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Jobs with Austrian Companies, Recruiters or Headhunters

Note: This Page is for Austria, a Central European Country, not Australia!

To find a job in Austria is not an easy task. While you might get away with not speaking German in Germany or Switzerland, to find a job in Austria without speaking German is almost impossible. Even though there are many immigrant workers in Vienna ( the distributors of the Kronen Zeitung, one of the largest newspapers in Vienna, appear to be almost all from Southern India or Tamils from Sri Lanka!), the rest of Austria has a lot fewer immigrants (around 10% of the population of 8.2 million) than other parts of Europe. Austrian society is still amazingly homogeneous, notwithstanding Joerg Haider's (the late leader of the FPOe party) xenophobia!

Restoro Austria is part of the EU and therefore, you have no technical problem getting a job, if you are from another EU country. But, for people from outside the EU, especially the USA, South Africa, Canada and Asia, it is far more difficult. You have to offer some kind of specialization and, generally, a higher level degree so that the employer can apply for the work permit, showing that there is no Austrian available to fill that job. One exception is seasonal work in hotels and tourist facilities, especially in winter. But that offers limited possibilities and generally low pay. Life and housing, especially in Vienna, is expensive.

Other cities are a bit less expensive, but there are only a limited number of jobs available. Make no mistake, Austria is a highly sophisticated industrialized country with lots of well travelled and well educated people.

Austria has some international Organizations all located in Vienna. One is OPEC the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. another is the IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency, and there are several other UN organizations.

Personal relations in Austrian society are rather formalistic. This reflects itself in the relationship employers have to employees. Form, besides substance, is important. One does not address people by their first names and one uses titles, when it is appropriate and, sometimes, even when it is not. A well presented CV is therefore essential and the American style of a sales letter of ones own achievements, without proper dates and detailed personal data (birth date, marital status, nationality, study details, children etc) will be seen as "touting your own horn" or simply agressive and unrelevant fluff!

If you want to approach an employer or executive recruiter in Austria it is important that you have an outstanding, well written and presented European style Curriculum Vitae. You have to present the right format in the right place, to have any chance of success.

There are numerous good resume/CV writing services available to help you create the right format. You can find some of the ones we have tested at our resume page. They are all of top quality suppliers, but vary in price and you get what you pay for! And, you have to ask for a CV and not a resume, if you want it for Austria!

Austria's economy is still doing well, even though there was a slow down. If you are well educated, speak good and literate German and have some specialty to offer, you should find a job. The quality of life will be high and you should enjoy it! Jobs without the need for speaking and understanding German do exist, but, they are not as common as, for instance, in neighboring Switzerland.

Job Boards and Internet based Recruiters

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
Job Direct Resume, Vacancy Posting, Job Searches Austria, German Mainly for Jobs in Austria Resume, Vacancy Posting, Job Searches German based Austria, German Jobs in Austria and worldwide for all Professions Resume, Vacancy Posting, Job Searches Recruitment Service Austria, German Its main benefit is that it has Links to a large number of Austrian and International Personel/Human Resources Agencies and Headhunters (all based in Austria) Resume, Vacancy Posting, Job Searches Recruitment Service Austria, German Jobs in Austria - All Professions Resume, Vacancy Posting, Job Searches for Office Jobs (Staffing) Austria, German Provides help for start ups of companies in Austria (offices and personnel) Resume, Vacancy Posting, Job Searches Austria, German, English Mainly IT and Computer related, including management and organizationsl jobs. Part of a Swiss Group, but working the Austrian Market
1010  WIEN
Ph:+43 (0) 1/5331007-0
Fx: +43 (0) 1/5331007-88
Executive Recruiter at a very high level Austrian Subsidiary German, English Part of the International Recruiter
Hotel Job Oesterreich Job Posting and Vacancy Site Germany but specializing in Austria German, other languages Probably the largest Hotel and Tourism Job site for Austria Tourism Plattform with Job Site listed by Austrian States Austria German This is the Austrian Tourism Portal which includes a job site for tourism and hotel jobs

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Large Austrian Companies

Austrian companies are still very different from other companies in Europe and, especially, American companies. Many of them have their origins as state foundations and have only relatively recently been privatized. Information about them, is often difficult to obtain, and many do not even have meaningful websites. If you want to work for them, you have to apply in writing by mail, not by e-mail. Again, form is important in Austria! Below are a selection of Austrian companies or subsidiaries that might be of interest to Foreign applicants. More will be added shortly.

