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Jobs in European and International Companies in the USA and Canada

Investment and job creation by European companies in the United States is very substantial. Companies like ABB, Electrolux, Siemens, Holcim, Zurich Insurance, Allianz, Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, Novarties, Nestle and many others have created thousands of jobs here in the USA. Sometimes, it appears, that as American companies move elsewhere with their manufacturing, European, Korean and Japanese companies establish themselves as the major manufacturing employers in this country.

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Banking, Insurance, Financial Services

Web Site Type of Site Country of Origin, Main Language Remark
Dresdner Kleinworth Wasserstein
75 Wall Street
New York
NY 10005-2889
United States
Ph: 1 212 429 2000
Fx: 1 212 429 2127
Corporate Career Site. Investment banking division of Dresdner Bank, a member of the Allianz Group Germany, Frankfurt, London, New York, Tokyo, English, German, other languages Recruitment for financial positions including investment banking, trading, research analysis, fund management, project management, equity sales, and IT.
UBS - Union Bank of Switzerland (Look for Careers) Corporate Career Site with jobs for Investment and Private Client Bankers. New York Office Switzerland, English, German, and other languages One of the five largest banks in the world - includes UBS Warburg (investment banking) Worldwide Jobs
CSFB - Credit Suisse
- Investment Banking Division (IBD)
- Fixed Income Division (FID)
- Equity Division (EQ)
- Private Client Services (PCS)
- Information Technology (IT)
Corporate Career Site for jobs all over the world within CS Group - See the specialist sites on the left Switzerland, English, Spanish and other languages Another one of the five largest banks in the world. The American Investment arm of the Credit Suisse Group is CSFB. Many jobs for multi lingual professionals
Zurich Insurance Group
(Career Site organized by countries)
Career Site for Zurich, Farmers, Empire Fire and Marine and all the other subsidiaries Switzerland, English, Spanish, other languages, All over the USA, International Large International Insurance and Reinsurance (Zurich Re) company
Deutsche Bank Corporate Site Large International Bank with substantial Presence in the USA (owns Bankers Trust) Germany, USA, English, German and other languages, Nationwide and International The link is to the unsolicited international Job application and Vacancy Service. The site is difficult to navigate and it may take you some time to find the appropriate information!
Allianz Insurance
LifeUSA Holding
300 South Highway 169, Suite 95
USA-Minneapolis, MN 55426-1191

Fireman's Fund
777 San Marin Drive
USA-Novato, CA 94998

Corporate site with jobs at the individual company levels. Operates many companies within the USA Germany, USA, English, German, Other languages, International company with operations in more than 70 countries. Jobs in Banking, Controlling, Underwriting, Cash Management, Risk Management, IT,Sales and Marketing, Consulting, Systems Development, Project Development, or,Law, or a related field
One HSBC Center, Buffalo, NY 14203
Ph:1 716 841 2424
Fx:1 716 841 5391
There is a Career Site for the US Operations of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. There is also a worldwide career site. Click here British, USA, Part of HSBC Group PLC., London, English, New York State banking institution (former Republic Bank) with more than 420 branches in New York, eight branches in Florida, three in California, two in Pennsylvania, and 17 in Panama. The bank has the third largest factoring service in the United States and is the largest US bank-owned factor
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York N.Y. 10020
Ph:1 212 632-6000
Career Site covering activities all over the world France, English, French, other languages - New York Office Investment and Merchant bank. Provides a full range of financial advisory services to a diverse group of clients

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Engineering, Design, Publishing, Automotive, Food Production, Environmental

Engineering, Automotive and Food Production companies are some of the largest manufacturing investments of European companies in the USA.

