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The Pages that will Help You Cope with and Handle the Loss of Your Job
Lost the Job: The First Steps to Recovery

After You Lost the Job: Assessing your Financial Position

Self Assessment of your Abilities when you are looking for a new Job

Lost your Job:
How do I find a new one? -
Some Rules to Help you
Lost the Job: What income (unemployment benefit) can I expect
Lost the Job: Make an Expenditure Budget

Lost the Job: Saving your Home - A Survival Guide when Foreclosure Looms

Lost the Job: Some Tips for coping with a Job Loss and avoiding Depression

Lost the Job: What will further Education bring me?

How to write a Resume
How to master an Interview

The Ten Rules you should not break, when looking for a Job

HR Evaluation and Testing
How to start a successful Business I: Some Guidelines

How to start a Business II: The Business Planning Process

How to Start a Business III: Creating an Internet Business Presence

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Outplacement counseling services, often called employment marketing services, charge a variable range of fees depending on the services they provide for you. The services offered can be career counseling, resume writing and resume development , interview coaching and assessment testing. Often, they also provide various workshops about job searches, how to present yourself and interview techniques for candidates, etc.

If you are unemployed for some time you might decide to look for an outplacement firm Be careful and selective in your choice. The fees charged by the consultants can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Ask the consultant firm for references and interview the person with whom you will be working, before you sign any contract. Results are not guaranteed, since the employment decision is still with the potential employer. Sometimes it is a good idea to check out their reputation with the local Better Business Bureau.

Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
Career Soar Inc.
P.O. Box 905
Wappingers Falls,
NY 12590
Ph:(845) 790-5229
Fx(845) 790-5105
Employee focused outplacement consultant for career transition and job searches USA, English, Nationwide Since 1992, CareerSoar has served the needs of corporations by providing comprehensive and affordably-priced human resource consulting services and solutions to assist corporate HR professionals. These solutions include a wide range of corporate human resource consulting services that help to resolve retention problems and address other human capital management issues. We help our clients to understand, develop, implement, and quantify the effectiveness of their current human resource programs and policies. Our efficient, employee-focused, and personalized approach ensures your success.
The Hughes Consulting Group
Toll Free Tel: 888-733-3556
Fx: 303-369-4114
Denver, CO 80231
Employee focused outplacement consultant for career transition and job searches USA, English, Nationwide The Hughes Consulting Group, of Denver, Colorado (formerly based in Albuquerque, NM), is a recognized leader in the career transition, career development and human resources consulting fields. We provide personalized, quality services and products to assist individuals and organizations to effectively position themselves to compete in today's challenging and dynamic marketplace
Lassiter Consulting
Boston Massachusetts
Ph: 617.267.7105
Fx: 617.267.6111
Employee focused outplacement consultant for career transition and job searches USA, English, Nationwide Aboutique career coaching firm working with corporations and executives in transition. Whether the transition is between firms, creating flexible work, starting a venture or growing within your current company, Lassiter Consulting provides you with the plans, the process and the connections to achieve the career results you want
Allen and Associates
Ph:(866) 953-8800
(Tool free)
Job Search Coaching and out placement support USA,
Since 1960, Allen and Associates has been in the forefront of the career services industry. We adjust our service offerings to stay current with the always changing job market.Each individual job seeker is unique; therefore, each career marketing campaign will be uniquely tailored for his/her job search and career goals.
Career Launch Resumes
3838 Raymert Drive, Suite 11
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(west of 95/Boulder Hwy @ Desert Inn)
Ph:(702) 419-6527
Professional Resume Writing with coaching and Presentation Service - Has also offices in Los Angeles and Ventura USA, English, West Coast A complete professional resume service providing expert job search consultation and the finest professional resumes available. Your professional resume begins with an informal dialog (i.e., Internet, telephone, fax, mail, etc.) with one of our professional resume writers.
Professional Resume Writing with coaching and Presentation Service - Has also offices in Los Angeles and Ventura USA, English, West Coast, California We are the most experienced service dedicated to delivering world-class Professional Resume Writing and Job Search tools — in 1996 we pioneered online career services, and we have led the industry with a multidisciplinary practice since 1978. We are also long-standing members of the National Career Development Association, Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, and National Employment Counseling Association.

123inkjets.com - Printer Ink, Toner, & More!

