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After You Lost the Job: Assessing your Financial Position

Self Assessment of your Abilities when you are looking for a new Job

Lost your Job:
How do I find a new one? -
Some Rules to Help you
Lost the Job: What income (unemployment benefit) can I expect
Lost the Job: Make an Expenditure Budget

Lost the Job: Saving your Home - A Survival Guide when Foreclosure Looms

Lost the Job: Some Tips for coping with a Job Loss and avoiding Depression

Lost the Job: What will further Education bring me?

How to write a Resume
How to master an Interview

The Ten Rules you should not break, when looking for a Job

HR Evaluation and Testing
How to start a successful Business I: Some Guidelines

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Middle Level Executive Recruiters and Internet Job Boards

On Line Recruiters and Internet Job Boards

Internet job board can either be lists of vacancies or they may enable you to post your resume. Some of the largest are Monster, Yahoo, Careerbuilder etc. There are now large numbers of these boards on the net. Some specialize, others are just general job boards for a geographical area or a certain profession.

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language Remarks
On-Line Job Board and job descriptions Job Searches USA, 
English, Nationwide

Career Explorer is here to help you navigate through a wealth of information about your future career. Find news, including the ten hottest careers. If you don't know where you want to work, we include a wide range of career descriptions. Several of those are within the business and medical professions.We also have information about thetruck driving industry. For on-the-job experience, check out our tips for finding the right internships for you.

2050 Spectrum Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Ph: (954) 308-7600

On-Line Job Board withResume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches

English, Nationwide

Job listings and staffing agency, career tools and HR resources. Features a searchable employer database and a resume database with real privacy.

JobFront On-Line Job Board withResume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches USA, 
English, Nationwide

Offers a comprehensive search for the job seekers, careers and employment also you can post your resumes free for better job connection. Specializes in web related jobs (hosting, design, management)

525 Highland Road West, Suite 270, Kitchener, ON, N2M 5P4 
Phone: (888) 548-8897

Resume writer - help site for writing and presenting resumes Canada,
English, Nationwide

Resume critiquing, career counselling and frequently asked questions and answers. In 26 years as a recruiter and consultant, I have read thousands of resumes and know what works and what doesn't. A large percentage of job hunters are not good resume writers

293 W. Woodland,
MI 48220
Headhunting and Executive Search - Optional resume submission, vacancy posting, Job Search,

English Michigan, Midwest,

Executive Search and Recruiting Services firm with an online job board  Specialties include Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales, Engineering, Automotive, Telecom, EAP, Power Generation, and Business Development executives

Aaptive workout

Executive Search Sites with Job Boards

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language Remarks
HRM Jobs Internet Job Board for Human resources jobs USA,
English, Nationwide

Job Board - Site for HR, Human Resource Managers, Recruiters, Benefits, Payroll. A site for resume posting and job searches

90 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Ph: (212) 366-8900

On-Line Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches

English, Nationwide

Career Center with Resume Posting and Job Search Capabilities. It is in partnership with monster.com

Energy Job Search
280 Technology Parkway
Norcross, Georgia 30092
Ph: 800.659.5639
FX: 770.390.0905 
A series of On-Line job boards for the energy sector - Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches USA, 
English, Nationwide

Jobs in the energy, oil and gas exploration & production, refining & marketing; power & utility; pipeline transportation; engineering & construction; service & equipment; chemicals & petrochemicals; geotherma

7211 Taylorsville Road, Office 210, 
Dayton, OH  45424
Ph:  (937) 325-2149

Resume Writingnot a job site! USA, English, Nationwide

Resume Writer - FREE Resume Critique. Full-service career business offering resume and cover letter designs, interview training, online resume posting, career coaching, and job search management

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language Remarks
1900 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2600
Los Angeles, CA 90067 

Phone: (866.776.4671)
Job Board and junior executive recruiter -Vacancy Posting, Job Searches, Executive Search USA, English, Nationwide, International

This is an executive search service formanagement professionals jointly operated by Korn/Ferry International, the world's largest executive search firm, and The Wall Street Journal.

Human Resources Job Net (HRJobnet)

On-Line Job Board with Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches

English, Nationwide

Designed to provide Human Resource professionals with a cost-effective means of sourcing quality HR candidates.While offering some of the best human resources job opportunities from some of America's top companies, you are sure to find your next human resources employment opportunity here

ExecuNet, Inc.
295 Westport Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851
Ph: 800-637-3126
Job Board for top managerial executives USA, 
English, Nationwide

Executive searches, job searches

Executive Only 
Jefferson Executive Building
55 Jefferson Boulevard
RI 02888 

Job Board for Executive - Vacancy Posting, Job Searches USA, English, Nationwide

This is an executive job site formanagement professionals with jobs from US$100k to US$ 1 million. Conduct a covert job search and apply privately for current, active, pre-screened executive jobs. Post as many as five résumé versions and target multiple job or industry tracks. And because ExecutivesOnly allows recruiters to pre-qualify candidates, you will be matched to positions that fit, not just thrown into a pool of thousands of random applicants.

Staffing Agencies with Job Boards

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language Remarks
Workforce HR Jobs On-Line Job Board with Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches USA,
English, Nationwide,

Specialist job board for HR staff. offers a wide range of personnel services to businesses.


