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enummi.com is a site that looks at and points to "Make Money from Home Schemes". It provides some reasonable evaluation of what is feasible and what is more in the realms of "wishful thinking" so that you, the consumer, does not get too excited about some of the more lunatic claims that people, operating "quick money" sites, make.

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The main concentration is on sites that recommend surveys, home business', mystery shopping and similar activities that you can pursue with little or no investment, except for your hard work. There is also a page that provides tools and products for starting a business.

The Pages of the Site

Paid Surveys Completing surveys has become a popular way to supplement income for some people. You will find some links on this page and some explanations about how survey companies select their participants.
Mystery Shoppers Mystery shopping has also been popular for some time. Though, the current economic down turn has reduced the opportunities somewhat. But you will always find some places here, that offer opportunities.
Paid to Drive and Free Cars Getting a free car has become difficult. But having a vinyl advertisement on your car and getting paid for that, is still one way of supplementing your income or at least lower your car operating costs somewhat.
Internet and Government Auctions Auctions are a popular way to make money or to get something on the cheap. Whether it is the government selling off unwanted equipment or eBay and other Internet auctions offering goods and services, you will find instructions about how to find auctions here!
Government and Private Grants There is this famous man on late night TV showing you how you can get millions from the government free in return for absolutely nothing..........the free gift........But getting a grant is possible if you have a case and can make it properly. Some of the products suggested will lead you there!
Foreclosures Buying property from foreclosure sales is still taunted as the quick and easy way to get rich, especially by the late night TV programs, the famous "infomercials". While one can make money with other peoples misery, it requires discipline and good research, as well as some other skills. Here are some links to programs that can help you find your "rich man's dream"!
How to Start an Internet Business- Step by Step Instructions Starting a business is always difficult. But starting a business on the Internet is seen by many, and sold by even more, as an easy way to make money. Like all things that are hailed as the quick solution to a problem, setting up a moderately successful Internet business requires, hard word, discipline, tenacity and not some insignificant amount of luck. Besides that, some step by step instructions might also help!
Technical Tools and Knowledge to run a Business Starting a business requires some technical knowledge and tools that can help. Be it an accounting system, a methodical means to start your marketing or a method to make your internet site known to the world at large, you will find a few means for all of that here!
More about Making Money not so Quickly Making money quickly is nice. But most businesses are hard long "slogs" with some money in the end. Here you will find a few suggestions to set up unglamorous businesses with little or no investments, except for your own hard work! Try some of them, they actually work!
Making Money with Foreign Exchange and Stock Trading Investments Foreign Exchange and working the Stock Market has always implied a certain glamour and mystique. Although daytrading and speculating on the FOREX has lost a little of that in the current downturn, it is still thought to be a way to make quick money. We don't think, there is a golf course in the country, where people don't tell stories about the guy who has made it "in the market". Whatever market that is.............But, if you are really serious and have spare cash that you can afford to lose without subsequent pain (the key ingredient!).....then maybe this is the niche for you!

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