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Introduction to the British and Irish Job Markets

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Jobs and the Job Market in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

GreatBritain was the dominant industrial, economic and maritime power during the 19th Century and at its height, ruled one quarter of the world. But wars and economic changes in other countries depleted its abilities and its resources. The empire was dismantled and the country is still struggling with the changes brought about in the post WW2 period, and the reemergence of Continental Europe. But Britain, and especially London, maintained its status as a major world financial center and its trading influences are still felt on a world scale. While much of traditional industry declined, banking insurance, commodity trading and other business services make up an ever large proportion of Britain's GDP.

One has to realize that with an area of 93.2 thousand square miles and a population of just over 63 million, Britain is only in the "middle league" of countries worldwide. It largest city, London with a population in the metro area of 13.7 million far outflanks cities like Glasgow, with 1.2 million or Birmingham with just under one million people. Hence, much of the inspiration and dynamism of the country is centered around that metropolis. Yet, London's attraction as a city to live and work in, with its museums and cultural life is counter balanced with is high costs of living and in most cases the daily stress of having to commute considerable distances between living quarters and the work place.

Despite the, relatively speaking, low wages and, especially in the South East and around London, very high costs of living, the United Kingdom remains a magnet for English speaking employees. Banking jobs are highly paid, but the financial center, known as the "City" has gone through significant restructuring and lost many thousands of jobs to other financial centers in the world. Getting a job and getting a work permit is not easy, if you are not an EU or EFTA citizen. American and Canadian employees looking for jobs within the UK often get "executive transfers" from their home country, where the employment contracts usually compensate for the high costs of living (especially housing) and for sending children to school in the UK (there are numerous American schools in and around London)which are generally very expensive. But these "executive transfer contracts" are made under US or Canadian law and the place of employment is in the USA or Canada. This means that other, non EU nationalities, are not so lucky.

Citizens of member state of the EU and EFTA can work freely with the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom operates a points system to evaluate immigrants or other candidates who want to be given a visa to enter the country.

Tier 1 Visa Highly skilled individuals with post graduate degrees, entrepreneurs and other innovative people.
Tier 2 Visa Skilled worker such as nurses, engineers, teachers, accountants
Tier 3 Visa Low skilled workers for specific temporary jobs (e.g. construction, tourism)
Tier 4 Visa Student Visa for students in a recognized educational establishment
Tier 5 Visa Youth Mobility - for young short term temporary workers

There are shortages for highly qualified personnel in the software and computer design area and in science jobs (preferably with Ph.D's). There are also many positions in nursing and healthcare. At the low end of the pay scale, there are positions for Carers for retired people and long term care recipients.

There is also a shortage of skilled tradesmen, though this has been somewhat alleviated by immigrants from Eastern Europe, especially Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. There have been moves by right wing politicians to restrict such legal immigration from another EU community to Britain. But to date, they have not been successful.

Websites with Information on Life and Employment in the United Kingdom
Directgov Government Site Lots of information on pay scales, vacation entitlement, national insurance, costs of living and many other topics.
Workgateways Private Jobsite This site is not necessarily for high powered executives and their life styles. But it gives useful information on the general costs of living and on working conditions.
Evening Standard London Afternoon and Evening Newspaper Has information on housing (rental and purchase), entertainment, travel, and everything else you need to know when you live in London and the South East

Jobs and the Job Market in Ireland

Ireland has, after years of emigration seen a tremendous inflow of highly qualified labor. Especially in computer manufacturing and software design. Within a few decades, it has advanced from the "poor house of Northern Europe" to one of the highest paying job markets in Europe. But costs of living are extremely high and, good accommodation and housing is difficult to come by. During the recent downturn, Ireland has also been hit hard and will take some time to recover. Because Ireland is part of the Euro currency zone, it might see an earlier recovery than the UK.

The easiest way to obtain permission to work in Ireland for a non EU or EFTA citizen, is, when one creates a company there. For that you will need a Business Permission. It is a written permission with a specified time limit, from the Minister of Justice, Equality and Law Reform for a person to engage in a business. The requirements for a Business Permission are

An investment of at least Euro 300,000. This has to be in cash or verifiable assets.
The investor will also have to create a minimum of two jobs for EU citizens, other than himself; and
The investor has to show that his business will add to the competitiveness of the Nation and that his business is a viable trading opportunity, that will not result in the applicant or any of his dependants having to resort to social welfare or an activity which would require a work permit.
The applicant has to be of good character and must be in possession of a valid travel document, such as a passport.

If you want to work in Ireland and are not a citizen of any of the EU or EFTA countries you will need a work permit. This has to be applied for at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment by your prospective Irish based employer.

Work permits will generally be refused, if the person and prospective employee has entered the country as a visitor or as a tourist. Therefore, do not travel to Ireland in the hope of getting a work permit.

Your Résumé or Curriculum Vitae

The British prefer a European style CV to the American style résumé. Though, during the most recent period, some of the American style "sales letter elements" have crept into the British CV as well. American companies working in Britain and Ireland are obviously comfortable with the résumé style. Having a top professionally written Curriculum Vitae, is an important investment!

There are numerous good résumé/CV writing services available to help you create the right format. You can find some of the ones we have tested at on our resume page. They vary in price and you get what you pay for!

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