Resume Critique, Aptitude Tests and other Support Services from Outplacement Consultants, for finding a new Job

Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
Lee Hecht Harrison Employer focused outplacement consultant for career transition and job searches USA, English, Nationwide, A talent solutions company focused on delivering Career Transition, Leadership Consulting and Workforce Solutions for organizations committed to developing their best talent and becoming employers of choice.
Drake Inglesi Milardo, Inc.
Human Resource Consultants
Fifty Portland Pier - Portland, Maine 04101
Ph:(207) 772-2823
Fx (207) 772-2071
Outplacement consultant for career transition and job searches, executive search and professional assessment USA, English, Nationwide, International Specializing in outplacement and career transition services, candidate assessments, and corporate surveys
The Connect Team Ltd
19 Sherford Road
Haydon Wick
SN25 3PR
Ph: 0845 123 5745
Outplacement consultant for career transition and job searches, United Kingdom , English, Nationwide Connect offers outplacement programmes across the UK, working with companies from SMEs to household names. Professional consultants work on a one-to-one basis with individuals and executives.
Quest Career Services
11436 Marketplace Dr. N,
Ste 217
Champlin, MN 55316
Professional Resume Writing with coaching and Presentation Service USA, English, Nationwide

Let us help you.  We specialize in writing resumes for experienced professionals at income levels of $60K and above (or those wanting to reach that salary level) who are looking for an edge in their job search.  We work with job seekers throughout the world via e-mail and phone contact. 

Camden Consulting A division of Keystone Partners.
Two Financial Center, Suite 720, 60 South Street, Boston, MA 02111
Outplacement consultant for career transition and job searches USA, English, Nationwide An integrated talent management consultancy that enables our clients' success through capability-building approaches in five interconnected areas: organizational planning, acquiring talent, developing talent, deploying talent, and retaining talent.
OI Partners
618 Church Street, Suite 220
Nashville, Tennessee 37219
Toll-free phone: 1-800-232-5285
Outplacement consultant for career transition and job searches USA, English, Nationwide OI Partners, has assisted thousands of employees and their organizations through career change and serves as a complete coaching management and engagement tracking system that transforms an organization's coaching culture.
D&B Consulting, Inc. 3355 Lenox Road, Suite 750; Atlanta, GA 30326
Voice: 404 504-7079; Fax: 678 530-0661
Outplacement consultant for career transition and job searches USA, English, Nationwide Executive Career Coaching
Human Resource Consulting
Leadership Development
Career Transitions & Outplacement - Works with individuals to help them reinvent a career and life through a proven process of career testing and assessment, executive/career coaching and counseling, strategic career planning, goal setting, performance improvement, job search and achieving work/life balance. Our approach helps you with immediate career and life choices as well as long-term career, business and life planning.
Performance Growth Partners Inc
P.O. Box 5835
Bloomington, IL
Outplacement consultant and Executive Search for career transition and job searches USA, English, Nationwide. Offices located in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Florida Human resources consulting firm. Services include development of safety programs, employee training, outplacement, newsletters, recruiting, interim leadership and human resources outsourcing.

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Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
Professionals in Transition
Ph: (336) 757-1099
Outplacement consultant - Non Profit Organization Job Searches; Vacancy Posting, Information USA, English, Nationwide Professionals in Transition is one of the oldest non-profit organizations  dedicated exclusively to helping the unemployed and the under- employed. Support for professionals that are unemployed or underemployed. Offers tips suggestions, discussions, job postings, resume review. Insurance options for unemployed through non profit and 3rd party insurer
Ryan Executive Search & Outplacement
PH1601-A Mercantil Plaza
San Juan PR  00918
Private line (787) 766-1665 / 1666
Executive Recruiter and Outplacement consultant - Job Searches; Vacancy Posting, Information USA, Puerto Rico English, Spanish Nationwide A full service firm for all disciplines serving the Caribbean, Latin America, U.S. and European Hispanic markets. We are the most dependable recruiting firm with the best consultants in the industry. Our Senior Recruiters are Certified Personnel Consultants, a national certification that attests to our expertise in general business laws, ethics and proper business practices. We are the most reliable consultants able to identify professionals who deliver results, saving you valuable screening time.
5000 Jean-Talon St. W. Suite 260,
Montreal Qc. H4P 1W9
Outplacement consultant - Job Searches; Vacancy Posting, Information Canada, also operates in the USA, English, French, Nationwide Offices across Canada and also in Paris France Because the loss of employment is a difficult experience to go through, Vézina Nadeau Labre proposes a complete support program to facilitate the handling of a termination for a company, as well as career transition for affected employees.
The Five o'Clock Club
300 East 40th Street
Suite 6L
New York, NY 10016-2147
Outplacement consultant - Job Searches; Vacancy Posting, Information USA, English Nationwide We are the only organization with a research-based methodology to help you improve your career or find new employment that’s right for you. 100,000 people have used the Club’s techniques and coaching. A certified career counseling professionals offering help with targeting the job resume development, affordable outplacement, interviewing and salary negotiation, and job-search strategy

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