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Recruiters and Jobs in Italy

Recruiters and Headhunters, Job Boards and other links to Italian Companies and Employment Agencies

Italy is a lovely country to live in. It has a temperate climate, excellent food and wine, nice people and outstanding natural beauty. It also offers fabulous houses, provided you have the money to buy them. If you are an EU/EFTA citizen, finding a job and getting work permit in Italy is easy. Almost as easy as in your home country. Though, lots of things still work in Italy on the basis of personal recommendations and introductions. You also have to remember that Italy has a high unemployment rate amongst young university graduates! That makes a job search more difficult. You also have to you know the language!

For people outside the EU/EFTA, things are a whole lot different and more difficult. Before you come to Italy you have to have a written job offer and a contract, then you can start to apply for the residence/work permit through the Italian Consulate in your home country. Besides an advanced education you have to have a fairly fluent knowledge of the language. It is almost a must, before you even apply! Unless you will be taking a bottom level job, high school or one or two semester of college Italian will not cut it!
If you want to test the "waters", you can place a small Job Search Advertisement on these pages. Click here to see the format. The costs are US$ 9.99 for 60 days. It is a lot cheaper than placing an advertisement in an Italian Newspaper and it stays longer on site.

Once again, to get a job, you have to create a proper Curriculum Vitae when you intend to apply for work in Italy. There are numerous good resume/CV writing services available to help you create the right format. You can find some of the ones we have tested on our Resume Advice Page (click here). The suppliers vary in price and you get what you pay for!

Internet Sites, Executive Search, and Staff Agencies

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
trovolavoro.it Large Job Portal with links to commercial and industrial jobs in Italy Italian Jobs and Information. Part of the Corriera de la Serra Group, the large Italian Newspaper
monster.it Internet Jobsite with CV posting and Vacancy Posting Italian, English Italian Part of this American Site
skillpass.it Internet Jobsite set up by a Group of Italian Banks with information, training etc. Italian This site specializes in IT jobs in Banking and Financial Services environments
Fischer Merryl srl
Viale Colleoni, 23
20041Agrate Brianza MI
Ph:039 60.56.681
Fx:039 60.91.192
Executive Search and Employment Agency Italy, Italian, English Large Executive Search agency in Milan
Adami Associati
20122 Milano MI
Ph: 0258302495
Fx: 0258433200
Executive Search anmd Employment Group. Accepts CV's in English Italy, Italian, English Mid and High Level Industrial and Commercial Positions: Banking & Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing & Engineering,Pharmaceutical, Property & Construction, Retail, Sales, Technology, Tourism
tempor.it Internet site for temporary and permanent position with Curriculum Vitae and Vacancy posting Italian Site with Labor and Salary Information
Antal International
Via S. Maria Segreta
20121 Milano MI
Ph: 02 80.60.601
Executive Search Agency with International Client Companies British/ Italy, Italian, English The leader in EMEA & Asia Executive Search & Selection. Their network comprises over 50 fully-staffed offices in 24 countries part of Antal International Ltd, 64 Baker Street, London W1U 7GB, United Kingdom
RecruitItaly Lots of Information. Not a traditional JobSite but valuable with many links English, Italian Employers looking for Italian and foreign graduates and jobseekers who want to work in Italy
Above are some sites and recruiters that may help you in your job search in Italy.

Going directly to Italian companies is possible, but you should know someone inside the company to help you address your application to the right person. Remember, like in other European countries, do not address people by their first name, always use family name and title, especially when you are talking to a Ph.D..

Kicks Crew Sneakers

Life Line Screening Cardiovascular

Industrial, Consulting and Service Companies in Italy

Promote & earn money Large industrial companies have similar historical origins as those in Austria. In Italyl, the state invested heavily into industry and as a result there exist still large state industrial holding companies. Although, in recent years some have been partially privatized and that trend is continuing. Besides these industrial giants, there is a vibrant middle sized (250-5,000 employees) sector that is well run, innovative and aggressively pursuing world markets. They often have clients all around the world. Italian engineering products are well respected and their industrial design is often superior to other countries offerings.

There are few engineering areas where Italian engineers are not offering products.

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
ENI Headquarter
Piazzale Mattei, 1
00144 Rome
Ph: +39 06 59 82 1
Fx: +39 06 59 82 21 41
Also in Milan
Piazza Ezio Vanoni, 1
20097 San Donato Milanese (MILAN)
Ph +39 02 52 01
Large integrated energy company with, Electricity Generation, Industrial Oil and Gas, Refining etc Italy, Italian, English A company operating in 70 countries with 75,862 employees - Jobs and Information on the Jobs and Career Site
Hays Accountancy e Finance
Corso Italia 13 Milano
Ph: 02-888931
Fx 02-888.9341
International Italian based Accounting and Tax Advisor Company Italy Italian, English Does not have a Website
Sweden & Martina SPA
Via Veneto 10
35020 Due Carrare PD Italia
Ph:049.912.43.00 -

Fx 049.912.42.90 -
P.Iva 00401550280
High tech Orthodontists Products, Implants, Laser Technology Italy
Research and Production Company - 30 Years old - Oral surgery products
organizzazione erre srl
Piazza Borromeo 10 20123 Milano MI
Ph: 02/4583945
Fx: 02/45860046
Consultant with clients in the automotive, aerospace and other high tech industries Italy, Italian Well established Consultants
Wice Technologies
Via Lagrange, 8
20136 Milano
Ph: +39-02-67490434
Fx: +39-02-67490394
Technology Consulting Group for Programmers (JAVA, SAP), Consultants Italy, Italian, French Consulting, Education, Workforce Services, SAP, Customer Relationship Management. Jobs all over Italy
Huawei Technologies Italy Srl
Palazzo Verrocchio,
Centro Direzionale Milano 2 Mi
Ph:+39 02 006281
Fx:+39 02 00628838
Large Chinese Telecom Company with European subsidiary in Italy - Research center China/ Italy, Italian, English, Chinese Huawei Technologies, a Chinese Company, is one of the fastest growing telecommunications and network solutions providers in the world, and plays a leading role in the provision of all IP-based FMC solutions
Testori SpA
Largo A. Testori, 5
Ph: +39 (02) 3523.1
Fx:+39 (02) 3523.230
Filter Cloth and other Filter Media for Watertreatment and the food Industry Italy, Italian, English International Italian based company (Brescia) delivering filter media to a worldwide Market
Via San Fiorano, 85/87
20058 Villasanta (MI)
Ph: 039-2878378
Fx: 039-2875049
Industrial Company in the renewable energy sector, photovoltaic cells, windmills etc Italy, English, Italian MX Group is a leader company in the market of green and sustainable energies, active in the production of photovoltaic modules and specialized in projecting and realizing integrated systems for the creation of energy using renewable sources.
Extrò Luxury Group S.r.l.
Via Santa Teresina, 7/2

30020 Noventa di Piave (VE) -
P.IVA: 02877340279

Fax 0421/307679
Large worldwide Distributor of Luxury Goods Italy, Italian, French, German, English Furnishes leads to jobs in large companies

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Internet Labor Market Information Sites

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
Clicca Lavoro Internet Jobsite with CV posting and Vacancy Posting Italian Italian site dedicated to executive searches and other positions
Europa Lavoro Internet Jobsite with Information Italian European Site with a great deal of information about Jobs, Professional certification and other Labor related issues
Lavoro On-Line Internet Jobsite with CV posting and Vacancy Posting Italian Jobs and Information
Job Service Internet JobSite Italian Some, mainly lower level jobs (something like ManPower or Kelly Girl)

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