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ID Number Reply to Position Required Annual Salary
Requested (in US $)
Age Sex
R04-AE-05-819-08 E-Mail here Site/Help Desk Administrator negotiable 37 M

Preferred Location, Languages

Preferred Location Worldwide, preferably Middle East
Nationality American
Date of Birth, Place of Birth n/a
Language (Fluent-Medium-basic) English (F), Arabic (M)

Career Summary

Career Summary
  • wide range of foreign language, technical and computer skills
  • Proactive and effective problem research, trouble shooting and resolution skills.
  • Extensive Middle Eastern Experience
  • Demonstrated ability to perform effectively in a broad range of challenging work environment, foreign and domestic.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and proven ability to work independently with minimum supervision and as a member of a team

Desired Position - Special Skills

Position Desired
 - Site Administrators, Site Manager
    in  an nationally or internationally active Company
    with extensive need for control and planning.
Special Skills
- Dedicated, 
- Motivated
- Self-Starter, 
- Solid conflict resolution experience 
- Achieve established goals in timely manner

Computer Skills
 - MS Office, Army Administrative Programs

Objective, Work Experience, Education


To obtain a Site Administrators position with management responsibility that uses my abilities to the fullest and allows me to contribute to a company's growth and stability.


May 2004 - Present
Site Administrator with
ITT Industries, Systems Division,  KSA
Reporting to: Operations Manager, Systems Division Saudi Arabia

Company Profile: Major Defence Systems  Provider in Saudi Arabia. 
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Provided a wide range of direct administrative support to the 
  TAC-SWA, Saudi Arabia Project Manager in support of a US Army 
  Signal Brigade 
- Coordinated communication and contact between Project Management 
  and Saudi Arabian Government offices, local suppliers and customer 
  offices to facilitate day-to day business affairs.
- Implemented programs and standards for the effective administration 
  and management of project databases, payroll and time and attendance
  records of 45 US technicians, TDY and training documentation, 
  personnel security administration, and local US Army and DOD 
  reporting requirements
- Managed and improved a revolving project fund of $15,000, to 
  include the tracking and classification per contract standards 
  of both ITT and Army-chargeable items and expenses. This included 
  the routing, documentation and classification by CLIN of 
  Funding/Purchase Requests. 
- Communicated with Saudi Arabian Military representatives and local
  businessmen and suppliers as needed to resolve local paperwork and 
  procedural problems; Coordinated with the Sponsor to arrange 
  Saudi Arabian Employment Visa and Exit Visa documentation for 
  US Employees   

Aug 2003 -
May 2004
Help Desk Administrator with  
ITT Industries, Systems Division, Saudi Arabia
Reporting to: Systems Administrator

Company Profile:  Major Defence Systems  Provider in Saudi Arabia 
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Received, troubleshoot, and create work orders for appropriate shop,  
  shop tracking logs, and Local Service Request (LSR) for units assigned to 
  Eskan Army Post. 
- Created daily reports by accessing work order database and utilizing 
  the Information Assurance and Security Officer (IASO) folder as well as 
  the 550th Help Desk folder.
- Creates and deletes all NIPRNET user accounts/mailboxes in Exchange 
  Server and accesses network computers and printers to assist in 
  properly maintaining customer satisfaction 


Sep 1998
- May 2003
Principle Trainer Gunnery/Tactics  with 
VINELL Arabia  Riyadh, KSA 
Reporting to: Manager Training

Company Profile:  Military Assistance Program 
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Provided advice, assistance and evaluations to units in the utilization 
  of the Advanced Gunnery Training System (AGTS), Export Computer Generated
  Forces (CGF), and Armor Exercise Generator System (AEGS) databases. 
- Responsible for troubleshooting and repairing / replacing inoperable 
  components of gunnery and tactical simulator equipment
- Coached and assisted rifle platoon leaders in conducting critical 
  task training, collective training, and conducting after action reviews 
  after all training on exercises performed on desert database of 
  the Export Computer Generated Forces (CGF). 


May 1991 -
Sep 1998
Platoon Sergant/Master Gunner with  US Army, various Locations
Reporting to: Various
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Responsible for providing advice and recommendations on all matters 
  pertaining to personnel assignment, utilization, promotion, training, 
  operations, and logistics to Commander
- Ensured preparedness for worldwide deployment by meticulous review and 
  oversight of data and statistics.  


May 1992
- Sep 1993

Jan 1987 - Sep 1989
Housing Help Desk NCOIC with
US Army, Fort Riley, Kansas
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Received villa work order request, i.e. renovations, repairs, 
   moves, furniture replacement, phone troubles, computer and TV 
   cable installation for all personnel living in housing on 
   Ft. Riley military base
- Generated work orders from military database program on the 
   SARRS TAC computer, assigned all work orders to the appropriate 
   technical section on post to correct the problem, and contacts 
   the customer with their appropriate work order number.

Radio Telephone Operator with
US Army, Fort Ord, California
Responsibilities and Achievements


- Maintained FM Radios in an Infantry Battalion and ensured units
  utilized proper frequencies, proper usage, procedures and calls 
  signs on radios, 
- 100% accountable for assigned radios and accessories. Prepared 
  all work orders for repair services by maintaining DA Forms 
  2404, 2405, 2407.
- Removed and installed FM Radios in various military vehicles 
  ie. HUMMV, BFV (Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and M113 

Education and Training , Certifications and Honours

Education and Training
-  Currently enrolled in Kaplan College AA Information Technology 
-  1990 Quality Assurance Administration Course US.Army
-  1990 Non Commissioned Officer Course US Army   
-  1985 High School Diploma Eustis High School
Certifications and Honours
-  2003 August, Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO Certification Course, US Army
-  2003, August ISO 9001:2000 Internal Auditor Certification, ITT Industries 

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