Web Site Type of Site Country of Origin, Main Language Remark
(Career Site)
Corporate Site organized by continents - employs almost 90,000 people in the USA alone Germany English, Spanish German, and other languages Jobs at all levels in engineering, finance, IT, administration, research, marketing etc
Nestlé USA, Inc.
800 North Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203
Ph:1-818-549 60 00
Fx:1-818 549 69 52
The company has a corporate career site for worldwide jobs Switzerland, English, Spanish other languages Nestle operates 59 factories in the United States and is one of the largest food producers in the world
Schindler Corporate Career Site including worldwide jobs. You have to go to "About Schindler" then to "Careers" Switzerland, English, manufacturing facilities in Clinton NC, Gettysburg PA and Sidney OH Engineering company for elevators, moving walkways etc. Incorporates former Westinghouse, Hobson and others. Jobs for engineers, sales, field engineers, marketing, customer service, quality control etc
375 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10152-0192
Phone: 212.572.7000
Corporate Career Site for worldwide job openings organized by countries, with resume submission France, English, French Spanish and other languages International conglomerate with interest in Media, TV Films, Music, Games, (Universal), publishing, beverages (ex Seagram's), and environmental companies
Group GdfSuez Corporate Career Site for worldwide jobs. Operates many utilities in the USA France, English, French Spanish Owns Lyonnais des Eaux, a major water distribution and environmental company. Main business areas are Cable TV, energy(gas, electricity), water and waste disposal
BMW Group Corporate Career site with access to worldwide jobs. Germany English, German The company operates a plant at Spartanburg (for the Z3 and X5), a design center in Newbury Park CA and an electronics center at Palo Alto CA
Daimler (Mercedes Benz) Corporate Career Site with links to all plants (including Mercedes USA Plants) Germany English, German other languages, Luxury car producer which also owns Plants in Vance (Tuscaloosa) Alabama
11100 North Congress Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64153-1296
Ph:816- 891-7700
Corporate Career Site for worldwide jobs. Operates many utilities in the USA Swedish English, other languages, Pumps (for milk and other food products) and Food Systems Manufacturer - Now part of Tetrapak the Swiss-Swedish food packaging giant

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Jobs in European Companies in the USA and Canada

International Companies, European, Japanese and Korean, are generally good and responsible employers. They invest more into training and education of their local employees, than American companies.

Restoro This is one reason why jobs in European companies in the USA are in high demand. High levels of education are a basic requirement. If you speak foreign languages it will be a definite advantage.

In the current economic downturn, European companies have consistently laid of fewer people than US companies. That had sometimes to do with the fact, that their machinery and facilities were newer, but sometimes also that these employers have different views about the value of their employees.

There are some exciting companies offering jobs. While the economic conditions might be difficult at the moment, any upturn will witness some major expansion in the production of these companies.

Biological, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical

Web Site Type of Site Country of Origin, Main Language Remark
(Career Site)
Corporate Career Site with information, job vacancies and lots more Switzerland, English, German, French, Spanish and lots of other languages - Large presence in the USA/Canada with plants around the country One of the leading international companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries
(Career Site)
Corporate Career Site with information on jobs and opportunities within the company worldwide Switzerland, English, German Spanish , and other languages - Strong Presence in the USA with research, sales and manufacturing facilities The second one of the Swiss pharmaceutical and healthcare giants. The career site shows jobs by countries and site within a country
Sanofi-Aventis SA
This company is the result of the merger between Sanofi, Hoechst and Rhône-

Career Site
Corporate Employment site of this large French-German Chemical and Pharma Manufacturer France, but made up of the French Sanofi, German Hoechst Group and the French Rhone-Poulenc, International chemical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, agro chemical, and healthcare conglomerate French, German, English, Large USA presence
Bayer AG Professional Staffing Programs
Bayer Corp.
100 Bayer Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205-9741
(412) 777-5754
Corporate Career Site for all Bayer companies organized according to country - For jobs in the USA click here Germany, English, German and other languages - Large presence in the USA with plants and research facilities all across the country Pharmaceutical company with need for life science researchers, marketing people, financial and admin jobs
BASF GROUP Corporate Career Site with information Germany English, German, other languages - Presence in the USA with research and production facilities Transnational chemical company making anything from nutritional products to plastics and fibers
(USA Site)

