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Jobs in the Netherlands, Dutch Executive Recruiters, Headhunters, Employment, Temporary Staff Agencies and Employers

To find work or being offered a job as a non EU foreigner in the Netherlands is not easy. Most jobs require you to speak and write Dutch. There are very restrictive regulations regarding the employment of non EU/EFTA citizens. The only areas where there is a shortage of labor are low paying jobs in retail, restaurants/bars or teaching English as a Foreign Language (for which you need a TOEFL teaching certification) and in highly skilled IT or software engineering jobs. (Masters degree or PhD level, not web design, computer technicians etc.) All residence and work permits for non EU/EFTA citizens have to be issued by a Dutch Embassy abroad. Therefore, do not travel to the Netherlands in the hope of getting a job and a work permit. You should also note, that the Netherlands have now introduced a test which is intended to show, whether your social values are those that the host country cherishes, i.e. reflect Dutch liberal views or, at least, tolerate them. This is not an unreasonable step, since, many of the new immigrants views run contrary to what Dutch society wants. There are now also new government requirements about learning Dutch. Therefore, inform yourself well, before you depart and take on a new job in the Netherlands!

A Dutch work permit is employer specific. The company must demonstrate that you have a certain set of skills necessary for the position and that they were not able to fill the position with an EU/EFTA candidate. If you have a permit to work for one company and then want to switch jobs, you will need a new work permit.

EU/EFTA nationals have the right to live and work in the Netherlands without a work permit. If you have a job and a work permit you have to register at the local Foreign Police (Vreemdelingenpolitie) registration office within 8 days of your arrival. That office will give you all the details about what papers to bring etc. Do not delay that, because you will get a fine if you do not appear within the 8 days.

Wages are below average compared to the rest of Europe. They are higher than in Spain and Italy, but lower than in England, Germany, Ireland, France and especially Switzerland. The cost of living in the Netherlands used to be fairly low. But, since the introduction of the Euro, prices have gone up significantly. For instance, a single room (studio of about 30 square meters) apartment in Amsterdam, Den Hague or Rotterdam, outside rent control, on the free market, will cost you about Euro 800 (just below US$ 1,200 - 2010) a month. Good housing is extremely difficult to find.

The Importance of having a solid and well written Résumé/Curriculum Vitae

The first contact point between a potential employer or his executive recruiter and a candidate is generally the résumé and your cover letter. Thus, the quality of presenting yourself to a potential employer or an executive recruiter is crucial in your job search. Remember, you have, maybe, 5 minutes to convince your counterpart, when he looks at your résumé, that you are the person for the job. That is why having a top professionally written résumé is an important investment!

There are numerous good résumé writing services available to help you create the right format. You can find some of the ones we have tested at our Resume Advice Page . They are all good quality, but vary in price and you get what you pay for! There is also an Interview Advice Page which you might want to consult.

You should also be aware that many of the European top executive recruiters will not accept unsolicited résumé's/CV's. You might be lucky that they have just contracted a client looking for exactly your qualifications. But, as a general rule, they do not keep your submission on file, except if it is for a specific job. Find another way to get paid online with a blackjack game from CasinoBonus.org, where you can also learn blackjack terms and Blackjack History !

Housing in the Netherlands

The Netherlands are a densely populated country. It is therefore not surprising that good rental housing, in the free market ("vrije" - not rent controlled) is not easy to get, at a reasonable price. This is especially true of the major urban centers and its surroundings, e.g. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Breda, Maastrich, Eindhoven, etc. Most expatriates will remain for a limited time (2 to 5 years) in the Netherlands. Consequently, we only deal with rental accommodation here and not with how to buy a property. Just one small thing about buying: Unlike in the USA, people in the Netherlands "buy a property for life". They do, in general, not buy several properties, upgrading or downgrading, over their lifetime. Once they have acquired a property, that is where they will stay!

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The majority of new dwellings are constructed by private developers, followed by housing associations and private builders in that order. Vacancy is very low at 2.2% of the housing stock (in 2008) and compares very favorably with most other EU-countries. The Dutch housing market is therefore fairly complicated and if you rent a place in a town and country you do not know, it is probably better to get an agent to help you. They will give you advice where to rent and of which areas to stay clear. They will also know, what the usual price, quality, contractual and rental procedures are. Sometimes the prospective employer will have a person to help. The agents should also have a good selection of properties on their books.

