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You want to find a job in Germany?

Here are some Options!

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One easy but not terribly effective way to find a job in Germany is to take out an advertisement in a local Newspaper. This is rather expensive. Nationwide read daily newspapers with good job advertising pages for Germany are the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Hamburg based Die Welt, the Berlin based Berliner Zeitung or der Munich based Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Advertisements are not cheap. The advertisement appears once and cost between US$ 300 and 700 for a single issue.

Going threough internet job sites or approaching executive search consultants is another possibility. Though usually German search consultants will only want your CV for a specific job for which they already have an employer assignment. They also tend to avoid offering people who need a work permit to employers, except if you are highly qualified in some specialty. There are also job boards, but they are usually in German and are often for low to mid level jobs

You can take out an advertisement in these pages. The costs are a mere US$ 9.99 for 150 words and the advert will stay up for 60 days. Click here to see a sample and to order an advertisement. We have about 1,000 unique visitors a day on the German page, about one third of them commercial and employer visits.

Once you have placed an advert, you will need a good Curriculum Vitae. The German version of that, is a sort of all exclusive "exhibit of yourself". It is not an American personal sales document! To get help for that, you can start with the links below or go directly to our Resume Advice Page.

Don't you wish you were better prepared?  

Short Job Search Advertisements

The Short Job Search Resume Advertisement (SJA), will, unless renewed, generally be on site for 60 days. Potential employers can contact candidates by e-mail or phone (if provided). Any communication has to be directly with the candidate, unless otherwise indicated. JobLine only provides the advertising space and does not vet any candidates. For instructions on how to place a Short Job Search Advertisement click here.

Please only reply to these advertisements if you offer the candidates a job or are interested with regard to offering a job!

Hotel and Hospitality Industry

SR09-0115-01FR (Click to E-mail to ask for full CV from Candidates) 07-09-2015
Click to E-mail here

Charlotte Bajada
Raissa Deguara

(00356) 79060311
Looking for Position as:

Front Office, Housekeeping, Kitchen, Human Resources
Current Location:

Desired Location:
- experience in tourism industry in Malta and abroad
Education and Training:
In the process of completing a Diploma in Tourism Management in Malta

-available from Mid August 2011 to Mid August 2012
- dedicated , hardworking and committed students

* * * * * *

SR09-0115-03FR (Click to E-mail to ask for full CV from Candidates) 07-09-2015

Click to E-mail here

Looking for Position as:

Food and Beverage Manager
Current Location:
Hongkong (dual Canadian/Austrian Citizen)

Desired Location:
Switzerland or Germany
- extensive 15 year experience in Food and Beverage management in the Far East, Austria, France, UK
and Canada
Education and Training:
Bachelor in Hotel Management - Cornell University USA

- English, French, German, Cantonese, reasonably Russian
- dedicated, hardworking - experience in international chains and family owned hotels
- available end July 2009

Hardware and Software Design

SR09-0115-02FR (Click to E-mail to ask for full CV from Candidates) 07-09-2015
Click to E-mail here

Ivan Vasilyevich Romaniuk

810 38 0512 211984
Looking for Position as:

- contract or extended period of on site work or permanent employment
Current Location:
Nikolaev, Ukraine

Desired Location:
- Hardware: develop interfaces for microcomputers and programs of micro-controllers AVR, Knowledge of the bus, processor, memory, hardware processes of  the Numerical Control System (CNC), sensors . Knowledge of how to develop digital electronics with IR diodes, optoelectronics, lasers and many other

- Software: work with Assembler, Borland C++, Microsoft Visual C++, HTML, Jscript, Flash, Visual Java, PERL5, MSAccess, VBA, VB, OWL ActiveX , Win32, Win API.
Education and Training:

Degree (Masters) in Industrial Electronics from Odessa Polytechnic

- extensive experience in hardware and software design

- APACHE server experience

- Can develop hardware and software interacting together

- configure, compile, analyze programs and develop software in machine codes,

- fluent English, Ukrainian, Russian
- dedicated , hardworking and committed
- Development CNC  programs in G-codes ("Surfcam”,“Mastercam”forCNC machines)
- Development CNC ( robots),in a base of microcontrollers AVR (C, assembler)
- Analysis, developments of electronics devices and programs (lasers, IR ,PIR, optics,).
- Innovations , energy efficient technologies.
- Development projects for industry.

* * * * * *

* * * * * * * *
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