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Jobs and Careers in Nationwide and International Consulting

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Many factors have contributed to the enormous growth in consulting jobs and activities. One reason is the realization by many companies that certain skills within a company are only used intermittently. Hence a temporarily engaged consultant is a better investment, than a permanent staff member. Additionally, reforms within an organization are often resisted by staff members, because it upsets the existing loyalties and structures its members have grown comfortable with. An outside consultant will usually be able to overlook such factors and optimize organizational structures.

Generally, a consultant is a person with sets of expertise demanded by businesses or individuals. The advantage of working as an independent consultant is that you are, within reason, free to select assignments and maybe get to a level, if you are successful, to generate multiple sources of income. However, this relative freedom comes at a price and requires multiple skills.

freedom comes at a price and requires multiple skills. Besides being top of the line in the skills you are attempting to sell, you have to be well organized, a superb salesman, comfortable with being around new unfamiliar situations and giving a guarded opinion about the status quo when asked, even though you might not have been able to see all facets of what you are trying to solve. You also have to have good writing and presentation skills. All in all, being a consultant, whether for business operations or for technical problems, requires a great deal of knowledge and a high degree of numerous skills.

If you want to join a large consulting firm, you better start early in your career. Most consulting firms recruit MBA's and other postgraduates (as well as Graduates with BA/BS degrees) straight out of school at entry level positions. Consulting companies like to take young graduates to form them and have them sell their own brand or system of consultancy and analysis. They start up as analysts, then progress to become junior problem solvers, working in a team together with more senior consultants., Post your Resume FREE!

Job Boards and Freelance Consulting Sites

Web Address Type Location Remark
Guru Worldwide, Inc.
615 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA
Ph: 415-693-9500
Freelance Consulting Job Site with Assignment Posting for Consultants USA, English, Nationwide Find Freelancers at the World's Largest Online Marketplace. All types of Consultants Jobs and assignments - contract, freelance
Projectspring Freelance Project Site for Programmers and other IT specialists USA, English, Nationwide ProjectSpring Freelance Computer Programmers is an online auction to find freelance programmers, web developers. FREE to look for a web developer, freelance programmer, web designer, freelancer, software developer, computer programmer, independent consultant and get Quotes. Freelance programming help in perl, cgi, asp, java, xml.. Job Board with Resume Posting and Career Search USA, English, Nationwide Large General Job Board with consulting jobs nationwide

Web Hosting

Web Address Type Location Remark
Drake Inglesi Milardo Inc.
Fifty Portland Pier - Portland, Maine 04101
Ph: (207) 772-2823
Fx: (207) 772-2071
Executive Recruiter for Consultants and other Professionals USA, English, Nationwide Since 1981, Drake Inglesi Milardo, Inc. has helped organizations achieve maximum productivity and performance by attracting, developing and transforming talented individuals into strong leaders. We recoginize that businesses are dynamic and in a state of constant transition. Our expertise involves career transition solutions, executive search, leadership development & coaching, professional assessment and proven tools to solve the human resources issues.
Mulvey Consulting Group Inc
250 Beacon Hill Road
Suite 1
Califon  New Jersey  07830-3519
Ph: (908) 832-9486
Fx: (908) 832-2795
Consulting Group USA, English Nationwide We’ve been serving clients for seven years. The vast majority of that time has involved repeat business with a broad spectrum of organizations that felt the imperative to achieve profitable growth and trusted us to help make them successful.
Princeton Consultants Inc.
2 Research Way
Princeton, NJ 08540
Ph:(609) 987-8787 x238
Fx : (609) 987-0033
Specialist Consulting Group with Job Page USA, English, Nationwide At Princeton Consultants we help business executives improve their organization's performance by combining Information Technology and Management Consulting in four key service areas: Business Strategy,  Process Engineering,  Software Development, Project Management - Princeton Consultants is all about our people. If you are interested in a career at Princeton Consultants, please visit our webpage
Ph: (615) 360-5160 -
Fx (615) 360-5161 -
Specialist Consulting Group for the Healthcare Industry USA, English, Nationwide Specializes in Healthcare Strategic Master Planning, Market Feasibility Studies, Facility Development, Lease Portfolio Management, and Medical Practice Sales. We regularly serve individual hospitals, hospital systems, outpatient surgery centers, diagnostic and laboratory facilities, medical practices, and health care development companies.

