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The Chrono-Functional Combination Resume

This is almost like traditional chronological format of a resume. Like the chronological resume it provides clear and unambiguous information about the job titles, as well as the dates (beginning and end) and places of employment. Under each of the major job headings you can expand your skills and your accomplishments. This way the reader can clearly associate your skill and application to the job with the particular job position in your work history. When you write this type of resume, again, you have to be careful that you maintaining the relevance of skill description to the job you apply for.

Submitting a resume in chrono-functional format is appropriate and probably most effective when some of the following is the case:

You are looking for career jump and want to advance in the same or a related industry, sector or field, in which you are presently working
You have a coherent and continuos work history without any unexplainable gaps and acquired skills in a logical and explainable fashion.
Your current position or the recent work history is, where you achieved something and where you see your future career.

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The Chrono-Functional Resume: An Example

The chrono-functional resume is well liked by recruiters and employers because it relates Work History clearly to the acquisition of skills and the achievement of identifiable tasks. It is most useful for job seekers who

  • have a coherent (without "unexplainable gaps") job history and
  • who wish to make a vertical career moves, or
  • who have marketable skills and a history of achievements that makes them an asset in a non related industry, or sector.

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The Job you apply for

Qualification Summary

  • The amount of specific experience you can offer in the area of the job your are applying for.
  • A summary of your relevant accomplishments

Work (or Professional) Experience

20xx-Present Job Title - Company Name - City - State
Reporting to: Job Title
Name your main responsibilities
- a responsibility in your current or last job that you accomplished very well and that indicates your ability for the job you apply for.
- a job problem where you provided the major input for the solution
- another instance of having accomplished your responsibility well and with a visible or noticeable impact on the company or department.
- awards and recommendations for job performance that support in some ways the job objective you stated
  Major Skills
- a specific skill you used in this job that helped you in a project or task and shows qualities required and needed in your new job
- another instance where and acquired skill helped you accomplish an identifiable task
- how a skill helped you in a quantifiable way at your work
19xx-20xx Job Title - Company Name - City - State
Reporting to: Job Title
Name your main responsibilities
- a specific project or task you accomplished that will show and support the qualities required in your new job
- make some reference to the wider experience that makes you qualified for the new job
- quantifiable instances that show how good you are at your work
19xx-19xx Job Title - Company Name - City - State
Reporting to: Job Title
Name your main responsibilities
- an action or event that shows the prospective employer what you will bring to his company.
- an event that shows your superior skill in a task that will be valuable to your potential employer

Education (and Languages - if any)

19xx Your highest Degree, Major (subject) - University, City, State
19xx Your next lower Degree
19xx Professional Training (if any)

Major Skills: If you have spent a considerable amount of time with the same company (say 3+ years), your skills should generally only be mentioned for the first job. Naturally, what you mention depends on the type of job you are doing. But when refer to skills, keep in mind that in today's fast moving environment, they might no longer be asked for or have been overtaken by events. Thus, make a proper assessment of what is appropriate in this area.

Reporting to: and Responsibilities: In this type of resume, it is important and not an option, to spell out to whom you reported to (job title) and what your responsibilities were. That further strengthens credibility, when you claim how your skills visibly influenced a company or department within a company

For more comments on other resume headings, refer to the chronological resume.

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About Achievement

Mentioning achievements in a resume is important, because it gives the recruiter the feeling that he is not just adding a "head" to his manpower but, instead, someone who cares and adds genuine value to the team. And, in today's job market, that is a definite plus for the job seeker. But, keep a perspective about what and how you mention these things and how you present your achievements. While recruiters and managers like "new blood and new ideas", there is, at the same time, often an underlying fear that hiring a "tornado" or an "organizational cowboy" into a company causes more upheaval, than it is worth. Remember, when jobs are scarce, people fear about losing their job. That applies to recruiters and human resources managers as much as to people on the shop floor. They will, therefore, not expose themselves to an inordinate amount of uncontrollable risk, when they hire staff!

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Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services

We have a resume writing service that offers a written resume sent to you by e-mail based on your data, plus a generic Cover Letter (or a specific one, if you want that). Turn around is usually 48-72 hours. MS Word format (.doc not docx) or html. Please send the supporting material (resume draft, cover letter draft in .doc or .txt format only, and a short description of job applied for) after the payment to the address given in the order acknowledgement.

Special services such as translations or the writing of a Curriculum Vitae are also available.

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Editing your Resume and Cover Letter

We will edit your existing resume and a specific cover letter. You send us your resume and cover letter by e-mail and we will edit it to help it along and make it appropriate to the job you apply to. Obviously we will need a short description of the job as well (we do not need the employers name, but the country location would be useful since resume and cover letters can different from one country to another). Please send the supporting material (resume, cover letter in .doc or .txt format only, and a short description of job applied for) after the payment to the address given in the order acknowledgement. We will normally edit your resume/cover letter within 72 hours.

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