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The Voices of the Daily International Press
FAZ - Frankfurt
The English Edition
Large and influential German Newspaper (Frankfurt) covering Politics, Economics and Culture
Die Welt
Large and influential German Newspaper (Hamburg) covering Politics, Economics and Culture
Die Presse
Leading Austrian Daily Newspaper from Vienna
NZZ's English Window - The most prominent Swiss German Language Newspapers from Zurich - English Edition
The Moscow Times
The London Times
And what would the world of English language newspapers be without The Times
The Guardian
High quality Liberal London Newspaper with a long tradition and some of the best journalism around.
The Independent
Another quality Liberal London Newspaper founded in the 1980's*

The Daily Telegraph
Conservative British Newspaper with a long tradition
The Financial Times
Financial Daily - London and New York. Publishes regular economic surveys of Industries and Countries
The Evening Standard
(the OnLine Version)
London's Evening Newspaper with a good entertainment and Property Section.
The Straits Times Singapore's most prominent Newspapers
The Buenos Aires Herald
The Weekly Internet Edition of this English Language Buenos Aires Daily
Tribune de Geneve
Major French Language daily in Switzerland - Special On-Line Edition
The Independent
a Site that carries NEWS from 14 major Newspapers in South Africa

The South China Morning Post
Hongkong's Major English Language Daily
The Times of India
India's most prestigious daily Newspaper
The Japan Times
Japan's Largest English Language Daily

Le Monde - in French
One of the leading Paris national daily evening newspapers (circulation 407,086). Founded by Hubert Beuve-Méry, it first appeared on November 19, 1944
Le Figaro
Right of Center (Conservative-Liberal) France's leading national daily morning newspaper from Paris
La Tribune
Daily Paris newspaper covering the economy, stock markets, high-tech industry, Internet, and employment (circulation: 92,310).
One of the leading Paris national daily newspapers (circulation 158,543). Affectionately known as Libé, the paper was founded in 1973 by Jean-Paul Sartre and Serge July in Paris
El Pais
Leading Spanish Newspaper. There is an English Edition in pdf format available on the page
La Stampa
Leading Italian Newspaper from Turin (in Italian) On-Line Edition

The Times Education Supplement
The World's leading educational Publication
The Times Higher Education Supplement
Higher education jobs, news and books for university and college professionals in teaching and research.
The best English Language Higher Education Paper you can get, anywhere!
The Times Literary Supplement
The only journal to offer comprehensive weekly coverage of the latest and most important publications, in every subject, in several languages - AND current theatre, opera, exhibitions and film.

These Newslinks are included as a service for our visitors convenience only. They are not collected, nor edited by us and do not necessarily represent our point of view.
The International Weeklies
The Economist Without doubt, together with the FT's, the best Economic Reviews and surveys in the world: Literate, interesting, acurate and clever!
The Sunday Times
The OnLine version gives you access to the Sunday Time Articles
The Observer
The Sunday version of the Guardian. But it has its own character.

The Swiss Weekly Newsmagazine
Swiss Economic and Business Weekly
Die Weltwoche
Major Swiss German Language Weekly for Politics, Economics and Culture. Right of Center. Includes and English Language Section.
Large and prominent German Weekly for Politics Economics and Culture
Der Spiegel
One of the most influential German weeklies.Covers National and International Politics, Economics and Culture
Die Zeit
Important German weekly newspaper with specialist pages for Politics, Literature, Travel

The format is similar to Paris Match and the weekly has been around since 1946. Covers everything from Politics to Culture.
Le Nouvel Observateur
A weekly news magazine (circulation 541,656), featuring international politics, economic news, society & culture, science, multimedia, sports, book reviews, arts and nightlife

Weekly news magazine, format similar to Time and Newsweek (circulation 555,771).

Le Point
Weekly news magazine (circulation 367,741) featuring editorials & opinions, French and international current events, the arts, entertainment, science, gastronomy, and economic issues. Available in three different editions: business, education, international.

Paris Match
The French enjoy the highest rate of magazine readership in the world (1,354 copies sold for every 1,000 inhabitants). Paris-Match is one of the major news weeklies (circulation 718,271).

Courrier International
Weekly magazine (circulation 179,753) focusing on international current events, political conflicts, diplomatic relations.


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