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(in US $)
Age Sex
R06-GE-0510-12 E-Mail to Advertiser here Banking and Customer Service Consultant
negotiable 21 F

Preferred Location, Languages

Preferred Location U.S.A. San Francisco - willing to relocate to California
Nationality German
Date of Birth, Place of Birth 1984, Germany
Language (Fluent-Medium-basic) English (F) French (F), German (F)

Career Summary

Career Summary
  • Experienced Private Client Specialist in Banking
  • 2 years experience in private client consulting
  • Strong communication skills
  • Multilingual abilities for international clients
  • Achieve sales targets in timely manner
  • Excellent computer literacy (MS Office, Financial Programs)
  • Event Planer for Weddings, Receptions,
    National and International Corporate Events
  • 2 years event planning experience
  • 5 years experience as a waitress, in wedding and reception planning
  • Dedicated, Motivated
  • Able to take initiative
  • self-motivated, honest.

Desired Position - Special Skills

Position Desired Customer Service Consultant
Special Skills
* Private Client Banking Experience * Computer Literate
* Multi Lingual * Hospitality and Event Organizing Experience

Objective, Work Experience, Education


I would like to obtain a position in consulting or a customer service department with constant contact to clients where my 5 years of experience with different types of services requiring skills in handling clients as well as my proficiency in three languages would be fully utilized to achieve a potential employers goals of profit maximization.


January 2005 - Present Private Client Banking Consultant with Sparkasse (Savings and Loan) Forchheim, Germany
  • Sold all financial bank products, such as insurance's, annuities, securities and bonds, corporate debentures, savings and loans (private and real estate) to private clients.
  • Achieved sales targets
  • Temporary branch and section manager
  • Organized extracurricular sports and other events for bank subsidiary
Sept 2001 to Dec 2004 Trainee as Banker (Bankkaufrau) with Sparkasse Forchheim, Germany
All-round training as General Banker (apprenticeship with State Diploma)
May 2001 to Present Event Organizer, Waitress, Receptionist with Hotel Ehrenbuerg Forchheim, Germany (a four/five Star Hotel/Restaurant with extensive conference and event facilities, customer check-in and reception.)
Part Time and weekend Position assisting in all types of event organization
  • Customer service, customer check-in and reception.
  • Wine and food waiter
  • Involved in wedding and other event planning



2001 - 2004

Herder Gymnasium Forchheim (High School) - Abitur ( High School Diploma)

Apprenticeship as Banker (State Diploma)

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