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The Pages that will Help You Cope and Handle the Loss of Your Job
Lost the Job: The First Steps to Recovery

Self Assessment of your Abilities when you are looking for a new Job

After You Lost the Job: Assessing your The Financial Position

Lost the Job:
How do I find a new Job?
Some Guidelines and Helpful Hints
Lost the Job:
What income (unemployment benefit) can I expect
Lost the Job:
Make an Expenditure Budget

Lost the Job:
Saving your Home - A Survival Guide when Foreclosure Looms

Lost the Job:
Some Tips for coping with a Job Loss and avoiding Depression

Lost the Job:
What will further Education bring me?

How to write a Resume
How to master an Interview

The Ten Rules you should not break, when looking for a Job

HR Evaluation and Testing
How to start a Business I: An Outline

How to start a Business II: The Business Planning Process

How to Start a Business III: Creating an Internet Business Presence

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Nationwide and International Advertising Recruiters, Jobs and Associated Activities

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There are many good directories for advertising recruiters. One of the best ones we found was The Directory of Executive Recruiters Corporate Edition . T

here were more than 5,600 listings in the 2010 Edition. It is by no means cheap, but maybe you can find it in some specialist library.

Another good source is the SRDS database of media rates and information. It is the largest and most comprehensive in the world—cataloging more than 100,000 U.S. and international media properties,advertising agencies and media people. SRDS has been bringing the media community together for over 85 years.

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Internet Researchers
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Job Boards and Internet Recruiters

Web Address Type Location Remark
812 Lambert Drive
Studio C
Atlanta Georgia 30324
Phone: 404 607 1955
Fax: 404 607 1855
Email here
Job Board and Internet Recruiter Resume, Vacancy Posting and Job Searches, Information USA,
Founded as an advertising career site, has evolved into a must read destination for advertising, marketing and public relations professionals. Job Listings and Recruiting Opportunities.
Birschbach Media
22102 E. Canyon Place
Colorado 80016
Ph: 303 400 5150
303 517 5600 mobile
Media Consultant USA,
Nationwide some International
Birschbach Media is an advertising and media sales consulting firm founded in 1997 by Jim Birschbach. Birschbach is a 40 year veteran having worked in cable, TV, newspaper, radio and Internet media marketing. From Madison Avenue to Main Street Birschbach has worked with media companies and advertisers large and small. His international experience includes China and Canada.
601 SW 9th Street, Suites J&K
Des Moines,
IA 50309
Job Board with Resume Posting and Career Search USA,
Has a special section for the Media
Cutting Edge
1201 Broadway 903A
New York, NY 10001
Ph:646-935-1920 Fx:646-935-1923
Recruiter, Media Consultant and Advertising Agency - Regional Recruiter with Job Site with Resume Posting and Career Search USA,
New York Area
CuttingEdge was established just prior to Silicon Alley's "digital boom" and we have become a leading boutique search practice for interactive agencies, online media companies, online publications, ad networks and interactive departments across a wide variety of industries. New Media Jobs.
Telmar Information Services Corp.
470 Park Avenue South, 15th floor
New York, NY 10016
Ph:+1 212 725-3000
Fax:+1 212 725-5488
Media Planner and Media Software - Corporate Job Site with Resume Posting USA,
Telmar maintains regional offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Toronto and Warsaw.
Communicators and Marketers Jobline
10900 NE 8th Street,
Suite 900,
Bellevue, WA 98004
Job Board and Internet Recruiter - with Resume Posting and Career Search USA,
Puget Sound (Washington State) - Seattle
Since 1980 the Communicators & Marketers JobLine has successfully linked employers and industry professionals in the fields of public relations, communications and marketing throughout Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region of Washington State.

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Executive Recruiters and Job Boards

