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Recruiters, Headhunters, Staffing Agencies and Internet Job Boards in Brazil

Even though, the Brazilian economy has slowed down slightly, the need for qualified Portuguese speaking people ist still great. Salary levels habe improved during the last few years, though they are still not at the level of European industrialized countries or those existing in the USA and Canada. The major factor which hinders some areas of the Brazilian economy to grow faster is the shortage of available labor. This is especially true in IT, aerospace and aircraft manufacturing and in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

It is extremely difficult for foreigners to get a job in Brazil. Your best chance is to look for an employer from your own country and see, whether they have an opening in Brazil. The difficulty is getting a work permit. This applies to all foreigners. Even if the company from your home country offers you a job, the time of your work permit will

be limited. Your company is obliged to train, side by side with you, a Brazilian applicant for your job. Once this applicant is trained, your work permit will no longer be renewed. As a consequence, there are only two ways for being able to permanently live and work in Brazil:(1) You can either deposit the equivalence of $200,000 in an account of the National Bank of Brazil, to show that you have sufficient funding to start your own company, or, (2) you can have a child with a Brazilian girl, marry her and then get a residence permit.

The general problem is quite simple: There are many well educated and well trained Brazilians who cannot find a job and Brazilian Universities turn out ever more educated people looking for jobs. They have the advantage to speak fluently Portuguese and they know how the country runs administratively. An ability that should never be underestimated in a country where bureaucracy is an art! In addition, they do the job at less than one quarter of the costs of an expatriate.

The key to being successful in Brazil, besides a candidates obvious professional capabilities, is to speak fluently Portuguese. It is a difficult language to learn, both from the point of view of pronunciation and also because of the grammar, especially for Anglo Saxons! And then there is the speed at which Brazilians talk........they drive almost the same way! So it is certainly something to get used to!

But Brazil is a fabulous country and has much to offer, so if you find a way to live and work there, go ahead!

Below are two major headhunters with extensive international and Brazilian experience. They are both reliable and have years of Brazilian experience. They also understand foreigners concerns and that is an important aspect, when you start to search for a job there. Both executive search agencies deal, primarily, with higher middle and upper level jobs that, within the context of the USA would start in the $125,000 to $150,000 a year salary range. They both deal mainly with foreign owned companies in Brazil or with companies that have large export accounts and international involvement, such as VW do Brasil. Aaptive workouts

Some people in some of the blogs say that their experience with Brazilian Executive Search and Headhunters has been one of utter frustration. They maintain ,that executive recruiters in Brazil will only deal with you, if they have exactly the job that would reflect your experiences and that the best way will be to approach companies directly. This is, obviously, the same way executive recruiters work in Europe.

Therefore do not expect that an executive recruiter will immediately get to the job and find you a position. He may, or may not be interested in you, depending on what kind of client assignments he has.

International Headhunters working in the Brazilian Market

Web Address Type of Link Main Languages Remarks
Mercuri Urval
Avenida Alfredo Egidio de Souza Aranha 75, cj  61 
04726-170 Sao Paulo SP BRASIL

Ph: +55-11 564 175 06
Fx: +55-11 564 147 08

Executive Recruiter Resume Posting, Vacancy Posting Brazil,
English, Portuguese
Mercuri Urval is an international consultancy focusing on executive director selection and other recruitment areas. 80 offices in 22 countries

Currículos e vagas de todo o Brasil
Michael Page International
São Paulo Trade Building
Rua Funchal, 375-7 andar
Vila Olímpia - 04551-060
Sao Paulo SP
with an office in Rio
Technical Financial Banking IT Executive Consultant and Executive Recruiter Brazil/British Portuguese English, Worldwide Michael Page International is one of the world's leading executive recruitment consultancies. 50 offices in 13 countries

We are looking for


Portuguese Speaking - Based Anywhere in Brazil

Be part of a global team to evaluate and improve search engine results for some of the world's top internet search engine companies! We offer a competitive pay rate and flexible work schedule while working online remotely.

We are Appen Butler Hill a language technology solutions and consulting firm, recognized as a global leader in the quality, range and caliber of its expertise.


