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Law Enforcement - Intelligence Operation - Personal Security - Law Enforcement Training


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Law Enforcement - Intelligence Operation - Personal and Private Security - Law Enforcement Training


Obtain Employment in Law Enforcement and/or Intelligence Operations

Summary of Qualifications

Over 20 years experience with the US Army and over 17 years with the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (USACIDC)
Expert level experience involving criminal (general type, fraud and drug) investigations, (criminal) intelligence gathering, investigating security measures, interviews, interrogations, evidence collection, documenting and reporting
Unparalleled working relationships with other government agencies (FBI, DEA, AFOSI, NCIS, US Department of State, etc) and local, state and county agencies
Granted and maintained a Top Secret/SBI clearance by the US Government, last renewed in February 2004
Abundant experience working with numerous cultural diversities in several overseas locations
Well trained in Personal Protection and Security
Member of security detail for high ranking Department of Defense Officials
Exceptional leadership and mentoring skills enhanced by supervising over 60 newly recruited and junior agents through investigations and other projects
Excellent abilities in communication skills displayed in over 10,000 reports, written correspondence and oral presentations
Traveled extensively to remote and unusual locations in support of the Department of Defense
Infinite familiarization with US and German Laws

Work Experience

Oct 2006 thru May 2009 Special Agent, USACIDC, Hanau & Wiesbaden, Germany
Oct 2005 thru Oct 2006 Assistant Special Agent in Charge, USACIDC, Camp Humphreys, Korea
Dec 2001 thru Oct 2005 Special Agent, USACIDC, Heidelberg & Mannheim, Germany
Dec 1998 thru Dec 2001 Special Agent, USACIDC, Hohenfels, Germany
Feb 1995 thru Dec 1998 Special Agent, USACIDC, Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield, GA
Feb 1991 thru Feb 1995 Investigator, USACIDC, Wuerzburg, Germany

Responsibilities and Achievements

Participated in over 100 protective service missions involving high ranking US and foreign defense officials
Directed and conducted several vulnerability assessments of high ranking defense officials to ensure the highest degree of personal and professional safety
Directed new security measures subsequent to 11/09/01 on several military installations enabling better protection of personnel and property
Initiated, planned, formulated and executed the Economic Crime Treat Assessment and EC program, which heavily involved intelligence gathering aspects, assisting the positive closure of several Germany based military communities with a well below expectation of possible monetary loss
Developed 75 junior agents in the areas of (criminal) intelligence gathering and operations involving analysis, training, compiling and procedures, increasing the effectiveness of both offices
Conducted and planned several complex death investigations
Conducted over 700 felony investigations, over 6,000 interviews and a combined 10,000 reports of investigation and intelligence matters, providing professional products to local commanders
Assisted the community force protection committee with (criminal) intelligence support, enabling the garrison commander with timely information during a matter of a highly probable terrorist threat
Supervised several medium size offices consisting of junior and senior agents, local national investigators, and intelligence coordinators always with superb results
Conducted numerous investigations jointly with local military intelligence personnel accomplishing a rewarding relationship

Education and Training

Current Enrolled at VHS (Volkshochschule), Aschaffenburg to perfect German language skills
2006 Special Agent Sexual Assault Training, Fort Leonard Wood, MO
2005 Special Agent Laboratory Training, Forest Park, GA,
2004 Advanced Crime Scene Training, Fort Leonard Wood, MO,
2002 Basic Computer Forensics, Mannheim, Germany,
Oct 2001 Child Abuse Response Team and Joint Interview Techniques, USACIDC, Heidelberg, Germany
2000 Hostage / Negotiation Training, Fort Leonard Wood, MO,
1999 Protective Service Training, Fort Leonard Wood, MO,
1999 Child Abuse Protection and Investigative Techniques, Fort McClellan, AL,
1999 AT/FP Level II Training, Bamberg, Germany,
1999 Death Investigation Course, Garmisch, Germany
1996 Advance Fraud Investigation, US Army, Fort McClellan, AL,
1995 Apprentice Special Agent Course, US Army, Fort McClellan, AL,
1994 Advanced Fraud Investigation, US Army, Heidelberg, Germany,
1994 Domestic Abuse Investigations, US Army, Heidelberg, Germany
1986 Texas State Police Academy, San Antonio College, San Antonio, TX,
  74 Semester Hours (3 years), Excelsior University, Emphasis on Business Management

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