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The Pages that will Help You Cope with and Handle the Loss of Your Job
Lost the Job: The First Steps to Recovery

After You Lost the Job: Assessing your Financial Position

Self Assessment of your Abilities when you are looking for a new Job

Lost your Job:
How do I find a new one? -
Some Rules to Help you
Lost the Job: What income (unemployment benefit) can I expect
Lost the Job: Make an Expenditure Budget

Lost the Job: Saving your Home - A Survival Guide when Foreclosure Looms

Lost the Job: Some Tips for coping with a Job Loss and avoiding Depression

Lost the Job: What will further Education bring me?

How to write a Resume
How to master an Interview

The Ten Rules you should not break, when looking for a Job

HR Evaluation and Testing
How to start a successful Business I: Some Guidelines

How to start a Business II: The Business Planning Process

How to Start a Business III: Creating an Internet Business Presence

Computer Notebook Blowout at!

Quit Your Job: Make money from home!


Sales Jobs, Sales Support Jobs, Franchises and Sales Management Jobs

Being a successful salesman or, leading a sales team, is a complex position, with a single objective: To reach, or exceed, the sales targets for the area you are managing. There are lots of variables that can affect your success and propel you into a leadership position.

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Executive Openings! the best jobs.

The key to a successful career is to concentrate on the factors that make your ability to sell a success. Creating extensive checklists which will remind you of these, are likely a great help. In that it is like looking for a job: The factors that make you unique and show a potential employer that investing in you is an investment into a future asset!

Your Résumé

If you are looking for a top sales job, you have to write an appropriate resume: That is your Sales Brochure! It might be worth it, to invest in a professionally written resume.

There are numerous good resume writing services available to help you create the right format. You can find some of the ones, we have tested, at our Resume Advice . They vary in price and you get what you pay for!

Employment Agencies, Headhunters, Internet Job Boards and others
Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
Edwards and Kote
2106 Cedar Circle Carrollton, TX  75006
Phone:(972) 416-4349 or

(972) 236-4962
Fax: (972) 417-0950
Resume submission, Job Searches USA, English, Texas, South Sales, Marketing, and Management professional executives in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry
Career Management 1000 West McNab Road
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Phone: 954-942-4868 Fax: 954-942-7940 e-mail:
Resume submission, Job Searches. Retained and Contigency Searches - USA, English, Florida and Atlanta area Outside Sales Reps with National Fortune 200/500/1000 Company's
Careers for Women and Men Inc.
80 East 11th Street
Suite 402
New York, New York 10003
Phone: 212 777-4646
Fax: 212 777- 5949
Resume submission, Job Searches, Headhunter, Executive Searches. Retained and Contigency Searches USA, Paris, London Bermuda, English, French, Nationwide, International Entry Level to Executive Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations
Careers Incorporated Resume submission, Job Searches, Executive Searches. Retained and Contigency Searches USA, Midwest, English, Jobs in sales of all areas, marketing, and customer service. Placements range from entry level candidates to upper level management positions
500 Commercial St.
Manchester, NH 03101-1151
FAX:  (603) 644-5560
Resume submission (by fax), vacancy posting, Executive Searches. USA, English, Nationwide, International Middle and top level executive, management for the sporting goods, active wear and footware industries
Itsyourjobnow On-Line Resume submission, vacancy posting, Job Searches. USA, English, Nationwide, Middle level executive, management and technical jobs.
Job Opps Net On-Line Resume submission, vacancy posting, Job Searches. USA, English, Nationwide, Sales and Marketing, IT, Restaurants, Nedical Internet and Insurance
Sales Jobs On-Line Resume submission, vacancy posting, Job Searches. USA, English, Nationwide Sales and Marketing Jobs, Post your Resume FREE!

The best jobs for elite graduates are on Doostang.

