Job Vacancies and Resumes Postings for International Construction Companies & Conglomerates
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Job Vacancies and Resumes Postings for International Construction Companies & Conglomerates

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Here are some jobs offered in the international construction industry. Some of them are "permanent openings" that is jobs, for which the companies are constantly seeking personnel, employing them as and when they need them. There is currently a somewhat reduced activity in the Middle East. But in some areas, it is already recovering slowly.

When you apply for jobs in the International Construction Industry, it is important that you have the right format for your application. There is no use in writing an American style resume, for a job offered by a European company. In the same way as there is little chance, that a European Curriculum Vitae will be read by an American human resource manager or an executive recruiter based in the States. You have to present the right format in the right place, to have a reasonable chance of success.

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Job Vacancies in International Construction Companies & Conglomerates
ID Number Position Vacant Date
KU-100804-01 Estimating Manager - Kuwait (Several Junior and Senior Positions available - some located on sites in Indonesia and Malaysia) Open
KU-100804-02 Senior Estimator- Kuwait (Several Junior and Senior Positions available - some located on sites in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei) Open
EG-100804-03 Bidding & Estimation Manager Open
UK-100804-04 Business Process Improvement Consultants - Construction and Oil and Gas Industry - London based - Several Positions open
UK-100804-05 Transport Planner, Transport/Traffic/ Town Consultancy - London based open

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Resume Postings for Jobs in International Construction Companies & Conglomerates Resume Postings - Positions Wanted- Index of Entries

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ID Number Resumes Posted Date
R02-CA-0826-05 Installation and Start-Up Engineers Open
R04-WI-027-15 Project Director, Construction Manager
Program Manager
R04-CA-0829-02 Experienced Construction Manager and Supervisor 02-19-2011
R04-AE-0819-08 Site Manager and Administrator (Human Resources, accounting, Controlling, general admin) 02-19-2011


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