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Jobs with International Private Security Operators - Worldwide

The provision of private security services and "quasi military support operations" has become wide spread. Some people think that these "for profit business organizations" are a destabilizing factor in the world. While others maintain that in an increasingly globalized environment, they contribute to order and control in areas of either political or military vacuums.

Even though, the end of the Cold War has accellerated the growth of private security forces and private armies, private support forces to the army or air force have existed for a long time.

comfortable protective face masks The war in Vietnam saw a surge of these organizations and names like Air America have become legendary.

More recently, to name just a few, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, conflicts in Somalia, the Niger delta region in Nigeria, the Eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the ongoing confrontation in Columbia and drug wars along numerous borders in South America, created new demands for security, logistics, surveillance and ancilliary services provided by private companies.

The private security industry, has meanwhile formed its own professional organization. The IPOA, the Association of the Stability Operations Industry, is a trade association whose mission is to promote high operational and ethical standards of firms active in the Peace and Stability Industry. The organization, based in Washington DC, is designed to engage in a constructive dialogue with policy-makers about the growing and positive contribution of these firms to the enhancement of international peace, development, and human security and to inform the concerned public about the activities and role of the industry.

The current global environment has helped to constantly supply well trained and battle experienced candidates to these private organizations. Though, finding the right jobs with a well organized and secure company is not easy, since many of these firms are quite secretive about their activities.

Below are reputable companies which recruit well trained candidates on a regular basis.

USA based Security, Military Training, Asset Protection, Logistics and Infrastructure Companies

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language


DynCorp International 3190 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 700
Falls Church, VA 22042
(571) 722-0210
Security ProviderCompany Resume Submission USA English, Other Languages DynCorp International LLC is a leading professional services and project management firm with global expertise in aviation services, logistics, and security operations. There are two subsidiaries, DynCorp International Technical Services LLC (ITS), and DynCorp Field Technical Services LLC (FTS). They provide Foreign law enforcement training, Logistics, Base operations, and Personal and physical security worldwide.
E.C.A. Program. Security Provider and training Company; Resume Submission USA, English, and additional Language E.C.A, is a privately owned company with the goal of developing the world's first contractor provided Integrated Training support for military services. The start of operations in 2010 will mark the advent of the world's first politically and commercially independent training support company that provides an integrated opposition force. [Information retrieved from
Cubic Defense Applications
9333 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA 92123
P.O. Box 85587
San Diego, CA 92186-5587
Security Provider and training Company; Resume Submission USA, English, and additional Languages

Cubic Defense Applications (CDA) supplies live, constructive and virtual military training systems, integrated services and communications products to the U.S. Department of Defense, government agencies and 50 allied nations.

EOD Technology, Inc.
2229 Old Highway 95
Lenoir City, TN 37771
Ph: +1 (865) 988-6063
Fx:+1 (865) 988-6067
Security Provider and training Company; Resume Submission USA, English, and additional Languages EODT is a professional services company providing strategic stability operations support and integrated critical mission solutions that ensure the safety and operational readiness of government and corporations worldwide. 
(Formerly Blackwater Inc.)
Security Provider and training Company; Resume Submission USA, English, and additional Languages The Blackwater Group has no split into a number of differrent units.They assist with the development of national and global security plans, train, equip and deploy public safety and military warriors, build combat live-fire indoor/outdoor ranges


Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language


Corporate Headquarters
2300 N Street, N.W.
Suite 2100
Washington, D.C. 20037
Ph: (202) 785-2791
Fx: (202) 785-2078
Security and demining, ordonance disposal training and projects USA, English, and additional Languages RONCO Consulting Corporation, an international professional services firm based in Washington, D.C. and founded in 1974, currently specializes in humanitarian and commercial mine action and ordnance disposal, security assistance, canine detection services, and specialized training.
Andrews International Operations Headquarters, Human Resources,
455 N. Moss Street
Burbank, CA 91502
Ph: 818.487.4060
Fx: 818.487.4061
Security Provider and training Company; Resume Submission USA, English, Spanish A full service provider of security and risk mitigation services and one of the five largest private security service providers in the United States. Through local offices in the United States and Latin America, and nearly 150 strategic partners around the world, The company provides security services on an international scale to a wide range of business sectors.
Global + Americas
Los Angeles (Worldwide Headquarters)
555 South Flower Street, Suite 3700
Los Angeles, CA 90071-2300
United States
T +1.213.593.8000
F +1.213.593.8730
Conglomerate that includes engineering, construction, security operations, security training USA, English, and additional Languages Operating around the world in harsh climates, with short deadlines, and in combat situations. Our program management strategies and innovations have saved governments and commercial clients millions of dollars while delivering higher than expected levels of service. AGS is the government services arm of AECOM.
Beau Dietl & Associates
One Penn Plaza, 50th Floor
New York, NY 10119
Ph: 212.557.3334
Fax: 212.557.4469
Toll Free: 1.800.777.9366
Security Provider Company; Resume Submission USA, English, BDA is internationally known and has the resources and the worldwide network to help corporations, organizations and individuals meet the ever-changing challenges encountered in business and personal matters alike.
Global Options
Orlando, FL
PO Box 622022
Orlando, FL 32862
Tel: 888.550.4211
Fax: 407.859.0942
Security, investigative, fraud detection and Intelligence Provider Company; Resume Submission USA, English, GlobalOptions Inc. is a multidisciplinary international risk management and business solutions company headquartered in Washington, D.C. Our work, however, takes us all over the world, and to virtually every state.


United Kingdom (Great Britain) and other Internationally based Security, Military Training, Asset Protection, Logistics, UXO and military type Infrastructure Companies

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language


Phoenix CP Security and training Company; Resume Submission United Kingdom English and other languages Close Protection training and operations company, run by former Officers and Warrant Officers of the Special Air Service Regiment (UK SAS).
Southwell Business Park
Dorset DT5 2NB
United Kingdom
t:+44 (0)1305 860300
f:+44 (0)1305 861343
Security and K9 training Company; Resume Submission United Kingdom, English, and additional Language Chilport is one of the UK's leading Specialist Security Companies, specialising in Canine (K9) Disciplines training and supplying our own dogs for such activities as search and rescue (SAR) drugs dogs, bomb detection dogs (bomb dogs, bomb sniffing dogs), RASCO, narcotics detection and many other security and detection areas where dedicated dogs can be effectively deployed. Company is at the forefront of both traditional and state-of-the-art techniques for all the disciplines it offers
2 Bell House
Bell Crescent
Westlake Business Park
Westlake 7966
South Africa
Ph:+27 21 701 4721
Fx +27 21 701 4731
Security and training Company; Resume Submission South Africa, English, and additional Asian Languages.

The company specializes in the provision of information-based security services which provide our clients actionable intelligence and practical solutions to their security problems

Erinys International
Ph:+44 (0)1264 326 593
Middle East & Central Asia
Ph:+971 (0)4 609 1141
Ph:+27 (0)11 469 3926
Security and training Company; Resume Submission South Africa; English and other Languages The Erinys Group of Companies offer a wide range of security services which span the planning, design and implementation of comprehensive, turnkey, security solutions in remote and difficult environments. Erinys also specialises in risk management and mitigation, threat assessments and the design and implementation security strategies at the corporate level. Our principal geographical operational footprints are in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.
AKE Limited
Saint Owen's Chambers
22 St. Owen Street
Ph:+44 (0)1432 267111
Fx:+44 (0)1432 350227
Security and training Company; Resume Submission United Kingdom, English, and additional Language A client-focused risk mitigation company, providing a variety of fully integrated services. AKE distinguishes itself from other security service companies by taking a proactive intelligence led approach to assessing, monitoring, training for, and protecting against, risk. AKE assist clients in reducing their exposure to danger across a broad spectrum of risks.