Web Address Type of Link Main Languages Remarks
Hewitt Associates
Rua James Joule, 65 - cj. 22
São Paulo - SP
Ph:(55 11) 2107.6400
Executive Recruiter Resume Posting, Vacancy Posting Brazil (USA based), Portuguese, English Nationwide Executive recruiter for managerial and technical jobs middle to higher level - Has been in Brazil for 60 years

Há mais de 60 anos, focamos nosso trabalho exclusivamente em recursos humanos

Heidrick and Struggles
Av. Nacoes Unidas
11541 - 9 Andar
CEP 04578-000
Sao Paulo, SP
Phone:+55 11 55044000 
Fax: +55 11 55044001 
Executive Recruiter Brazil, (USA based - Chicago) Portuguese, English, Nationwide Large International Executive Recruiter for Higher and Middle Management. Since 1997, Heidrick & Struggles’ São Paulo office has embodied excellence in the marketplace. Through our diverse suite of leadership advisory solutions, we serve and support our clients who face talent management challenges, offering consulting services with a powerful blend of specific regional knowledge and a global insight.

Currículos e vagas de todo o Brasil
Av: Brigadeiro Faria Lima
1912 – 10° Andar – Conj. A

Sao Paulo, SP

Executive Recruiter with offices in Campinas and Sao Paulo Brazil Portuguese, English, Nationwide International Executive Recruiter with worldwide Offices. Learn about our methodology to seek and attract leaders and identify young talents, Management Assessment and Coaching & Counseling.

Brazilian Executive Recruiters and Placement Firms

Web Address Type of Link Main Languages Remarks
Abrahams Executive Search
Rua Alexandre Dumas 1601/2º andar - 04717-004
São Paulo, SP
Tel: (55 11) 2507-2045
Executive Recruiter Resume Posting, Vacancy Posting Brazil, Portuguese, English Nationwide A Brazilian executive talent and search firm specializing in the Agribusiness, Financial Services and Media and Entertainment sectors. Our clients include multinationals, major Brazilian companies, and emerging family-held businesses that are in the process of expansion
Abrahams Executive Search recruta e avalia de forma consultiva líderes para empresas nos setores de Agribusiness, Serviços Financeiros, e Mídia & Entretenimento, ajudando a transformar suas organizações, aumentando a performance e valorizando a empresa para os acionistas ao longo do tempo
Fit HR Consulting
Al. Min. Rocha Azevedo, 38
São Paulo
Ph: +55 11 3149 9100
Executive Recruiter Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide Executive Recruiter for Middle Management with several Brazilian offices

Currículos e vagas de todo o Brasil
Fesa Executive Search
São Paulo
Al. Santos, 1.800 - 6° andar
CEP 01418-200
Tel/Fax: +55 (11) 3365-3800
Executive Recruiter with offices in Rio and Curitiba Brazil Portuguese, English, Nationwide In June we completed 15 years of operation. And we have a lot to celebrate! Since 2007, we are the largest Retained executive search firm in Brazil, following the standards and ethics established by the AESC and without lost our commitment: helping find conscious leaders who can change companies
Grupo Foco
São Paulo (Faria Lima)
(11) 3039-8500
Av. Brig. Faria Lima,
1912 - 12º e 15º andar
Jd. Paulistano - 01451-907
Executive Recruiter and Job Board with CV posting and vacancy searches Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide Free Resume and Vacancy Posting for Brazil. Management and Technical Jobs. Exists since 1997

Inaugurado em outubro de 1997, o escritório da Faria Lima compreende os departamentos Comercial, Seleção Foco RH, Foco Talentos, Qualidade, Pesquisa, Comunicação e Presidência.
São Paulo -
Rua Pequetita, 145 - 7º andar -
04552-907 -
Vila Olímpia -
Tel.: 55 (11) 3844-6060
Executive Recruiter with Offices in Rio and Sao Paulo Brazil, Portuguese, English, Nationwide Mariaca is a Brazilian firm that offers high value added solutions for the management of human capital, both in Brazil and Internationally. It is the global.
Reúne cadastro de ofertas de vagas e currículos
MSXI International do Brasil
Centro Empresarial do Aco - Torre B - 1a Andar -
Conj. 102
Av. do Cafe, 277
CEP 0431...

