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The Pages that will Help You Cope with and Handle the Loss of Your Job
Lost the Job: The First Steps to Recovery

After You Lost the Job: Assessing your Financial Position

Self Assessment of your Abilities when you are looking for a new Job

Lost the Job:
How do I find a new Job?
Some Guidelines and Helpful Hints
Lost the Job:
What income (unemployment benefit) can I expect (USA per State)
Lost the Job:
Make an Expenditure Budget

Lost the Job:
Saving your Home - A Survival Guide when Foreclosure Looms

Lost the Job:
Some Tips for coping with a Job Loss and avoiding Depression

Lost the Job:
What will further Education bring me?

How to write a Resume
How to master an Interview

The Ten Rules you should not break, when looking for a Job

HR Evaluation and Testing
How to start a Business I: An Outline

How to start a Business II: The Business Planning Process

How to Start a Business III: Creating an Internet Business Presence


Car Rentals - Compare & Save

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Information and Advice Pages for Job Seekers

The key to finding a good job is getting the right information about recruiters and available jobs. You have to understand the market to be successful. That is not an easy task, since many of the job seekers may not have been looking for a job in decades.

To have a long term future in a job, you have to search for a job that fits your education, personality and your interests. Some people take a job because it is offered, not because it is right for them. Others accept job offers, because the attention of the human resource manager or the employer flatters them.

They are not particularly interested in the company or the job. Being flattered by the attention given to them, they forget to look at the job and the company, and to think about whether the job is really the kind of long-term future they want to create for themselves.

Pleased to have found a job, or impressed at being recruited, they will justify a poor choice and accept work that does not fit their abilities or satisfy them. Gradually, they lose interest, their working morale drops and their performance suffers. It is like a downward spiral. Ultimately they might get fired, laid off, or they quit, and the cycle starts again.

Employees and businesses today cannot afford to lose time and money from bad hiring decisions or using the wrong Employment Agencies. Your key employees are important to your business and good information and advice will give you the expertise and experience to help you locate those jobs, or employees, that truly will make a difference to you.

Web Site Type of Site, Location, Language Description and Comments
Ask the Headhunter

Free, but has books for sales
Career Advice Site from the point of view of the recruiter, USA, English, Column written by a headhunter with advice for job seekers, career changes and potential headhunters.
The advice is diverse and challenges some long cherished views and notions about hunting for a job!

Free Information
Canadian Career advice site created by the Toronto Library System, English This is more than a list of Web sites and books. Information has been organized according to the career planning and job search process and users are encouraged to develop their own 'filebox' or customized list of resources.
Excellent information and well organized; just as valid in the USA as in Canada
Internet Career Site

Free Information
Career Advice and lots of links to Job Sites; USA, English Comprehensive career guidance resource center: extensive career advice; career-related searchable databases, career guidance professionals, company profiles, recruiters and a Career Bookstore
Has some useful articles and information
Career Consulting Corner

Free Information but many products to Purchase
A Job Site with lots of products (books, video, essays, on-line links) USA, English Provides career assessments, interviewing tips, resume writing and procedures, cover letter examples, job search information,career products, articles, job bank and resume bank
A good mix of free information and products for which you pay
Career Currents

Free Information
A Canadian Career Site but with information specific to the USA. English Information for new and seasoned careers including Canadian and USA salary surveys, educational programs and lots more. Offers daily career news and various career resources, including free e-zines
Problem with this site is where does the Free information end and where does it become promotional. But some good information, if you find it! The e-zine is worth it though!
Occupational Outlook Quarterly

Free Information
USA -English Government Site Information on Labor Demand, Job Information Publication for career guidance professionals, job seekers, and students. Includes employment projections from Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Useful as far as it goes.
The Peoplelink

Free Information
Recruiter but has a good Newsletter section and lots of links to Job Sites; USA, California English, This is a professional recruiter specializing in office positions in the greater Los Angeles area. The newsletter is for employers and employees with advice on jobs, careers and recruitment
The Newsletter deals with topics of general interest to jobseekers and employers
The Princeton Review

