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Age Sex
R06-LI-0831-01 E-Mail to Advertiser here Support Engineer, IT, Electrical and Communications negotiable 24 M

Preferred Location, Languages

Preferred Location Iraq, Middle East, Worldwide
Nationality Lebanese
Date of Birth, Place of Birth Lebanon, Saida - 18th January 1982
Language (Fluent-Medium-basic) English (F) Arabic (F)

Career Summary

Career Summary
  • Newly Graduated Electrical, Mechanical and Communication Engineer.
  • Current Driving License
  • Results oriented, honest, hard working
  • Team Leader in final Year Project Team

Desired Position - Special Skills

Position Desired IT and Communications Maintenance, Support, PC Support, Oil and Gas Field IT Support
Special Knowledge and Skills
* PC control of electronic instruments using C.
- Basic GSM knowledge
- Microcontrollers ATMEL AVR and Microchip PIC.
- ATMEL AVR studio.
- Microchip MPLAB.
- Code Vision Prog. for ATMEL.
* - Application of microcontrollers in high speed, real time, low power applications
- Communications: RS232, Parallel port, IrD, I2C, SPI,(TX&RX) Modules
- FPGA(Field programmable gate arrays),CPLD (Complex programmable logic devices):
- MODELSIM simulator
* - PCB fabrication using UV box and etching tank; -SOLDERING Electronic equipments

- Operating systems: Windows 95/98/2000/XP, DOS.

* - Programming languages: Turbo Pascal, Matlab, Qbasic, Pspice simulator circuits, VHDL(Very high descriptive language), C language. - MSOffice, Assembly language for PIC microcontroller, Z80,8085 Processors, EAGLE program for schematic and routing for PCB.

Objective, Work Experience, Education


To obtain a contract position in the Middle East or internationally that will utilize my skills and
experience as well as open personal learning opportunities


2001 - Present Summer Positions and on the Job Training
  • Limited working experience in electronics design of transmitters and receivers
  • Building circuits from scratch
  • Implementing systems on chips using AMEL , PIC, FPGA & CPLD.
  • Courses applications an researching and learning engineering software

Other Relevant Experience

  • Knowledge and some working experience with all kinds of electronics equipment and basic knowledge in Telecom field and test analysis
Main Interests
  • Research and Development
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Technology, robotics, computers, communications
  • Building electronic circuits, manufacturing
  • Telecom

Education and Training

2001 - 2006

2000 - 2001

1996 - 2000

Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon
Faculty of Electrical Engineering Department of Communications and Electronics.

Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon
Faculty of Science

High School, Beirut, Lebanon

TOEFL scored 190 in computer based exam

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