Jabaquara -
Sao Paulo - SP | BRAZIL
Ph: +55 11 3172 7100
Fax:+55 11 3172 7111
Executive Recruiter Brazil (USA based Company) Portuguese, English and other languages This is the leading international provider for outsourced services and products for the automotive industry Ph/Fx /Voice mail: (55-11) 3862 2503
São Paulo
Executive Recruiter Brazil Portuguese, English Nationwide Works on assignments for management executives and middle to higher technical specialists

Life Screening - Cardiovascular

Below is another group of Internet search agencies and Internet Job Boards that we have tested. has an English version that might be helpful. This site is not only for jobs in Brazil, but for South America as a whole. is a US based Spanish/Portuguese/English site with some good tips. Banco Naticional de Empregos often shows monthly salaries for local employees. This gives you a good indication to the position of local Brazilian employees versus what you as an expatriate expect.

Brazilian Job Boards and Internet Recruiters

Web Address Type of Link Main Languages Remarks Job Board and Internet based Recruiter Resume Posting, Vacancy Posting Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide Brazilian Internet Job Portal with free CV Posting and Vacancy Searches

Currículos e vagas de todo o Brasil Job Board and Internet Portal with Large Job Site, Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide Free Resume and Vacancy Posting for Brazil. All levels of jobs

Currículos e vagas de todo o Brasil Jobs Board Resume Posting (CV) Vacancy Posting, Job Searches Brazil Portuguese, Nationwide Free Resume and Vacancy Posting for Brazil. Management and Technical Jobs.

Divulga ofertas de empregos, dicas e notícias sobre a área. Faz registro pago de currículos, para consulta gratuita pelas empresas Job Board and Internet Recruiter with CV posting and vacancy searches Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide Free Resume and Vacancy Posting for Brazil. Management and Technical Jobs.

Cadastro de profissionais e empregadores, classificados, entrevista virtual e matérias Large Internet Job Board and Portal Recruiter, Brazil, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Nationwide and South America Free Resume and Vacancy Posting for Brazil and the whole of South America. Management and Technical Jobs.

Reúne cadastro de ofertas de vagas e currículos Job Board and Internet Recruiter USA based Portuguese, Spanish, English Offers some Jobs in Brazil - Pay Resume and Vacancy Posting for Brazil and the whole of South America. Management and Technical Jobs.

Banco Naticional de Empregos (National Job Site for Brazil) Job Board, Nationwide Internet Job Site, Recruiter, Brazil Portuguese, Nationwide On-Line CV's and Vacancies. Can be called on with Cellural Phones (WAP). Free Posting, but Portuguese only!

Currículos e vagas de todo o Brasil
Brazil has hundreds of job and resume sites on the Internet. Some of them are of low quality. Often they have impressive and well designed web sites but poor job search options. Though there has been a general improvement over the last three years. We are trying to show only those that appear to be serious and that exist for more than a year (they literally come and go by the week).

Our advise is, be careful when you select a human resources company, a headhunter or executive search agency, especially if you do not have any local knowledge.

comfortable protective face masks

But, like everything in Brazil, there are also people and companies, not always the largest ones, who offer outstanding dedication and quality! So, if you know of any local human resources company that you think should be included on our Brazilian page, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail and tell us the name, the web site and your experience with them!

Interserver and Webhosting

Web Address Type of Link Main Languages Remarks Job Board with Resume Posting, Vacancy Posting and Job Searches Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide Large Brazilian Internet Job Site with free CV Posting and Vacancy (40,000) Searches.

O cadastramento ou a consulta às vagas também pode ser feito nos postos de atendimento. Dicas para entrevista e notícias. Job Board Resume (CV) and Assignment (Job) Posting, Searches for Assignments Brazil, Portuguese English, Spanish, Nationwide and the whole of South America Free Resume and Vacancy Posting for the whole of South America, Executives Liberal Professions

Divulga oferta de vagas de emprego e currículos, orientação profissional e de carreiras para executivos, secretárias e estudantes
FastJob Jobs Board Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide Free Resume and Vacancy Posting for Brazil. Management and Technical Jobs. Offers some Pay Services like CV Criticism

Cadastro de currículos de profissionais e estagiários e de vagas em diversas áreas. Acesso aos dados das empresas que oferecem oportunidades, restrito a associados. Job Board , Resume Posting Vacancy Posting, Job Searches Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide Free Resume and Vacancy Posting for Brazil. Management and Technical Jobs.

