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ID Number Reply to Position Required Annual Salary
Requested (in US $)
Age Sex
R04-CA-0829-02 E-Mail here Construction Manager/Supervisor negotiable n/a M

Preferred Location, Languages

Preferred Location Worldwide, preferably Iraq and Middle East
Nationality American
Date of Birth, Place of Birth n/a
Language (Fluent-Medium-basic) English (F)

Career Summary

Career Summary
  • wide range of construction, technical and computer skills
  • Management, trouble shooting and conflict resolution skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform effectively in a broad range of challenging working environments.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills and proven ability to work independently with minimum supervision and as a member of a team

Desired Position - Special Skills

Position Desired
 - Construction Manager/Supervisor
    in  a nationally or internationally active Company
    with extensive need for hands-on control and planning.
Special Skills
- Dedicated and loyal, 
- Highly Motivated
- Self-Starter, 
- Solid residential construction and infrastructure construction  experience 
- Achieve established goals in timely manner

Computer Skills
 - MS Office, Accounting, Drafting and Design Programs

Objective, Work Experience, Education


To obtain a Construction Manager's/Supervisor's position with management responsibility that uses my abilities to the fullest and allows me to contribute to a company's growth and stability.


Jan 1999 - Present
President & CEO with
New Millennium Construction Inc., Santa Clara, CA 

Company Profile: Residential and Commercial Contractor
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Formed corporation and set up all necessary administrative structures 
  and procedures within the corporation, including marketing, sales, 
  accounting, estimating, project management and safety
- Supervise 20 employees with 15 to 20 subcontractors per project 
  and 5 to 10 projects simultaneously.
- Currently control total operation of the corporation, ensuring profitability. 
Corporation does both commercial and residential construction 
projects between $1,000 and $2,000,000. 

Oct 1996 -
Jan 1999
President with  
C.I. Construction, Santa Clara, CA
Reporting to: the CEO and the Board of Directors of 
                         C.I. Enterprises

Company Profile: General Contractor encompassing commercial TI’s and 
                             pre-engineered building systems. 
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Establishing and setting of policies and evaluation, respectively, work
  procedures for project management 
- Estimating, project budget comparison, cost control; 
- accounting to ensure project and overall profitability of the construction division;
- direct project management
- Projects ranged from $1,000 to $2,000,000. 
- Supervise 20 employees, 15 to 20 subcontractors per project and 2 to 3 
  projects simultaneously


Dec 1995
- Sep 1996
Project Manager with 
Reporting to: Owner

Company Profile:  Residential Construction
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Estimating and scheduling of all sub-contractors to ensure projects are on 
  schedule and within budget. 
- Projects mainly in the tenant improvement area $1,000 to 
  $2,000,000 range


Oct 1989 -
Nov 1995
General Superintendent with 
Reporting to: the President and Owner

Company Profile:  Steel Fabricator
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Started as Shop Foreman with initial responsibilities in production then 
  taking on responsibilities for erection scheduling;
- finally taking on full responsibilities for all of purchasing, fabrication, 
  shipping, erection and contractual discrepancies resolution, dispute
  resolution between WESCO and general contractors
- controlled and supervised all scheduling of purchasing, production, 
  and erection with complete responsibility over purchasing, fabrication and 


Oct 1986
- Sep 1989

Aug 1984 - Oct 1986

Field Service Engineer (10/86 - 1/88) and later
Production and Materials Manager (1/88 - 9/89) with
Reporting to: CEO

Company Profile: Construction Machinery and Asphalt Production
Responsibilities and Achievements


- coordinated the installation of asphalt and concrete computer 
  control systems for production (Field Service Engineer). 
- supervision of Shipping, Receiving, Sheet Metal Shop, Production Floor, 
  Materials Cage, Purchasing, and Quality Assurance.
  (Production and Materials Manager)
- involved in NBS and Canadian Bureau of Weights Certification 
- supervised production floor from purchasing, receiving, materials 
  to production, and finally, shipment of final systems

Asphalt Plant Superintendent with
Reporting to: CEO

Company Profile: Asphalt Production
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Supervision of construction and coordination of all activities required 
  for the erection of a new plant, including surveying, foundation, 
  and final erection.
- Responsible for production and all administrative operations for the 
  production of 4,000 tons of asphalt per day (accounting, purchasing, 
  production, shipping, receiving, and scheduling of three paving crews).

Aug 1976 -
Aug 1984
Drafting Technician with 
Caterpillar Tractor Company Aurora IL, 
Reporting to: Supervisor Design

Company Profile:  Construction Machinery Producer
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Created detailed drawings from layouts and check fit up and 
   tolerances on a CAD system.
- Nine years experience in tolerancing and the creation of piece-part, as well 
  as large assembly drawings. 
- 8 1/2 years on CAD systems. 


Education and Training , Certifications and Honors

Education and Training
- Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois
- 3 years majoring in math, physics and mechanical engineering.
- Obtained California Contractor’s License in 1999 - #764697
Certifications Achievements and Honors
-  Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. Wrestling Scholarship in 
   college; lettered in wrestling 3 years in college; qualified for 
   the Nationals all 3 years. Climbed Popocatepetl, a volcano in Mexico, 
   summit 18,000 feet. Head wrestling coach at Washington High School 
   in Fremont, CA from 1996 to 1999. Board member of 
   Affirmative Properties from 1996-1999.

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