The Dutch rental market, even the free market, is highly regulated. The government regulates rents up to about Euro 650.00 a month (2010). Everything above that, is in the "liberalized" market. The basis for the rental rate is a points system (woningwaarderingsstelsel) that rates everything from floor space to the quality of heating, size of rooms, the quality of the finish, etc. This applies to both the rent controlled and the liberalized market. If you feel you are paying too much you can go to the local huurteam, who will then set the rent. You can do this even after you signed a contract. Everything will be taken into account when the new rent is assessed, including your economic link to the area (e.g. whether your employer is in or out of the area). You can find out more about the system by going to www.vrom.nl (The Ministry of Housing, Planning and the Environment - the site is in Dutch and English)

Do not sign a sub let, because you can be evicted with very short notice.

The Initial Costs of Renting and the Rental Contract

You should expect to pay two months rent as a deposit, plus one month rent in advance to the landlord. If you used an agent, he will charge you a commission of one month rent plus VAT (at the moment 19%). This is fairly standard all over Europe.

Your rental contract should include

The status of your property (furnished, unfurnished, semi furnished) with an exact inventory of what is included. Make photos of the condition of any furniture, before you move in!
The duration of the lease (usually one year)
The notice period (usually three months)
Any service charges (cleaning of the stairwells and common areas etc) described
Utilities (heating and hot water) if they are included. But make sure that the charge for these these are exactly defined!
Americans often like to include what they call a "diplomatic clause", i.e. a clause that breaks the lease if the occupant is recalled to his home country. This is not common in the Netherlands, though you can always try!

One you have decided on an area and a property, make up your mind quickly and then agree the terms in writing, e.g. in the rental contract. Make sure, that the property is ready when you need it and move in quickly!

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Internet Recruiters and Internet Job Boards

Web Address Type of Link or Company Main Language Remarks
Weena 723,
the Netherlands
tel: +31-10-4139425,
On line CV posting and vacancy searches - Lionks to lots of executive recruiters Netherlands, Dutch Site with Executive Search Consultants and Internet Job Boards for legal and judicial job, sales, IT, finance, technical
The Netherlands
email is on the contact page
On line CV posting and vacancy searches - All levels of jobs Netherlands, Dutch Jobs in the Netherlands sorted by job category and by Dutch city. If you go to the faq page you will find English headings and information in English on the left hand side of the page
Tebodin Consultants & Engineers
Public Relations Department
P.O. Box 16029
2500 BA The Hague
The Netherlands
On line CV posting and vacancy searches - All levels of jobs Netherlands. Dutch, English This is an independent, multidisciplinary firm of consultants and engineers. We offer clients around the world the experience and expertise of more than 3,000 employees. Recruits engineers technicians, scietists and other technical personnel for jobs around the word
Hoogstraat 402,
The Netherlands
tel: +31-40-2928270,
Mainly for Freelancers - On line CV posting and vacancy searches - All levels of jobs Netherlands English, Dutch German, French Information and Jobs in the whole of Europe
Rooseveltlaan 660,
the Netherlands
tel: +31-30-2870592,
Mainly for Freelancers - On line CV posting and vacancy searches - Mainly IT jobs Netherlands, English, Dutch Small site with information and freelance Jobs in the Netherlands only
Eigenhaard 12c,
the Netherlands
tel: +31-514-603436,
On Line Job Boards and Recruiter for Jobs in the hospitality, recreation and tourism industry Netherands English, Dutch, German Information and Jobs for the hospitality and, travel, resort, restaurant/hotel industry in the whole of Europe
Frederik Hendriklaan 48
2582 BD Den Haag
Specialized On Line Job Boards and Recruiter Netherlands Dutch, An Internet Jobs board and recruiter for personnel for jobs in the important water sector in the Netherlands
Frederik Henderiklaan 48,
Den Haag,
The Netherlands
tel: +31-70-3520211,
Job-Board for technical jobs, engineering IT etc Netherlands, Dutch, Information and job posting for Jobs in the Netherlands
Hoofdkantoor, Utrecht
Postbus 549
35oo AM Utrecht
T (030) 223 97 99
F (030) 223 97 11
Job vacancies for engineers and construction jobs Netherlands, Dutch, Consulting engineers for construction and engineering jobs in Holland and abroad.