Agência de empregos divulga suas atividades e disponibiliza cadastro de vagas e hospedagem de currículos. Recruiter and Job Board , Resume Posting Vacancy Posting, Job Searches Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide is one of the largest and most highly regarded career sites in Brazil, where professionals from all areas and levels have access to job and internship opportunities posted by the country's best companies. And even better: all of the services are 100% free-of-charge to applicants. Large Internet Job Board and Job Portal Resume and Vacancy Posting - Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide Free Resume and Vacancy Posting for Brazil. Management and Technical Jobs.

Banco de vagas oferecidas e currículos. Oferece também dicas para entrevistas

The above sites are a mix of Brazilian internet job boards. They are not headhunters or executive search agencies. Some offer advise on how to apply. They give you a feel for the areas of industry and commerce that are looking for employees. They are useful for finding out what employers look for, even if you think that the jobs are below your ability and general job level. In other words, the employment sites show you the growth areas of the Brazilian economy.

Don't think that Brazil is some underdeveloped country. It might have vast areas of underdevelopment, be that geographically or in specific industries. But, it also has very advanced sectors of industry. The Ethanol refining industry is the world leader in both technology and quantity of output! And remember, one of the largest producers of commuter aircraft in the world, Embraer is Brazilian. And there are many other companies like that in the country.

KicksCrew sneakers

Getting your Curriculum Vitae together for a Brazilian Job Application

When you start looking for a job in Brazil, it is essential to have a top professionally written Curriculum Vitae, the European type of résumé, which is the more accepted form in Brazil. Hence, creating your CV is an important investment!

There are numerous good résumé writing services available to help you create the right format. Specify that you need a Curriculum Vitae, not a résumé. We have our own extensive resume and Curriculum Vitae advice page. In addition, you can also find some of the other sites we have tested at our resume page. They suppliers all provide good quality work, but vary in price and remember, you get what you pay for!

Promote & earn money

Some useful Books on Brazil from

There is a vast literature about Brazil and the above are just a small selection that might help a job seeker to obtain the flavor of the country. The Brazilian Embassies are a good source of information. Though, not so much about employment, then about tourism.

Web Address Type of Link Main Languages Remarks
Odgers Berntdson
Rua Geraldo Flausina Gomes 78
Bloco B
7 Andar
Sao Paulo SP
CEP 04575-060
Executive Recruiter Brazil, Portuguese, English, Spanish Nationwide International Executive Recruiter for Management, Science and technical jobs
P.O.Box 11.860-5 -
CEP: 05090-970
São Paulo - SP
Employment Agency and Job Board with Resume Posting, Vacancy Posting and Job Searches Brazil,
Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Portuguese Nationwide
Brazilian Agency and Internet Job Site with free CV and Vacancy Posting (paid) and Job Searches. Has lots of blue chip clients. Management and Technical Jobs

Agência de empregos. Empresa de origem nacional com certificação de qualidade pela NBR ISO 9002. Possui filiais em São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro atuando na seleção de efetivos, executivos e administração de mão de obra temporária e terceirizada Job Board Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches. Specialist in Ship Crew, Hotel and Restaurant Jobs. Large recruiter for Hotel jobs in Dubai and the Gulf Brazil, English, Portuguese, Nationwide and on Cruise The leading Hospitality Staff Recruiting Agency & School in Brazil with over 2.000 professionals available to work on Cruises & Hotels immediately
For some jobs they are only interested in South American nationals who are totally fluent in English with not too much of an accent.  The desired experience would be a minimum of two years in a luxury 5* hotel -

Este site tem como objectivo assessorar Brasileiros e Portugueses que buscam um Intercambio professional no Exterior na Indústria do Tourismo International

A good Introduction to Brazil
Volker Poelzl, the author, has travelled far and wide across Brazil and there is, currently, no better guide about Brazilian culture and life, available. Everything you wanted to know about Brazil, from social customs and the Melting Pot of Races to Business Attitudes, is in this book!