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Specialist International Consultants

Web Address Type Location Remark
FreeLance Engineers
16, Kingston Drive
Whitley Bay
Northumberland,    NE26 1JH
Ph/Fx:+44(0) 191-252-2207 
Job Board with Resume Posting and Assignment Search for freelance Consultants United Kingdom, English Worldwide, Nationwide

The aim of the TEAM at Freelance Engineers is to bring Our Engineering Clients in touch with Professional Freelance Consultants, while offering a Global Service to the Project Hunting Consultants. Registration is ''FREE'' at present, please include a concise brief Career Summary as your entry (ADVERT) in our  RESUME FORUM  with a Personal Photo. Freelance Engineers offer a unique service to the Marine & Offshore Engineering Industry by allowing access to our  Data-Base of Freelance Consultants by Enquiring Clients while On-Line. This enables Clients to review your capabilities  before making any contact.

Xodus Group
Xodus House
50 Huntly Street
Aberdeen AB10 1RS UK
Ph +44 (0)1224 628300
Fx: +44 (0)1224 628333
Energy, Oil and Gas Consultant United Kingdom, English, Nationwide and International An independent, international energy consultancy providing a uniquely integrated package of solutions for our clients as they seek to overcome the challenges they face throughout the life of their assets.From conceptual definition, through design and construction and into operation, Xodus provides the clever and innovative thinking needed to maximise the return on our customers' investment
Carabela La Niña, 12
3rd Floor
08017 Barcelona
Ph: (+34)
Fx: (+34)
International Management and Strategic Consultant with Career Site Spain,
and other languages, wide International activity in Europe and the Middle and Far East, South America
An Indra Company - Indra is the leading Spanish Information Technologies and Defence Systems company. It is organized around three business areas: Information Technologies, Simulation and Automatic Test Systems, and Defence Electronic Equipment. EuroPraxis is an international strategy and management consulting firm.  Our mission is to help leading international corporations to improve their value through innovative business approach, deep implementation involvement and commitment to achieving quantifiable results
Center Group
(USA Offices) 8405 NW 53rd Street
Suite A-100
Miami, FL 33166
Ph:+1 305-471-4870
International Management and Strategic Consultant with Offices in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, the USA USA and South America
Spanish, Portuguese, French
and other languages, wide International activity in Spain and South America
Provides services in the areas of Foreign Trade and Business Management with an experience of 18 years. At first, we began by providing consulting services, and then we specialized in providing outsourced management services to foreign companies. Specialists for NAFTA and MERCOSUR markets
Benchmark International Group ACN 006 982 403
161 Bank Street
South Melbourne
VIC 3205
Ph: (613) 9699 8366
International Management and Strategic Consultant Australia English, International If you are a financier and require assistance with your projects, we would be pleased to respond to your needs immediately. If you are a consultant or a firm seeking to be involved with projects or require assistance on your projects, we will provide you with prompt feedback on how this might be arranged.

Starting Your Own Consultant Venture

Because current economic conditions and finding a suitable job are difficult, many people toy with the idea to start on their own. We have some pages that might help you to start your own business. The first thing you have to do is "know yourself", a sort of self assessment that should, if you are honest with yourself, tell you what your capabilities are. From there you can go to some of the basic thought processes (The Guidelines) that will help you refine what you want.

Once you have done that the task of creating a business plan is the most important part. This part is an important and very involved process and completing it, thinking the ideas through and working with them, will tell you whether you are tought enough to start your own venture!

Once you have defined the extent of the venture, you might want an internet presence. You can find some ideas and tools about that here.

Joining a Consultancy Firm as a mature and seasoned Consultant

To get a consultancy job as a more mature consultant, you have to offer a high level of specialist skills to become a member of a large company's consultancy team. Your previous experience as a manager or technical specialist will naturally count. But consulting has also a lot to do with the selling of ideas. Except for the fact that in a consulting company, the consultant will be part of an existing support structure, the demand for the ability to sell will be rather similar to that required of the single free lance consultant. A large consultancy company usually offers a "product range", a way of solving problems that is unique to that group, and has a sales organization to sell that. That part of the business, the sales team, makes the first contacts with a client, sets the overall terms and signs the contracts.

Only afterwards do the consultants become active investigating the problems and "selling" their solution to the problem. That leaves consultants to think about solving the problem, rather than about getting their next contract.