If you are new to Austria, our advice would be to stay clear of the "very Austrian type of companies" (this is a most difficult definition and it will take some time for you, and fluency in German, to understand what is meant by that) and rather go after the more internationally focused businesses. Even, fluently German speaking Swiss and Germans find the adjustments sometimes hard. Anglo-Saxons might find it outright impossible. But, provided you will find a nice place to live (not an easy task in itself),
a city like Vienna, is terrific and its, mainly German Language, cultural offers, especially in the theatre and Opera, are difficult to match elsewhere. Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Innsbruck and Klagenfurt are more provincial, but also offer a high quality of live and cultural venues that most other cities can only dream off.

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
Allgro Verwaltungsgesellschaft
Europastr. 3
3015 Salzburg
Austria (Österreich)
Ph: + 43 662 4470
Does not have a Website, so you have to apply by mail Austria, German Large Holding Company of retail businesses such as SPAR, dutyfree shops. Retail Jobs in national and international environments.
Austria Tabak
Koppstraße 116
1160 Wien
Tel.: +43 1 313 42 - 0
Fax: +43 1 313 42 - 1636
Website does not have Enployment Information Austria, German Founded 1784 as a state owned enterprise. 1997/2001 privatised. Since 2007 the company belongs to Japan Tobacco International, a company with 24,000 employees in 80 countries
Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG  Bank with Career Site Austria, German Member of the UniCredit Group. Heavy involvement in Eastern Europe
Bank für Arbeit & Wirtschaft
Oestereichische Postsparkasse
Georg-Coch-Platz 2
A-1018 Wien
Tel. +43 / 1 / 534 53 / 0
Resume, Vacancy Posting, Job Searches Austria, German BAWAG also incorporates the Austrian Postalbank. Does have an English language site. Very large retail bank.
Bank für Tirol & Vorarlberg
6020 Innsbruck
Ph: 05 05 333
Fx: 05 05 333-1180
From abroad
+43-5 05 333
Bank with Career Site Austria, German A member of the "3 banken group". Large regional banking group with international involvements in Germany, Italy and Switzerland
Deloitte und Touche
A-1010 WIEN
Tel: 01 537 00-0
Fax: 01 537 00-1000
Accountants and Auditors with Career site Austria, German, English A member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, a Swiss company. Each of the Members is independent. Has 7 offices in Austria. Major Accounting group with HQ in New York.
DSM Fine Chemicals 
DSM Fine Chemicals Austria Nfg GmbH & Co KG
Operngasse 17 - 21
A-1040 Wien
Ph:L+43 (0)1 58 05015 11
Industrial production Company with Career Site in German Austria/ Holland
German, English
Part of the Dutch DSM N.V. Group with large processing plants in Linz. Makes intermediate products for the Life-Science Industry
KPMG Austria
Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft. Porzellangasse 51
1090 Wien
Ph: +43 (1) 313 32-0
Fx: +43 (1) 313 32-500
Accountans and Auditors with Career Site Austria German, other languages Large International Accounting and Auditing Firm. 1,100 employees at 8 sites in Austria. Part of KPMG International, a Swiss Cooperative
Magna Steyr
Magna International Europe
Magna-Strasse 1
A-2522 Oberwaltersdorf, Austria
Ph: +43 2253 600 0

Industrial Company for Automotive Products with Career Site Austria German, English, Japanese Large Austrian Industrial company in the automotive sector (Puch) with clients like Mercedes, BMW and VW




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