On-Line Job Board with Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches

English, Nationwide; Some International

A community providing resources to advance your career. In addition to posting the latest jobs from coast to coast, we offer a variety of career resources to foster professional growth. We even have services designed to increase your exposure to top employers and articles to help you prepare for the next phase of your career.
Manufacturing Jobs.com On-Line Job Board with Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches USA, 
English, Nationwide;

The first choice job board for career candidates and employers in manufacturing and production. Employers and recruiters will find our targeted approach to manufacturing jobs information connects you with only the most qualified applicants with relevant work experience.

Corporate Headquarters
12061 Bluemont Way
Reston, VA 20190
Job Board and Staffing Agency - Vacancy Posting, Job Searches USA, English, Nationwide

A Job Board and Staffing agency - National, leading career site bringing educated, diverse candidates and the companies that value them together.A Sallie Mae company, TrueCareers serves over 1.3 million registered candidates nationwide

Interserver Webhosting

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language Remarks
Executive Registry 
Tool Free:800-531-0007 
Ph: 603-924-0900.
On-Line Job Board - Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches USA, 
English, Northern California

Jobs for executives that you do not find elsewhere.

Employment Spot

On-Line Job Board and Staffing Agency - Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches


Are you looking for immediate recruitment or placement in an important position? Then you might consider agency staffing.  Agency staffing companies are  specialized in placing an applicant who matches the required skill sets of an open position. Jobs board for graduates - Job Search Portal. All types of Jobs

PO Box 270514
4500 Bissonnet, 
Suite 342
TX  77277-0514
Executive Recruiter
Job Searches
English, Texas, Southwest

Specialist Job Site for energy and e-commerce. International firm specializing in energy traders and marketers, financial engineering, derivatives and futures trading Jobs - 
Vacancy and Resume Postings

Americajob (Federal Jobs)

Job Board -Vacancy Posting, Job Searches USA,
English, Nationwide.

Public Sector Jobs (Government) at all levels. America Job can help you find your ideal government job.  Nearly 6 million government job seekers have created search agents on our site since 1999

Recruiters and European Job Boards (United Kingdom and Germany)

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language Remarks
Job Board with Job Searches European
based, English, German, French

New jobs in EU geopolitical space

RetailHuman Resources 
Ph: 020 7432 8888
Fx: 020 7289 1968

Offices all across the UK

On-Line Job Board - Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches

United Kingdom
English, Nationwide

Large Recruiter for the Retail Industry in the UK. Human Resources for the Retail Industry

The Friends Network
Friends-Net-Work GmbH
Franziskaner Strasse 19
81669 Munich
Phone: +49-89-45911784
Fax: +49-89-45911785
Mobile: +49-172-8591714
On-Line Job Board with Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches Germany
but operating worldwide, English, German, French, Spanish

Our success is based on a far reaching network of experts and managers which support us in the search and selection of top candidates. Specializes in IT and Telecommunication Industry

Matchtech Group 
1450 Parkway
Solent Business Park
PO15 7AF 
Ph:44 (0)1489 898989
Fx:+44 (0)1489 898290

Vacancy Posting, Job Searches United Kingdom
English, Nationwide. Some International.

One of the UK's leading specialist technical recruitment consultancies and the first technical recruitment agency to be awarded the Recruitment & Employment Confederation Audited status, which represents the "Gold Standard" of REC membership.

Woldwide Car Rental

Some Rules for Mastering an Interview successfully

The basic rule for feeling at ease in an interview is "practice makes very good." Make sure you are comfortable with potential answers ahead of time. Think to the toughest interview questions you might face.

The Rules for a Good Interview:

Introduce yourself and shake the hand of the person interviewing yourself properly
Maintain eye contact and keep up your enthusiasm.
Keep your answers short. Don't ramble and make sure you answer to the point
Listen and respond appropriately, engage in a conversation butdon't use slang and do not become overtly familiar. Ask thoughtful questions throughout, but don't be argumentative or a "know-all." Be sensitive to the interviewer!
Remember you are a solution to an employment problem. Try to identify what their major employment problem is (with regard to the specific job opening you applied for) and then try to show how you could help solve the problems.
Ask about where you stand vs. the " ideal" candidate at the end of the interview. This will enable you to identify possible objections. But do not be argumentative about that. Most interviewers will simply exclude you from any further consideration if you are starting to make a "point" about that.

The key to success and to get interviews is to have an outstandingprofessionally written Resume. One of the best resume writers we found, can be reached through this link

There are hundreds of high paying Job Vacancies (legal Assistants, Mechanics, Security personnel, Administrators, Engineers etc., with or without knowledge of Arabic) with American Contractors in the Middle East and Afghanistan - Tax Free pay for one year contracts -click here

An Important Consideration, if as a US Citizen you work offshore or abroad

Remember, if you stay 330 out of 365 days out of the country (i.e. the USA) , than your Foreign Earned Income is free of Taxes in the USA
(see here for the relevant IRS regulations - IRS Topic 854 and also 853 and 855

However, in view of the fact that you are likely affected by FATCA,you should get yourself some legal and tax advice from a competent individual or firm.

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Some High Tech Job Boards

Web Address Type of Link Location, Main Language Remarks
Computer International Consultants Inc 
Corporate Office
109 5th Street East
St. Petersburg,
Florida 33715
On-Line Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches USA,
English, Texas

Jobs and lots of information about the IT Industry


On-Line Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches


Leading online Technology job board with permanent, contract and consulting jobs

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