Web Address Type Location Remark 2134 Wisconsin Ave., Washington D.C., 20007
202-965-1100 (Phone) 202-965-6171 (Fax)
Job Board with Resume Posting and Recruiting USA,
Gateway to the most Creative and Talented Production Professionals and Services Worldwide. Recruitment firm for Radio, TV and Film Industry Media Staff
Fristoe and Carleton
77 Milford Drive, Hudson Ohio, 44236 Ph:330- 655 3535
Fx: 330 655 3585
Executive Recruiter, Resume Posting and Career Search USA,
At Fristoe & Carleton, we match great people with great jobs. We don't just recruit employees, we place experienced and talented people in the right advertising, marketing or PR position on both the client and agency side. Whether you're looking to hire, or be hired in the communications industry, your job search ends with Fristoe & Carleton.
Art Links
1450 Fourth Street, suite #10
Berkeley, CA. 94710
Ph: [510] 528-2668
Fx: [510] 528-0521
Executive Recruiter and Job Board with Lists and Career Search USA,
(California, SF Bay Area)
ArtLinks provides quality temporary, contract and direct hire staffing services for advertising, marketing, interactive design, publishing and Information Technology to businesses throughout the Bay Area
DCA Professional Search
Ph:(214) 626-0149 Fx:(972) 745-1616
E-mail here
Executive Search Firm and Recruiter with Job Site for Resume Posting and Career Search USA,
Dallas Texas Area
Executive Search Firm specializing in the placement of strong branded leading industry professionals with expertise in Hispanic advertising and marketing. The firm has built itself on a foundation of consistent results and reliability as well as a record of professional honesty and integrity. We collaborate with top Hispanic and General Market advertising agencies that are looking for highly qualified Hispanic advertising talent in all departments of the advertising and marketing fields.
Yaekle & Company
PO Box 615
Ohio 43023
Ph: 740.587.7366
Fx: 740.587.1973
E-Mail here
Executive Search Firm and Recruiter with Career Search and Recruitment USA,
East Coast
Recruitment Consultants for Design, Advertising and Public Relations. Specializes in the identification and placement of professionals within marketing, advertising, sales promotion, human resources, and sales disciplines within the consumer package goods/services, retail, automotive and foodservice categories
Art Squad
4835 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1000
Texas 75244
Ph 972.419.1767
Fx 972.419.1766
E-Mail Here
Executive Search Firm and Recruiter with Web Site and Resume Posting USA,
Texas and the South East
Recruiter for Creative Directors Advertising ExecutivesArt Directoirs Graphic Designers and other related design and advertising jobs, Post your Resume FREE!

Web Address Type Location Remark
711 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
United States
Ph: 617.535.5000
Fx: 617.535.5005
Executive Search Firm and Recruiter with Job Site, Resume Posting and Career Information USA,
International (Europe and Asia) - Has offices in London, UK
The world’s biggest brands and the brightest marketing, creative and digital professionals come to us for a reason: results.Recruites highly skilled, pre-qualified talent in the following areas:Art and Creative Direction, Copy Writing and Editing, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Production Art, Web Content Development, Web Design, Web Graphics, Web Page Production,Web Project Management
Jobs in Advertising
7979 E. Tufts Ave. Parkway, Suite 1400
Denver, CO 80237
Job Board with Resume Posting and Career Search USA,
Advertising Job Site - a subsidiary of executive search

Marcom Placements Ph:650.329.9906 Job Board with Lists and Career Search USA,
(California, Washington State)
Specialist Advertising Job Site - contingency staffing agency based in the Silicon Valley specializing in placing marketing communications and product marketing professionals for the technology and medical device industries.
Paladin Staffing Services
Corporate HQ
140 South Dearborn Street, Suite 305
Chicago, IL 60603
Ph: 312.573.0700
Fx: 312.654.0279
Job Board with Resume Posting and Career Search USA,
Professional staffing and recruitment firm dedicated to the marketing, creative and communications professions. Within these specialties, Paladin is a trusted partner for interim, contract-to-hire, outsourcing staffing and direct-hire recruitment. Advertising Recruiter with offices around the USA - Low to higher mid level appointments
Roz Goldfarb Associates
207 West 25th Street,
4th Floor
New York NY 10001-7119
Ph:+1 (212) 475-0099
Fx:+1 (212) 473-8096
E-mail here
Executive Search Firm and Recruiter USA,
Recruitment Consultants for Design, Advertising and Public Relations - independently owned, full-service recruitment consultancy and executive search firm that specializes in assisting creatively focused business organizations find the best available people to meet their goals

* * * * Accounting Systems

Agencies and Media Consultants

Web Address Type Location Remark
Porter Creative Group
1910 East Warner Ave., Suite A
Santa Ana, CA 92705
FAX: 949-752-5918
Agency Site with jobs USA, California, English Our public relations staff has worked with numerous clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We provide a full array of public relations and marketing communications services that can be tailored to meet your specific objectives.
47787 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, California 94538