Executive Openings! $80,000 to $500,000+


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I have lost my Job! What now? A Guide to surviving Redundancy

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Executive and On-Line Recruiters|

Large Corporate Employment Sites|

Corporate Sites, Executive Recruiters and Internet Sites in the USA and Canada|

Recruiters, Employers Headhunters, Internet Pages and other Employment sites of interest|

Regional Executive Recruiters and Job Boards - South East: Georgia and Alabama

Spanish and Portuguese Bilingual Jobs (Mainly USA/Canada) |

Job Sites for Bilingual Jobs (other Languages than Spanish/Portuguese) |

Teaching and Industrial Training Jobs |

Recruiters for Ex-Military Personnel

Outplacement Specialists

International Jobs in the Travel and Leisure Industry

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More Executive and Staff Recruiters

Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
Finders-Seekers 2372 Highway K,  Bay, MO 65041  800-636-2999 tel 573-943-6348 fax Resume submission, Job Searches. Vacancy Posting USA, English, Nationwide Specializing in Sales Jobs Nationwide
food, beverage and health care, consumer-packaged goods, manufacturing industry
First Interview Network Resume submission, Job Searches, Vacancy Posting USA, English, Nationwide, Some International Entry Level to Executive Sales, Marketing and Advertising
National Register National Register Columbus, Inc
2700 E. Dublin Granville Rd. Suite 555
Columbus, OH 43231
Resume submission, Job Searches, Vacancy Posting USA, English, Nationwide, Jobs in sales of all areas, marketing, and customer service from entry level candidates to upper level management positions
Capitol Staffing
Briarwood One Building
460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 110
Jackson, Mississippi 39206
Phone:601 957-1755
Fax: (601) 957-3880
E- Mail:
On-Line Resume submission, vacancy posting, USA English, Nationwide Middle and top level Sales and Marketing executives, management and technical MIS jobs.
Robinson Associates
One Kendall Square • Building 200
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-225-2323 • Fax: 617-494-5210
On-Line Resume submission, vacancy posting, USA, English, Nationwide Jobs in sales of all areas, marketing, and customer service all levels

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There are hundreds of high paying Job Vacancies (Bookkeepers, legal Assistants, Mechanics, Security personnel, Administrators, Engineers etc., with or without knowledge of Arabic) with American Contractors in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries in the area- Tax Free pay for one year contracts - click here

Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
Paladin Staffing Service On-Line Resume Posting and Job Searches; Vacancy Posting USA, English, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Irvine, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New Jersey, New York or San Francisco. Offers recruiting for all types of jobs in Sales, Marketing, Administration, Commerce,advertising, communications, creative, marketing, new media and Web professionals in all industries
Vermillion Group On-Line Resume Posting and Job Searches; Vacancy Posting USA, English, Nationwide Offers recruiting for all types of jobs in Sales/Marketing, Administration, Commerce, the Manufacturing and other Industries
DiscoverME Job Searches; Vacancy Posting USA, English Nationwide Find a Job through Personality Matching - The Job that fits your Personality
Levine Hirshorn and Associates On-Line Resume Posting, Executive searches, Job Searches, USA, English, New York and North East Offers all level recruiting for all types of jobs in Sales/ Marketing and the Retail Fashion Industry
The Medley Group
3540 Wilshire Blvd
Suite PH 8
Los Angeles, CA 90010
FAX:213 616-0226
Phone:800 535-7757
On-Line Resume Posting, Vacancy Posting, Job Searches, Executive searches, USA, English, Nationwide Executive search firm, specializing in aerospace, radar, microwave engineers, telecommunications, professional sales, marketing, finance, accounting and engineering jobs.

Franchises and Business Opportunities

ID Number Required Position Date Posted
VA10-US-0925-01 Business Development - Sales - Franchise Opportunity - Handyman Matters 02-25-2011 Post Your Resume FREE!

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Do you have Security Concerns with your Computer System
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Salus is the ideal Program for you: It records everything secretly for 999 days!

And for $29.50 per single user system as an Internet Download!

Remember, you are responsible for the actions of your employees!

Your Discrete Computer Use Monitoring Program for Office and Family

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Sales and Marketing Vacancies

ID Number Position Vacant Date Posted
VA06-FL-1107-05 OnLine Representative 02-07-2011
Part Time Sales Consultants
Sales Consultanst
VA04-CA-1210-04 Work at Home - Be Rich and Free (Sales Job) 02-11-2011
VA04-USA-0901-10 Dynamic Area Sales Managers to obtain Out Sourcing Assignments 03-02-2011
Experienced HVAC Sales Positions 02-20-2011


Resumes for Sales and Marketing Jobs

ID Number Required Position Date Posted
R03-NY-0418-11 Management, Sales, Sales Training and Marketing Position 03-04-11
R02-UK-0521-10 Sales and Marketing Consultant for Printing and Graphic design Products or Services - Switzerland 02-21-11

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