Some of the "free lance consultancy organizations" such as e-lance and Guru do in fact the same for the "lone ranger" consultant. They get the contract, set the outlines and the budget, and then the consultant goes in. Obviously, they do that for a fee which usually ranges anywhere from 10-35% of the total contract value. The consultant then bids for that contract.

Specialist Type of Consulting Companies based in the USA

Web Address Type of Link Location Remarks
Dextra Group, Inc
4548 S. Suncoast Blvd., #143
Homosassa, FL 34446
Ph: (352) 628-4454

The Dextra Group, Inc.
1205 Johnson Ferry Rd, Suite #136
Marietta, GA 30068
Ph: (770) 578-9696
Small specialist environmental Consultant USA, English, Nationwide The Dextra Group, Inc. (Dextra) is a professional services company providing support to industry in identifying and implementing environmental, health and safety (EHS) business solutions.  The firm specializes in comprehensive EHS program improvement at the corporate, division and facility level.  Our primary clients are the business managers responsible for EHS program success and regulatory compliance within US-based manufacturing companies and their plants.
Fairbanks Consulting Group
PO Box 8772,
Rancho Santa Fe,
California 92067-8772
Specialist BPO and ITO Insurance Consultant USA, English, Nationwide - San Diego Area The Fairbanks Consulting Group is a San Diego based company that provides Consulting Services for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) for the Insurance industry. Over the past 30 years, our consultants have worked closely with many of the world’s largest and most innovative insurers. Our combined insurance industry domain expertise and technology expertise helps our clients to be successful with their outsourcing projects. Fairbanks Consulting Group’s insurance professionals have worked with all types of insurers including general, property and casualty, healthcare, life and pensions.
Pyramid Research
10 Canal Park
Cambridge, MA 02141
Tel: + 1 617 871-1900
Fax: + 1 617 871-1933

Economic and Marketing Consultant

USA, English, Nationwide and International Has been providing practical advice on emerging market and service opportunities to leaders in the converged communications, media and technology industries. Our market analysis, powered by our bottom-up methodology of our forecasts for more than 100 countries, is uniquely positioned across emerging markets, emerging technologies, and emerging business models.
Equinox Group
70 Westview Street
MA 02421
Ph: (781) 676 2050
Economic and Marketing Consultant for the pharmaceutical Industry USA, English, Nationwide and International Equinox Group delivers powerful forecasts, insightful analysis, and outstanding service to help pharmaceutical companies make better business decisions. A leader in the art of new drug forecasting, places special emphasis on product and total market forecasting. Our patient-based forecast models offer unique features.
Technology Solutions Group, Inc.
11585 Jones Bridge Road
Suite 420-220
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022
Ph: (770) 418-1005
Fx: (770) 442-8216
Technical and Management Consultant for the telecom/ software Industry USA, English, Nationwide and International We provide innovative technical and management solutions to the wireless industry. With years of experience in high Technology management and engineering, we offer businesses of different sizes, Solutions to their most difficult problems. Our Group of experts are here to assist by providing technical and management consulting, and customized software development. We work closely with both manufacturers and service providers in such areas as wireless internet sevices, mobile computing, and third generation networks
InnoVal Consulting Group
11601 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 500
Los Angeles,
California 90025
Ph:+1 310 575 4840
Fx:+1 310 575 1890
Strategic and Management Consultant with a Career Page USA, English, Nationwide and International Corporate leadership always has been a quest reserved for the few with exceptional energy, vision and talent. Today, it is a Herculean task that requires those few to navigate and sail ever faster through increasingly treacherous and uncharted waters.
NUS Consulting Group
Global HQ
One Maynard Drive
Park Ridge,
New Jersey
Ph: +1 201 391 4300
Fx: +1 201 391 8158
Energy Cost Consultant with 13 Offices worldwide - Career Page USA, English, Nationwide and International NUS Consulting Group (National Utility Service) is a global energy cost management consulting company. Clients rely upon our audit, tariff optimization, procurement, conservation, web-based data management and market research services to improve management control, implement sustainability programs and reduce their overall cost of energy (and energy related) expenditures.
HACCP Consulting Group (HCG), LLC
4022 Nicholas Court
Virginia 22033
Ph: (703)385-1989
Management Consultant for the Food Safety and the Food Production Industry with a Career Page USA, English, Nationwide and International Founded in 1994 to provide professional, food safety consulting services to the food industry to further ensure the safety of our food supply and reduce foodborne illnesses. Since that time, food safety has, and continues to be, the major focus of the regulatory agencies, consumer groups, suppliers and customers alike. Since its conception, HACCP has become the cornerstone of all food safety systems, both domestically and internationally
Physics Consultants, Inc.
158 Woodford Street
P.O. Box 6749
Maine 04103
Ph: 207-773-1313
Fx: 207-772-9050
Physics consulting services for the Medical Industry USA, English, Nationwide Has been providing a variety of radiation physics consulting services to facilities throughout the country for more than 30 years. Our client list includes hospitals, dentist’s offices, chiropractors, veterinarian’s offices, universities, and industrial worksites. PCi’s board certified physicists are experts in the fields of radiation therapy, diagnostic imaging, radiation safety, shielding design, and all levels of regulatory compliance




