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What you need to know when you get a Job in the United Arab Emirates or any other Gulf State

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The Middle Eastern Portal

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Jobs in the Middle East,
Dubai and other Gulf States

The Employment Market in the Gulf

Middle Eastern Jobs in general, and Jobs in Dubai and other Gulf States, are not that easy to get. Despite the recent financial turmoil, especially in Dubai, there is a continued building and economic growth boom in some areas, such as other parts of the UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia, requiring all levels of skills. But often, the way the lower to middle level jobs are advertised, makes it difficult to find them. Recruiting and man power contracting agents are used to hire in their native country. So, many of these jobs never appear in a public forum. We have tried to show the recruiters that actually advertise jobs and that recruit in the open market.

Employment agencies and headhunters are like retailers in the employment market and your profile is their merchandise. It is therefore important to understand how they operate. If the agent or headhunter sees, that there is a market for your skill and experience and you could attract a substantial salary and remuneration package, he will be interested in you. Because for him, the larger the package, the more money the employment agency that introduces you, will make on the transaction. Consequently, the recruiter will try to push the professional with the highest salary potential at his current career level.

So what employment profiles attract good salaries and for which jobs is there a need in UAE and other Gulf States? A good education and experience is the key. Statistics have shown that employment in Dubai pays most for experience. Companies in the UAE are not looking to train employees. They want you to train some of the local employees in whatever field you specialize. You need to be a specialist, and the minimum number of years of experience should be 4 to 5 years.

Some of the employment agencies argue that, especially if you come from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and

Bangladesh, you should emphasize experience and education you gained in Western countries. Some employers, though not all, confirmed that. Nationality seems to be less important than, were you were educated and where you gained experience. Thus, use that to your advantage.

All about the Hiring Process and Employment in the U.A.E

We have prepared a few notes about the hiring process in the United Arab Emirates. It is important that you have a clear understanding about your own expectations and that you make those known, in writing, to the potential employer and/or his agent/recruiter. Apart from the labor contract, this specifically applies to interviews and the expenses associated with travel for an interview to the U.A.E.

The basic advice is: Do not assume anything. Confirm everything in writing.

Executive Recruiters and Employers

Web Address Type of Link Main Languages Remarks
2101 API Tower
Sh. Zayed Road
PO Box 31450
United Arab Emirates
Ph: 00 971 4332 454
Fx: 00 971 4332 4891

Consultant Engineering and Construction Dubai, UK based English, Subsidiary of Hill International
Knowles is one of the world’s largest consultancies specialising in solving the problems that arise in the construction and engineering industry worldwide. They have been in existence since 1973 and employ over 400 professional staff working in offices throughout the world including the UK, Europe, East Asia, Canada, USA, Australia and on Middle East Jobs.
Medico International Recruitment FZ LLC
Business Centre
P.O.Box 502221
Bldg. 18
Knowledge Village
Dubai , UAE
Ph:+ 971 43 90 22 38
Fx:+ 971 43 67 86 36
Recruitment site for medical staff and nurses UAE, English, Arabic - Part of MIR Recruitment Leading provider of staff for vacancies in all aspects of health care. Covers the whole
of the Gulf Region, the UAE and Middle East Jobs. Resume Posting and Job Searches.
Nicholson Search and Selection
11 Maiden Lane
Ph: 020 7420 3970
Fx: 020 7420 3978
Executive Recruiter specializing in Middle Eastern Job Appointments Internet based job site United Kingdom
English, (also offices in Paris and Poznan (Poland)
Recruits executives from middle management to board level for appointments for IT/Technology Risk
• Information Security (Strategy, Policy and Architecture)
• Corporate Security
• Fraud
• Compliance/Corporate Governance
• Security and Fraud Software Vendors
• Consultancy/Integrators
Experts Consulting
17th Floor, Suite 1702 ABN-ARMRO Bank Building, Salam Street
P.O. Box: 54867
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Ph: +(971) 2 676 5722
Fx:+(971) 2 676 5799
Email here:
Consulting and Recruiting - Part of the Reach Construction Group Abu Dhabi and Dubai, English, Arabic A leading management & technology consulting firm. It is recognized for its technical and functional expertise in Recruitment, Outsourcing, IT implementation, customization, upgrades, and integration of business solutions. Middle East Jobs