Free Information
Career Advice Site. USA, English Brush up your résumé. Handling telephone interviews. Writing a knockout cover letter. Organizing your job search.
Although this is mainly for new university educated job entrants, most of the advice is just as valid for the seasoned job seekers

Interserver Webhosting

Web Site Type of Site, Location, Language Description and Comments
Practical Job Search Advice (a Blog) Blog offering on Line Courses Resume and Interview advice. Some of the comments we share and feel appropriate. Blog for Job Seekers TheJobBored is a job search and career advice blog dedicated to the tools, tricks and tips you can use to get ahead at work (or just get through the work day)
The candidate advantage Blog for Job Seekers Some ideas about how, as a job seeker, you can speed up the hiring process
Job Web Site for Job Advice for recent Graduates JobWeb offers career and job-search advice for new college graduates.  A service of the National Association of Colleges and Employers
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) On Line Newspaper Site The WSJ provides lots of valuable advice for job seekers. It is not always easy to find. But have a look and a search and you will not regret it!
Tayloring Your Resume Executive Search Advice Page Some guidance as to how you should taylor your resume to the job you are applying for.
The Good Search An Executive Search Firm that uses a new approach The Good Search is an innovative executive search firm that delivers star talent to employers that include Fortune 500 companies as well as the portfolio companies of top-tier venture capital and private equity firms
Don Straits Advice Page on Job Search Stand out and get noticed with high-impact Executive Portfolios that get read by key decision makers.

Life Screening - Cardiovascular

Web Site Type of Site, Location, Language Description and Comments
Executive Job Search Center
Career Advice, USA, English, One of the most important aspects of the interview occurs before a candidate even walks into the room: homework. Candidates should do thorough research about both the company and the position for which you are being considered
The Riley Guide

Free Information
Career Advice and lots of links to Job Sites; USA, English One of the first Internet career guides. Sections run the gamut of career issues from self assessment through salary information
Has useful articles and information

Free Information
Career Advice and lots of links to Job Sites; USA, English Resume generator, career tools and articles to help find and get the right job. Industry research and association links. Professional writing and reference checking services offered.
A lot of good information on Careers, resume writing, how to start job searches etc!
Working Women

Free Information
Career Advice for women; USA, English, Redefines the way business is conducted by centralizing best-of-class tools, applications, knowledge, and industry connections, enabling businesswomen to succeed in their careers and business endeavors.
A comprehensive and excellent site for working women. The best on the web!

Free preliminary Information
Start your own Business Site etc. USA, English Information, ideas, resources and secrets to better your professional and personal skills
Has some general workplace information, but is mainly directed towards starting your own business (with their help, naturally!).

We are often told by employers that "People are our Greatest Assets"

I do not know how many times I have been told by employers, hiring managers and CEO's that "people are our greatest assets". And then I look at the company closer, see that they pay wages a person can hardly live on, have managers and supervisors who behave, as if they were still living in the 19th Century and benefit packages (vacation, insurance etc.) that lets one ask where the "benefits" are.

The gap between what many employers say and how they deal with employees is widening. It is easier to call employees "associates" rather than the 20th Century "workers", but welding them into a cohesive social whole, that becomes a productive unit, adding real value-added to the economy, is something quite different.

However,"People become your greatest Asset", when you are looking for a job. Most of the time, especially in these difficult economic environment, it is often less important what you know, then who you know. The majority of jobs which become available are never open to the public at large. They are certainly not advertised. So the only way you will know about it, is through other people. Networking and making connections become important assets in your job search portfolio. You need to get to the job with a personal connection! Even better, you should know long before the job opening becomes public!

Although, many jobs today are filled via the internet and the view persists that because of the internet, the hiring process has become more efficient. Far from it. The only thing the internet did was to decrease your ability to establish personal contacts with hiring managers. Consequently, move your job searches from the internet back to the personal level: Use your connection and who you know! That is, where "People become your greatest Asset"

US - PowerDVD

The Importance of Resumes and the Cover Letter

The Cover Letter is the most important part of your application because if you do not capture the imagination of the Human Resources Manager with your cover letter, your application will not go anywhere. There are numerous good ways how to write a cover letter. The products below each have something to offer in that respect. Try out the one that appeals to you!

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