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ID Number Reply to Position Required Annual Salary
Requested (in US$
if not indicated otherwise)
Age Sex
R02-UK-0321-18 uwila@ukonline.co.uk Product Manager, or IT Manager for Product Development in the Oil and Gas or Petrochemical Area 40,000+ 33 n/a

Preferred Location UK - Europe - USA
Nationality USA
Date of Birth 28th July 1969
Language English, some German

Career Summary

Career Summary One year experience in IT management for Chicago based Internet business

Five years experience as mechanical engineer in oil industry

(Halliburton Company), where diverse multitude of engineering and leadership experiences were gained, including responsibility
for delivery in accordance with schedule and technical specifications.

Desired Position - Special Skills

Positions Desired
 - Product Manager, or IT Manager for Product Development 
    in the Oil and Gas or Petrochemical Area
Special Skills
- Dedicated, 
- Self-motivated, 
- Able to take initiative 
- Achieve established goals in timely manner. 

Computer Skills
 - MS Office, basic web design skills (HTML, Photoshop) 

Objective, Work Experience, Education


To obtain a position in IT Management (development team or department leader) or Marketing (Product Manager or similar role) which would allow me to contribute my technical diversity to a company's growth in the local or worldwide energy markets


March 2000 - September 2001
Chief Information Officer  with
Internet Features, Chicago Ill, USA 
Reporting to: - Operations  Manager
Responsibilities and Assignments


Developed and recommended strategies for internal websites. Led creative and technical development of client websites.
Total responsibility for all project schedules

April 1997-
August 1999
Mechanical Engineer  with
Brown & Root Energy Services (Halliburton Company)

Reporting to: Various Operations Managers
Responsibilities and Assignments


August 1999 
Shell Malampaya Platform, offshore Philippines, 
January 1999 – August 1999
Kungulo Water Injection Platform, offshore Angola, West Africa
April 1997 – December 1998
Prepared technical specifications for mechanical equipment packages; 
approved suppliers’ proposed engineering solutions. 
Ensured equipment was built according to specifications, and delivered 
to client in strict accordance with project schedule. 
Additional miscellaneous responsibilities such as Mechanical Equipment List, 
Monthly Progress Reports, Cost Analysis Studies, etc.). 
August 1995 -
March 1997
Mechanical Engineer  with
Brown & Root Engineering and Construction

Reporting to: Various Operations Managers
Responsibilities and Assignments


February 1997 - March 1997
Venezuelan Extra Heavy Oil Project (VEHOP), Jose, Venezuela 
Responsible for Technical Documents Packages of mechanical equipment 
in oil refinery proposal. 
August 1995 - January 1996
Mechanical Department,
Led development and prepared for beta test of in-house software (MIDAS). 
Feb 1995 -
August 1996
Graduate Development Program for Engineers with
Brown & Root 
Responsibilities and Assignments


Engineering training program consisting of 2 to 4 month rotations in 
each business unit of Brown & Root: 
Brown & Root Manufacturing and Industrial (Pulp & Paper)
Brown & Root Petroleum and Chemicals 
Brown & Root Structural Civil 
Brown & Root Industrial Services Project Support Services
Brown & Root Energy Services Central Engineering 




- Bachelor  of Science in Mechanical Technology - 
  University of Houston, Texas, USA 
Memberships American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Chairman, Program Coordinator
Chi Omega Fraternity; Various Committees, First Tuesday

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