Web Address Type of Link or Company Main Language Remarks
ECR Hospitality Recruitment On Line Job Site with Resume Posting and Career Search Netherlands
English, Dutch, other languages, Worldwide
Specialised in the recruitment of staff -from entry level to top management positions- for 4 & 5 star Hotels & Resort as well as Restaurants around the world. ECR has been successful in recruiting for (key-) positions within hotel chains like for example Le Méridien, RadissonSAS, Orient-Express and Hilton as well as for independent Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants and more
English Language Jobs
Logger 219
1186 MH Amstelveen
The Netherlands
Ph:31(0) 20-441 8477
Resume Posting and Career Search Netherlands
Jobsite for non-Dutch speakers who want to continue their career in The Netherlands
Mercury Urval International Executive Recruiter with several offices in Holland Netherlands
English, Dutch
Mercuri Urval is an international consultancy focusing on executive director selection and other recruitment areas. 80 offices in 22 countries
Michael Page International
World Trade Center
Postbus 79024
1070 NB Amsterdam
Strawinskylaan 421
1077 XX Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20 - 578 9444
Fax. +31 (0)20 - 578 9440

Executive Recruiter with an internet Job Board - Resume Posting United Kingdom but with a large office in the Netherlands
English, Dutch
Michael Page International is one of the world's leading executive recruitment consultancies. 50 offices in 13 countries - Has several offices in the Netherlands
IT Job Board.nl Job Board with Resume Posting and Career Search for IT Jobs Netherlands
English, Dutch
Launched in April 2005, IT Job Board has rapidly become one of the leading IT recruitment specialists in The Netherlands.
Mentor Graphics
Reactorweg 301
3542 AD Utrecht
The Netherlands
Ph: 31 30-241 85 00
fx: 31 30-241 85 07
IT corporation specializing in CAD and design automation, associated graphic systems USA office in the Netherlands
English, Dutch,
Information and Jobs in the whole of Europe, Middle East and Africa
Job Board with Resume Posting and Career Search Netherlands,
English, Dutch
Part of Careerbuilder.com
ijobs.nl Job Board with technical IT jobs, Netherlands,
Specializing in IT jobs

Web Address Type of Link or Company Location, Main Language Remarks
Hays Works Netherlands Internet Site with Resume Posting Vacancy List, Job Searches Netherlands office of UK based company, English, Dutch, German, French, Europe One of the largest Internet Recruiters in Europe for Accountancy and Financial Jobs. From Bookkeeper to CFO
computable.nl Job Searches and Resume Posting Netherlands, Dutch The ICT Carriere Platform comprises 13 sites including Computable, Tweaker, Automatisering Gids, Emerce, Array, Informatie en Itbeheermagazine. All levels of jobs for all sectors of industry and commerce with lots of information about salaries and jobs
Pantapasin International
Goudsesingel 96
Units 104 -105
3011 KD Rotterdam
Executive Searches. Recruitment and contigency searches Netherlands, English, Dutch Recruits high caliber professionals for a wide range of positions with international clients throughout Europe. International recruitment and executive search. Search activities focus on fulfilling management and executive appointments in Western Europe
Jobs.nl (Job Pool) Internet Site with Resume Posting Vacancy List, Job Searches Netherlands, English, Dutch All levels of jobs for all sectors of industry and commerce

Aaptiv workout

Web Address Type of Link or Company Location, Main Language Remarks
jobnews.nl Internet Job Board with job sear5ches and resume posting Netherlands Dutch All types of mid level jobs Jobs
FlexManager Recruiter with Job Board and Resume Submission and Job Search, vacancy posting Netherlands English, Dutch Provides interim professionals for a wide range of experience covering General Management, IT, Personnel and Organisation, Finance and Control, and Marketing and Sales
stepstone.nl Resume Submission and Job Search, vacancy posting Netherlands, English, Dutch Europe wide Job Board with about 100 jobs in the Netherlands and 90,000 jobs across Europe.
(International Design
Resume Submission and Job Search, vacancy posting Netherlands, English, Dutch, German For jobs in the 'design industry' or associated sectors. Based in the Netherlands but work from an international standpoint for clients from all over Europe as well as with talented professionals from Europe, the US and Australia

Life Line Screening Cardiovascular

Web Address Type of Link or Company Location, Main Language Remarks
intermediair.nl Staffing Site for Permanent and Temporary Jobs Netherlands Dutch Resume Posting and Tests fpor temporary and permnanent jobs across the board
ictonly.nl Job Searches for IT persoinnel Netherlands Dutch All levels of jobs for all sectors of industry and commerce
nationalevacaturebank.nl Internet Job Board with resume posting and vacancy searches Netherlands, Dutch Nationale Vacaturebank.nl Claims to be the biggest job board in the Netherlands. 1.8 million visitors per month
jobtrack.nl Internet Job Board with Resume Posting Vacancy List, Job Searches Netherlands, English, Dutch All levels of jobs for all sectors of industry and commerce

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