Web Address Type of Link Main Languages Remarks
First Select International
PO BOX: 65610,
Suite: 3201, Level 32,
Grosvenor House Com.Tower,
Sheikh Zayed Road,
Dubai - UAE
Internet Recruiter for Higher Technical, Medical and Managerial Skills Abu Dhabi, UAE English, Arabic Established in 1983 to provide recruitment services to the regional Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Healthcare, Banking, Hospitality industries and other Multinational Corporations. Quality is the corner stone on which it has built its business success.
Forum International Executive Search and Selection
P.O.Box: 31372
Dubai, U.A.E.
Telephone: +971-4-3321716
Fax: +971-4-3321929
e-mail here
Internet Recruiter specializing in Middle Eastern Appointments. Only accepts applications to specific jobs - on line resume submission Dubai, UAE
English, Arabic
A retained contingency executive search firm, which conducts national and international searches for mid-to upper-level managers in a wide variety of industries and functional areas. Also operates and
P.O.Box - 12995,
Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel. : + 9714-3977751
Fax : + 9714-3976220
E-mail here
Consulting and on line Recruiting Indian based Company working in Dubai, English, Arabic Recruitment at all levels
Head-Hunting, Advertising Knowledge based evaluation

Web Address Type of Link Main Languages Remarks
Ahmed Bin Faris complex.
Next to ENOC Petrol Station,
Galadari Underpass (On the Dubai-Sharjah Road),
P.O.Box- 111802,
Dubai (U.A.E)
Tel: +971 4 346 8383
Fax: +971 4 346 9079
Email here
Recruiter with Resume and Vacancy Posting, Contingency Searches Indian owned based in Dubai English, Arabic Part of a multi faceted diversified business group dealing in Hotel Supplies, Electronics, Garments, Textiles, Agricultural products and Human Resources
SOSRecruitment P.O. Box 6948
Ph:+971(4) 396-5600
Fx:+971(4) 396-5900
Executive Recruiter and Contingency Searches Recruitment site Job Searches Dubai
based English, Arabic
Search & Selection Consultancy Primary function is to source the most suitable candidates that fulfil our client's requirements, therefore we regret that we are unable to proactively assist individuals in finding employment.
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Life Line Screening Cardiovascular

Web Address Type of Link Main Languages Remarks
Al Araji for Executive Searches
P. O  Box  390
Riyadh   11372
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel : (966) 1 460-0096
Executive Recruiter Contingency Searches - Resume and Vacancy Posting, Recruitment site and Saudi Arabia based English, Arabic Recruits qualified professionals in engineering and construction, teaching, medical, nursing and ancillary hospital services for clients in Saudi Arabia
Clarendon Parker
Office 205, Building no.1
Dubai Internet City,
P.O. Box 26359,
Ph: + 971 4 3910460 Fx: + 971 4 3910465
Executive Recruiter Contingency Searches- Resume and Vacancy Posting, Dubai UAE, English, Arabic also offices in Bahrain Established in Dubai since 1994, Clarendon Parker Middle East has grown to be one of the most successful specialist Recruitment Consultants in the Gulf. Offices in Oman, Abu Dhabi, KSA, Bahrain. It is now a Manpower Company.
Falcon Hunter International
Warwick Corner
42 Warwick Road
Kenilworth CV8 1HE
United Kingdom
Ph +44 1996 866629
Fx:+44 1996 851534
Executive Recruiter and Executive Search - Contingency Searches United Kingdom and Dubai UAE, English, Arabic Senior management level including international operations
Dubai Regional Office
P.O.Box 55360
Dubai, UAE
Ph:+971 4 3315550
Focus Direct
Office 216,
Bank Street Building,
Khaled Bin Waleed Street,
Next to Citibank,
P.O. Box 29168, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
Ph: +971 4 3554134
Fx: +971 4 3556160
Executive Recruiter Contingency Searches Dubai UAE, English, Arabic Senior management level

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People Looking for Jobs in the Middle East

ID Number Required Position Date Posted
R05-HA-0620-05 Process Control, Instrumentation Specialist 01-05-21
R05-CA-0621-05 Jobsite Supervisor, Glazier, Inventory Control, Material Coordinator, Fabricator - Multiple Positions in different Locations Open

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Middle East and International Jobs available

ID Number Required Position Date Posted
VA05-BH-0801-05 Multiple Nursing Vacancies for a prestigeous Hospital in Bahrain: Accident & Emergency, ICU, Operating Theatre, Midwifes (for labour room), Nursery, Ophthalmic, Orthopedic, IVF trained, Physiotherapist & General Open
VA07-SI-0210-01 International Operations Manager with Oilfield Experience 01-05-21

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