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Project Management, Manager, Compound Site/Camp Manager
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ID Number Reply to Position Required Annual Salary
Requested (in $)
Age Sex
R10-UT-0630-04 e-mail or
Voice Mail
Project Management, Manager/Supervisor, Compound Site/Camp Manager Negotiable n/a M

Preferred Location, Languages

Preferred Location Worldwide, including Iraq and Afghanistan
Nationality U.S.A.
Date of Birth, Place of Birth U.S.A.
Language English and Spanish

Career Summary

Career Summary Extensive work experience managing Compound Site Facilities & Camp Services Management of Expatriate & Local Staff Members, to include Operations & Facilities Maintenance execution of work orders, etc; Housing Accommodations/Billeting/Housekeeping & Food Catering Services; Contract Administration/Procurement action;

Desired Position - Special Skills

Positions Desired I am looking for a position as Project Management, Manager/Supervisor, Compound Site/Camp Manager, Manager, Operations & Facilities Maintenance Manager, Supply & Logistics Support, Contract Administration & Procurement Officer
Special Skills - Hard working, organized, dedicated,
- Motivated
- Motivated Self-Starter,
- Able to take initiative
- Achieve established goals in timely manner and within budget

Computer Skills - MS Office, Facilities Management and Hospitality Accounting/ Management Programs

Objective, Work Experience, Education


To obtain a position as a Project Manager or Camp/Facilities Manager in a domestic or international environment


As Project, Camp and Facilities Manager I was involved in the supervision and management of

Supply & Logistics Support services, Office Space Renovation/Allocation & Furniture Placement,
Waste Collection & Disposal Services, Vehicle Motor Pool Services,
Pest Control Fumigation, Surface & Air Transportation Support, Airport Field Operations,
Land & Property Management, Warehousing, Office Janitorial/Custodial Cleaning Services, Environmental/Safety/Security & Fire Protection Services,
Laundry Services, Morale Welfare Recreation Activities etc.

Projects on which I worked have covered a wide range, from the private sector, such as construction activities on the 800 mile Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline multimillion dollar Camps, to Government and Military related work. I have experience serving in both International & Domestic Multinational & Multicultural civilian and military work environment.

Completed Assignments
  • Officer-in-Charge (Chief) of Camp Services; Site Manager of Multi-Compounds for the United Nations Peacekeeping Force Missions in East Timor and the former Yugoslavia (Croatia & Bosnia) -
  • Compound Site Support Services Camp Manager with Alyeska Oil Pipeline Service Company in Alaska -
  • Compound Site Camp Manager with Bechtel in Saudi Arabia
  • Contract Administration Officer for the Multinational Force & Observers (MFO) in Egypt (Camp David Peace Treaty between Israel & Egypt)

Education and Training

- Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University (BYU) Provo Utah

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