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language


ArmorGroup International. (Part of the G4S Group)
Sutton Park House
15 Carshalton Road
Surrey SM1 4LD
United Kingdom
Ph:+44 (0)20 8770 7000
Security and training Company; Resume Submission - Wackenhut is also part of the G4S Group) United Kingdom, English, and additional Language The UK and Irelands largest Security Operation provider of defensive, protective security services to national governments, multinational corporations and international peace and security agencies operating in hostile environments. It has 9,000 highly trained and experienced employees and long term operations in 38 countries across the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, the CIS and central Asia It also includes the former ArmorGroup Mine Action. They are a commercial leader in the environmental remediation of landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) pollution, clearing battlefields and controlling conventional weapons
Background Asia
Ph:+65 6535 8435
Fx:+65 6221 2413
Security provider company; Resume Submission Singapore and Hongkong English, Chinese and additional Asian Languages A Group dealing with general intelligence, risk assessment, fraud investigations, commercial intelligence gathering, security consulting, anti-corruption consulting, strategic advice and other business risk solutions to a number of issues in the Asia Pacific region.
MineTech International Mitcheldean
GL17 0DD
United Kingdom
Ph: +44 1594 545135
Security and demining, ordonance disposal training and projects United Kingdom English The methods we utilise involve a combination of assets to ensure infected areas have been totally cleared of ERW. The three main means MineTech employs are manual clearance teams, Mine Detection Dogs (MDD) and mechanical methods.
37 Riverside
Sir Thomas Longley Road
Rochester , Kent
ME2 4DP, United Kingdom
Ph:+44(0)1634 296757
Fx:+44(0)1634 296779
Security and demining, ordonance disposal training and projects United Kingdom English The BACTEC (Battle Area Clearance, Training, Equipment and Consultancy) Group of companies is comprised of a number of leading EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)/Mine Action companies operating worldwide from strategically located offices. Offices/branches located in Mozambique, Libya, Lebanon, Cambodia, Laos and Australia. BACTEC has been providing unexploded ordnance (UXO) and landmine clearance and disposal services globally for 19 years and to date has carried out contracts in over 40 countries.
39 Victoria Street,
Ph:+44(0)20 7222 1020
Fx:+44(0)20 7222 1022
Security Provider and training Company; Resume Submission United Kingdom English Aegis is a London based privately owned British security and risk management company with overseas offices in Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the USA. It comprises three operating division, Research and Intelligence, Technical Services and Security Operations. It provides innovative and commercially focused specialist security and risk management solutions to extreme threats, tailored for international clients including governments, international agencies and the corporate sector.

Aircraft, Aircraft Maintenance, Transport

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language


1 Lear Drive Ste. 273
Newport News VA. 23602
Ph: 757.874.8100
Fx 757.874.8810
Air Combat Training and Security provider; Resume Submission for Pilots and aircraft maintenance Staff USA, English Air combat training provider with its own agressor squadrons (Kfir, Hunter A4). Recruites ex fighter pilots and high performance aircraft maintenance crews with military backgrounds.
AirScan Air Security provider company; Resume Submission USA, English AirScan is committed to providing clients the best air, ground, and maritime surveillance, security and aviation possible.
Air Charter Service Plc
Millbank House
171-185 Ewell Road
United Kingdom
Worldwide Air charter Services from executive jets to wide bodies United Kingdom, English Specialists in providing all types of aircraft for your private charter requirements. We have a long and proud history in providing humanitarian aid relief charters for disasters around the globe. We work extensively in assisting government organisations, relief organisations, and non Government Organisations
Kalitta Charters
Corporate Headquarters 843 Willow Run Airport
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198
Tel   (734) 544-3400 Fax (734) 544-3421
Worldwide Air charter with types from Lear to Falcon 20 to B727 - Resume for Pilots and crew USA, English The Kalitta family has been a leader in the Air Charter Industry for almost four decades. Kalitta Charters operates a fleet of over 25 aircraft, with a response time as little as 45 minutes.
National Air Cargo
350 Windward Drive
Orchard Park, NY 14127

Toll Free: 1-800-635-0022
Ph: 716-631-0011
Worldwide Air charter with all sizes of aircraft USA, English From military to manufacturers, the world is going via National Air Cargo, because whatever the cargo, it will be delivered on time, every time. That’s what you expect and that’s what you will receive from National.

Job Offers from Domestic and International Employers

ID Number Position Vacant Date Posted
VA10-LA-0910-01 Project Engineer - Bachelor Degree in Chemistry (Explosives and Ammunition Dismantling Expert) Open
210904-07 Information Systems Manager - Shift Managers in various locations Open
210904-06 Various levels of Clerical and Administrative Personnel for Field Jobs in various locations Open

Car Rental Europe

ID Number Position Vacant Date Posted
210904-01 Trainers Mechanical/ Electrical/ Plumbing/ Computer/ Carpentry/ Quality Control (multiple Jobs) to be based in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan Open
210904-04 Vehicle Maintenance Facility Manager and Deputies Afghanistan and surrounding countries Open
210904-05 Information Services Software/Hardware Technicians familiar with UNIX and Windows (multiple Jobs) Open

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