

Until very recently, we gave free advise on how to go about, getting a job in Spain. But since January 2009 we are being overwhelmed with request. On some days we receive over 150 e-mails per day, asking for information about Spain and Portugal. We want to give a reasonable assessment on whether a person, especially those from non EU/EFTA countries, have a chance of getting an employer to apply for a work permit and then being able to work in Spain. This is not an easy or cheap process. Because we have to pay an increasing number of people, we are forced to charge a reasonable amount for such advice. We offer three different programs that are priced on the basis of the effort we have to make, to gather material and respond to the questions posed.

Job Search and Advice Packages for Spain
A General Appraisal about your chances of being able to be employed in Spain and getting a work permit A Job specific Assessment of your ability to find a job in Spain with some Guidelines towards possible employers Detailed Advice on a Job Search with the identification of potential employers, and writing/editing of a Curriculum Vitae (in English).

We can cannot guarantee that you will get a job. Nor can we guarantee, that you will get a work permit. Though generally, if you find a job and you are highly qualified, the work and residence permit is not a problem. But we can improve your chances and, tell you what you will find in terms of quality of life and the general job situation. We will not apply on your behalf and to whom you apply for a job is up to you. Your should also be aware that many jobs will require fluency in Spanish. Fluency in other languages, especially French and German are a distinct advantage. High School, or even American college knowledge will not do for that.

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Job Boards, Spanish Companies, Employment Agencies and Headhunters

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks Job Board
CV Posting, vacancy Posting and Job Searches
Site mainly for Spain and some Spanish speaking countries in South and Central America Job Board
CV Posting, vacancy Posting and Job Searches
Site for Spain and Spanish speaking countries in South and Central America Job Board
CV Posting, vacancy Posting and Job Searches
Nationwide French, Italian
Site for Spain. Salary Information, courses and psychological Tests (in Spanish!) Job Board
CV Posting, vacancy Posting and Job Searches
Site for Spain and worldwide. Specializes in Financial, Economic and Business Jobs Job Board
CV Posting, vacancy Posting and Job Searches
Site for Spain and Europe. Specializes in higher Management and Technical Jobs Job Board
CV Posting, vacancy Posting and Job Searches
Site for Spain . Specializes in higher Management and IT/Technical Jobs Job Board
CV Posting, vacancy Posting and Job Searches
For University Graduates only. Site for Spain . Specializes in higher Management and IT/Technical Jobs Job Board
CV Posting, vacancy Posting and Job Searches
Site for Spain. All kinds of jobs Job Board
CV Posting, vacancy Posting and Job Searches
Nationwide, French, Italian,Portuguese English, German
For University Graduates.Paneuropean Site. Specializes in higher Management and IT/Technical Jobs

Getting Legal Assistance in Spain

One of the best Internet sites for legal advice in Spain is iAbogado or That site provides everything from articles to one-on-one legal advice on the phone, to fixed price legal service. There is a phone number on the site, but they will only accept calls from within Spain. They will also set up a Spanish company or purchase a Spanish Property for you. We can highly recommend the services.

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
Edificio Neptuno
Plaza De La Constitucion No2
Oficina No 1.3
Ph:+34 952 592 390
Job Board
CV Posting, vacancy Posting and Job Searches
English and Spanish
Site offers jobs across Spain for highly qualified jobs such as banking, industrial executives etc.
Association of Language Teaching Institutions (Associación de Centros de Enseñanza de Idiomas de Madrid
C/Ferraz 85
28008 Madrid
Ph:+34 91 550 0102
This is an Association for Language schools No Website could be found Spain,
English and Spanish
Organization where you might find addresses for English Language Teaching Jobs in Language Schools or also in Lycees and similar institutions. The organization represents all language schools.
(Servicios Públicos de Empleo )
Addresses of local employment offices Spain,
This is the site for the official Spanish Employment Office (Government). They have regional offices which can all be found in these pages Post Your Resume FREE!

Temporary Employment in Spain

You can only get legal temporary employment in Spain, if you already have a work permit or if you are a EU/EFTA citizen. For citizens from outside the EU/EFTA, it is a catch-22 position!

There are 345 temporary employment agencies in Spain.  They handled 2,688,000 contracts in 2007, a 5.8% decrease from the previous year and provided employment to 1.32 million individuals, a 22.6% decrease from 2000.  Approximately 43% of these contracts were signed in the regions of Madrid and Catalonia (Barcelona), the main commercial and industrial hubs of the country.  The hotel and restaurant industry, hires the most temporary workers, approximately 26%.  

Temporary employment agencies are used most by the service and industrial sectors, 57% and 35.2% respectively.  Agriculture and the construction sectors follow at 4.4% and 3%.  All the sectors reflect an increase, except for agriculture.  Even though the construction sector offers a lot of temporary work opportunities, temporary employment agencies cannot represent workers in high-risk jobs.  Within the services sector, the hotel and food industries account for 16% of the temporary contracts.

  The top eight temporary employment agencies in the Spanish market are: Adecco, Vedior, Alta Gestión, Umano, Flexiplan, Randstand and Manpower. Their offices can be found in the High Streets of almost any large city on Spain.

A good site for employment advice in Andalusia (South of Spain) is They have a good section on temporary jobs in the tourist industry.

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