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The Serious Business of Finding a Job in a declining Job Market

The general job market in most industrialized nations is declining. Cost savings are just part of the reason that make many employers move their manufacturing jobs to places like India, Vietnam and China. Close proximity to these new markets is another reason.

Other problems are that companies in the USA and in some European countries did not invest enough in proper education and training for their young people. A six month quick on-the-job-training, does not replace a four year structured apprenticeship. Often, besides employers, especially in the USA and the United Kingdom, Unions oppose the creation of structured apprenticeship schemes. They viewed it as a form of cheap labor (i.e. the apprentices during their training periods) being added outside their control.

Of considerable importance when looking for a job and approaching a recruiters and employers is some form of self assessment. Especially, in the early stages of ones career, a career assessment can help greatly.Though, access to some meaningful career assessment will always be helpful.

Is your Career not on the right track?

More about Human Resources tests and Interviews

Do you like Psychological, Interest Inventory and Aptitude Tests?
Here you will find a small selection that might help you to prepare your self for the ones set by a potential employer.

Interviewing Techniques

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