The language book is an affordable and effective book for a beginner to learn quite a bit of Brazilian Portuguese. It is well organized and gives a solid introduction to the language. There are exercises throughout the book, to practice what you learned. There is also an audio CD which is helpful.


Web Address Type of Link Main Languages Remarks
Jobshopping Job Board with Resume Posting, Vacancy Posting and Job Searches Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide Large Brazilian Internet Job Site with free CV Posting and Vacancy Searches.

Pretende aproximar agências e candidatos. Possui sistema de envio automático de vagas por e-mail. O cadastro é gratuito, mas alguns serviços são pagos
Latin American Jobs Internet Job Site Resume and Vacancy Posting, Job Searches Brazilian Part of USA based site, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Covers Latin America Free Resume and Vacancy Posting for Latin AMERICAN Jobs

Divulga ofertas de emprego, notícias, cursos e serviços na América Latina
RH Internacional Regional Headquarters and Paulista Branch
Av. Paulista, 1.776-15º andar
01.310-921 São Paulo, SP
Executive Recruiter and Employment Agency Brazil, (Dutch based recruiter) Portuguese, RH Internacional is a subsidiary of the Dutch Randstad Group. Since 1990 we have been providing a variety of Human Resources services via our ten branches in the following cities: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Campinas.
Manpower Professional Staffing Agency and Job Board with Resume Posting Vacancy Posting, Job Searches - Temporary and Permanent - Contract Staff Brazil, Portuguese, Nationwide Free Resume and Vacancy Posting for Brazil. Executive Management and Technical Jobs.

Atua na alocação de mão-de-obra especializada nas mais diversas áreas. BR – Headquarters
Alameda Rio Negro,
1084, piso A, Cj.A31
06454-000 Barueri, SP, Brazil
Ph: 55 11-4191-8515
Fx: 55 11-4191-8516
Recruiter and general Information and help including Resume and Vacancy Posting - Job Searches Brazil, (USA based) Portuguese, English, Nationwide Our mission is to have multi-national organizations realize the greatest value from investing in the Brazilian market. We are dedicated to supporting executive productivity in Brazil, and Brazilian Executivies in their internationalization process.

Candidates looking for Jobs in Brazil

Candidates looking for Jobs in Brazil
R06-CH-0510-01 Senior Program and Project Manager, IT Professional (with Brazilian work permit) 01-05-2021

More Books on Brazil from

Do you need help in getting an international Job abroad?

Do you want us to help you find an outstanding Job in Brazil, Europe or the USA with one of the best companies? Getting to Brazil is not difficult, but getting a good job there is! Similarly, if you want to be in Europe and you are not from the EU/EFTA, it will be difficult to get work and residence permits.

We cannot guarantee that you get a job, but we can make the very best effort to help and guide you to the right companies. We will also guide you about housing and work/residence permits. And it does not cost the earth! Are you looking for a Job but, really, have no time to do the search justice? Then try us, we can help! We will have a program that suits you!

Job Hunting is time consuming and the competition for top jobs is fierce!. We can help you with some of the "footwork".
We guide you in countries such as
Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain or other EU Country.

We can also edit
or write your Resume or a European or academic CV if you do not have an appropriate good resume. We will also write a generic a cover letter that you can amend depending on the application and employer. We will just need your data! (e.g. your old resume!)

So that your applications truly reflects what you offer to a potential employer! You can also select any of the following. It will make job search so much easier and, provided you have the right qualification, very likely more successful. Remember cultures in other countries differ and so does the job search!

A General Appraisal about your chances of being able to be employed in Brazil, Switzerland, or a EU Country and getting a work permit A Job specific Assessment of your ability to find a job in Brazil, Switzerland or a EU country with some Guidelines towards possible employers Detailed Advice on a Job Search with the identification of a list of potential employers, and writing/editing of a Curriculum Vitae (in English) and appropriate generic Cover Letter . Ongoing Advice on a Job Search for three months with writing/editing of a Curriculum Vitae (in English) the identification of potential employers, review of each cover letter to employers and an appropriate generic Cover Letter for general use.

Your Resume and cover letter decides whether the employer will look at your submission.
To get the job is decided in the first ten seconds the employer sees your cover letter! If you do not have a good resume and cover letter, we will create it for you from your data!

* * * * * * * *
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