Tel: 510-226-6780
Fax: 510-226-0679
Agency Site with jobs especially for bilingual English-Chinese specialists USA,
English, Chinese, Nationwide, Asia
e21 has a proven record of success in the highly challenging technology PR arena . . . together with the unique ability to plan and implement U.S. / Greater China and Greater China / U.S. sales promotion campaigns. Whether you are an American client looking to boost sales in Asia, or an Asian client wanting to penetrate the US marketplace, e21 provides a full spectrum of services tailored to meet your exact marketing needs . . . from Beijing to Taipei to San Francisco and New York.
Katz Media Group
125 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019-5366 Ph:212-424-6000
Media Recruitment Company for Radio and TV and Cable with 21 regional offices USA,
This group serves more than 2100 radio stations, 350 television stations and 1700 cable systems. With a large and diversified client list of radio and television stations in both large and small markets, Katz Media Group is the largest media representation firm in the United States.
webadvertisingjobs TEL: (561) 630-5201
E-Mail here
Job Board with Job and Career Search USA,
Web Advertising includes job listings from all over the U.S.  Post your resume, search salaries.  Find recruiters

Web Address Type Location Remark
Marketpro Inc
(Corp HQ):
2002 Summit Blvd., Suite 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30319
Executive Recruiter and Job Board with Resume Posting and Career Search USA,
MarketPro is the United States’ leading marketing recruiter for experienced marketing, advertising, interactive and communications professionals. As our name implies, we are a company of veteran marketers who specialize in recruiting and placing mid- to executive-level marketing, advertising, interactive and communications talent.
Janou Pakter
5 West 19th Street
New York, NY 10011
P: +1 212.989.1288
F: +1 212.989.9079
Executive Recruiter with Resume Posting and Career Search USA,
Nationwide and International
Global Executive Search and Creative Recruitment. Janou Pakter, Inc. [JPI] has been connecting business to creativity and recruiting talent for the world’s leading corporations, design consultancies, advertising and branding agencies, and fashion and luxury goods houses since 1985.
594 Broadway,
Room 609
New York,
NY 10012
Ph: 212 274 0277
Fx: 212 274 0041
Executive Recruiter with Resume Posting and Career Search USA,
MARCUS ST. JEAN conducts executive searches worldwide for creative opportunities in advertising, communications and marketing at all levels. We carefully screen and select only the most qualified candidates in all fields of advertising including traditional, interactive, direct, design, promotion or integrated.


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Advertising and Creative Recruiters in the United Kingdom

Web Address Type Location Remark
PO Box 3663
United Kingdom
Ph:+44 (0)845 458 9850
Fx:+44 (0)845 458 9840
Job Board with Resume Posting and Vacancies in the UK with a search engine United Kingdom,
Global executive job search board that has special pages for Advertising and Media Job - Part of the Financial Times Job Network
Major Players Ltd
73-75 Endell Street
Tel: 0207 836 4041
Fax: 0207 836 4009
Job Board and Recruiter Site with Job Submission by e-mail United Kingdom, English, mainly UK and Europe A Randstat company (Dutch). has been leading marketing and creative recruitment for over 15 years. We started out with a vision that a recruitment agency should be honest, ethical and do more than just find you a job. We believe a career is a journey (the most important you’ll ever make) and we’re in it with you for the long haul. Specializing in recruitment for advertising agencies and Media clients across the UK
Independent Digital News & Media Ltd
2 Derry Street
W8 5HF
Job Board with Resume Posting , Career Search United Kingdom, English, Nationwide, USA and Europe UK and Internationally based Advertising and Marketing Jobs. Also operates and other
Ph:+44(0)845 643 6107
Job Board with Resume Posting , Career Search United Kingdom, English, Nationwide, We currently have over 30,000 UK creative industry professionals on our database with an additional 1,500 new ones registering each month. Uniquely amongst recruitment sites each candidate has a full creative portfolio of previous work. We offer an online only introductory service with no commissions or additional fees whatsoever.
A & N Creativepool Creativepool Limited
Clerkenwell Workshops
31 Clerkenwell Close
London EC1R 0AT
Agency and Job Board with Resume Posting , Career Search upload CV/portfolio United Kingdom, English, Nationwide A&N Creative is A&N Media's creative agency, offering a wide range of multi-channel marketing and communications services. A&N Media is a leading media business that encompasses local, regional, national and international media channels. The multi-channel portfolio of brands includes the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, MailOnline, Metro, Loot, FindaProperty, Primelocation,, Jobsite, and Teletext Holidays as well as over 100 regional titles and companion websites.
8-11 St. Johns Lane
Ph: +44 207 336 0034
Agency and Job Board with Resume Posting , Career Search upload CV/portfolio United Kingdom, English, Nationwide and Europe Profiles Creative is one of the UK’s leading Creative Recruitment Consultancies. We are niche recruitment specialists covering the full creative spectrum - digital & design, marketing & ecommerce, pr & communications and fashion & retail. Because we concentrate on doing one thing and doing it really well, we have an extensive network of top candidates within the creative industry.

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