Job Applicants for Jobs with American Contractors in Afghanistan Iraq and other overseas Countries
List of Candidates looking for Positions in Afghanistan and Iraq
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Candidates Looking for Positions in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East

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Below are Candidates looking for Positions in Iraq and the larger Middle East. There are two types of candidate advertisements:



A full resume with all qualification details and contact e-mail (links below) or


a short job search advertisement for non security jobs, and for security jobs, with summary of qualifications and contact address.

Please contact the candidates directly via their e-mail or, if available, their phone numbers. If you want to advertise your availability or offer a job vacancy in these pages, click on the links here!

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At this time, jobs in the areas shown below are available with United States and International Contractors in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East. To see more and apply to specific jobs details click here for Iraq and click here for Afghanistan

Positions Currently Available
truck drivers and mechanics, vehicle maintenance
food preparation (cooks, bakers and other support in food preparation),
other technical personnel (engineers, technicians)
port and rail maintenance
Prison, security and Police Training
administrators, hospitality and camp management
accountants and IT personnel, translators
oil fields staff at all levels
water treatment plants
water and oil pumping stations maintenance
electricity distribution etc.
road and airport maintenance

If you are an
Employer or Contractor in the Middle East and Iraq
and look for qualified people to fill the vacancies
you offer,
click here to look at our short resumes
and contact the candidates!

Resumes of Candidates looking for employment in Iraq, the Gulf States, Afghanistan and the wider Middle East

ID Number Required Position Date Posted
R06-UK-1003-01SJA Security, Close Protection, Bodyguard, Security Planning 01-31-2011
R05-TX-0504-10 Security Specialist with defensive driving experience 01-07-2018


Security Officer (Ret.Colonel), VIP Protection, Security Management, Translator (English Arabic) 02-02-2018
R06-LI-0831-01 Junior Support Engineer, IT, Electrical and Communications 02-20-2018
R06-WA-0825-10 Driver, Transport Specialist 01-31-2018
SR06-0823-01FR Security NCO with extensive Afghan and African Experience (British Army) 01-23-2018
SR06-0905-01FR Security and Intelligence Officer, Ex Para, Commando Exp, Close Protection-Afghanistan Experience 01-23-2018
R05-GA-0921-10 Security Specialist, Computer and Communications and Training Specialist 01-23-2018
R05-FR-0215-04 Security Specialist - Security Operator, Close Protection - Extensive Military Experience 01-25-2018
R05-TN-0505-15 Close up Security Specialist - Bodyguard 01-25-2018
R05-CA-0121-05 Security Specialist - Ex US Military 02-21-2018
R05-FR-0202-10 Security Specialist, Security Operator, Close Protection - Extensive Military Experience 02-21-2018
R04-DC-1214-07 Site Security Specialist - Ex US Military Police 01-14-2018
R04-DC-1215-03 Security Specialist - Ex US Military 01-14-2018

ID Number Required Position Date Posted
iraqjobsearch1 Short Job Search Adverts for various skills Open
iraqjobsearch2 Various Security, Close Protection and Intelligence Personnel Open


Short Job Search Adverts for various skills Open

* *

ID Number Required Position Date Posted
R06-OK-0907-01 Driver, HAZMAT Driver, Crane Operator 01-11-2018
R05-MN-1219-10 Construction and Earth Moving Specialist 01-20-2018
R05-CO-1207-10 Security Specialist, Automotive and Training Specialist 02-07-2018
R05-FL-1028-10 Warehouse and Logistics Specialist 01-21-2011
R05-UK-1030-15 Warehouse, Logistics and Security Specialist 02-01-2018
R05-AR-0731-15 HVAC Manager with Extensive Supervisory and Training Capability 01-31-2018
R05-NV-0731-20 Driver, Vehicle Maintenance, Fire/Safety Officer 01-31-2018
R05-NJ-0921-10 Driver, Vehicle Maintenance, Vehicle Security Officer 01-31-2018
R05-CO-0206-10 Heavy Duty Maintenance Mechanic, Welder, Supervisor 01-31-2018

If you are an
Employer or Contractor in the Middle East and Iraq
and look for qualified people to fill the vacancies
you offer,
click here to look at our short resumes
and contact the candidates!

ID Number Required Position Date Posted
R05-CA-0621-05 Jobsite Supervisor, Glazier, Inventory Control, Material Coordinator, Fabricator 01-21-2018
R05-HA-0620-05 Process Control Instrumentation Specialist 01-20-2018
R05-MI-0626-10 Warehouse Operations and Distribution Management 01-27-2018
R05-CA-0614-10 Driver, Warehouse Supervisor, Logistics Specialist 01-15-2018
R05-LA-0615-05 Computer Operator - Maintenance - Administrator 01-15-2011
R04-CA-0829-02 Experienced Construction Manager 01-15-2018
R05-MA-0222-15 Executive Level Administrator or Consultant - Counseling - Military Experience 01-27-2018
R04-TX-0516-02 Plant Maintenance Technician/Engineer, Installation, Service Engineer 02-02-2011
R04-MI-0519-10 Telecommunications Engineer 02-02-2018
R04-AE-0819-08 Site Manager and Administrator (Human Resources, accounting, Controlling, general admin) 02-02-2018

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