World HQ Site
15 Stanhope Gate
London W1K 1LN
Tel: 44 20 7304 5000
Fax:44 20 7304 5151
Corporate Career Site with lots of information. For USA residents and British- Swedish English, Many research and production facilities in the USA and Canada Wilmington Delaware based USA subsidiary of this company. The company was formed from the merger of the Swedish Astra with the pharmaceutical divisions of the British ICI - Employs 50,000 people
Ciba Specialty Chemicals
560 White Plains Road
Tarrytown, New York 10591
General Info
Ph:(914) 785-2000

Human Resources
Colleen Scully
Tel: (914) 785-2436
No specific Career Site, but has substantial USA presence Switzerland, English, German, French International Specialty Chemical company for Colors, additives - Used to be part of Novartis when it was called Ciba-Geigy
Extensive Career and Information site - British, English, with extensive research and production/ marketing presence in the USA and Canada GlaxoSmithKline was formed through the merger of Glaxo Welcome and SmithKline Beecham - one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world

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Web Site Type of Site Country of Origin, Main Language Remark

Clariant Corporation
4000 Monroe Rd
NC 28205
Ph:1 704 331 7084
Corporate Career site has some examples of jobs. Contact Human Resources (see left) Switzerland English German, and other languages; Operates worldwide in more than 100 countries This is a specialty chemical company created from the spin off or Sandoz Chemical division and Hoechst Specialty Chemicals. The company employs 32,000 people and has a substantial presence in the USA
Merck Serono
Human Resources Department
15 bis, Chemin des Mines
Case postale 54
CH-1211 GENEVA 20
Corporate Career Site with on-line resume submission and job search Switzerland/ Germany

English, French, German

A leading biotechnology companies now owned by the German Merck Group. Research in reproductive health, growth therapies and AIDS wasting. Jobs for marketing, sales, and life science
research jobs - Operates large USA research facility
Evonik Industries AG, (formerly Degussa Corporation)
US Headquarters
Chemical Group Pigment Group
379 Interpace Parkway, Building C
Parsippany, NJ 07054-0677, USA
Phone: +1-973-541-8000
Fax: +1-973-541-8072
Corporate Employment site especially for science and materials professionals - for some parts of the company go directly to the subsidiary Germany, English, Spanish, German - Operating units all over the USA and South America Large internationally active chemical group, Evonik Degussa GmbH, with many subsidiaries and activities in pigment technology, construction chemicals (USA) The company has a large product base

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Transport, Logistics, Freight Forwarders, Supply Chain Management

Web Site Type of Site Country of Origin, Main Language Remark
Schenker USA
150 Albany Avenue Freeport, NY 11520
For Jobs FAX: (516) 377-3005

Corporate Career Site of this worldwide logistics company Germany English, German, and other languages Leading international providers of integrated logistics services owned by the German Railway DB. We provide support to trade and industry in the global exchange of goods - in land transport, in worldwide air and sea freight
Panalpina Corporate Career Site of this worldwide logistics company - go to Careers and then select country - has extensive USA/Canadian operations Switzerland, English, German, French, other languages International freight forwarder and transport company: Sea, Air, Rail and Road freight - 40 offices in the USA - HQ in New York
OCS America, Inc.
21 Arlington Street, Chelsea, MA 02150
Phone: 617-884-7770, Fax: 617-884-0777
Corporate Site of this worldwide logistics company Japan, English, Japanese Worldwide speed delivery and customized distribution of packages or freight of all sizes and description
Kuehne & Nagel Corporate Site of this worldwide logistics company Switzerland, English, german, French, other languages The group is one of the leading logistics companies worldwide. Its strong market position lies in the ocean- and airfreight businesses, with a clear focus on contract logistics and providing IT-based Supply Chain Management services

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