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Specialist Consulting Firms

Web Address Type of Link Location Remarks
The Lauridsen Group
455 Los Gatos Boulevard
Los Gatos,
CA 95032
Ph: 408-356-2141
Fx: 408-356-2143
Strategic and Management Consultant USA, English, Nationwide A well-honed strategy is more crucial than ever to an organization's success. Equally important is the ability for the entire organization to effectively execute against the strategy, adjusting course in light of changing market conditions and lessons learned on the frontlines.
Ella's Image Group Atlanta ,
GA 30135
Ph: 404. 317. 2217
Fashion and Image Consultant USA, English, Nationwide Ella's Image Group is fashion consulting company that offers individual consultations, corporate and group seminars in the area of visual appearance. We are comprised of three divisions; a personal services division, a corporate development division and a production division.
Trakon Overseas
57 Bath Street
St. Helier,
Jersey, JE2 4SU

Trakon North America
5671 Long Boat Avenue
Mississauga, ?Ontario, Canada L517E
Energy, Oil and Gas Engineering and Consultant  Canada, English, Nationwide and International The Trakon Group is a specialist energy engineering company, it supplies technology training, project management and consultancy to companies in the oil and gas sectors.Trakon Group, which includes Trakon Overseas and Trakon Middle East, was created because of a recognized need for an engineering company of multi disciplinary energy engineering excellence that is a supplier of long term permanent support to the oil and gas sectors.
Reason Management Group
127 Cherry Hills Road Unit #2
Ontario L4K 1M3
Ph: (905) 760-7625
Fx: (905) 760-7627
Energy, Oil and Gas Engineering and Consultant  with Career Page Canada, English, Nationwide and International The Reason Management Group (RMG) will be a leading energy services management organization, specializing in the provision of objective guidance and solutions for Canadian companies in the area of commodity supply procurement and utility tariff application. RMG’s goal is to increase our clients’ profitability through the reduction, control and management of their utility expenditures.
The Analysis Group
111 Huntington Avenue
Tenth Floor
Boston, MA  02199
Tel: 617-425-8000
Fax: 617-425-8001
Strategic and Management Consultant with 10 Locations in the USA and Canada - Career Page USA, Canada English, Nationwide Provides economic, financial, and business strategy consulting to law firms, corporations, and government agencies. Through our work in thousands of cases across multiple industries, we have built a reputation for excellence by providing fact-based, thoughtful interpretation of complex legal and business issues
Cap Gemini
Home Office
623 Fifth Avenue
33rd Floor
New York, NY 10022
New York (Fifth Ave)
Ph: +1 (212) 314-8000
Strategic and Management Consultant with worldwide Locations - Career Page France, English and many other languages, Worldwide Supports the transformation of its clients in some 30 countries. Our objective is to improve the performance and competitiveness of these clients through perfect mastery of our four disciplines, integrated in a service offering that covers all client needs.

Job Seekers and Job Vacancies

Management and Consulting - Résumés - Situations Wanted
ID Number Required Position Date Posted
R06-ONT-0810-10 Senior Telecom Manager - Vice President, Director Level 06-10-2017
00-1003 Political Adviser/Economic & Financial Consultant, Manufacturing, Operations Open
00-1001A International Economic/Political Consultant Open
R17-FL-0618-06 Airline and Transport Logistics Specialist, Civil Engineer, Analyst, Spanish and English speaking 06-18-17

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Specialist Consulting - Vacancies - Positions Offered
ID Number Position Vacant Date Posted
VA06-FL-1107-05 OnLine Representative 05-31-2017
VA-US-021403-02 Economist, Consultant, Expert in Trade and Customs Regulations 05-31-2017
VA04-AU-0518-06 Mystery Shopper/Shopping experience Evaluator Open

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