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ID Number Reply to Position Required Annual Salary
Requested (in US$
if not indicated otherwise)
Age Sex
R02-MI-0221-25 DSStairway7@cs.com Product Manager, Application Engineer, Sales Engineer N/A n/a M

Preferred Location USA - Europe - International
Nationality British
References Available upon request
Language English

Career Summary

Career Summary Product and system design skills with extensive manufacturing and marketing experience in pneumatic and hydraulic pumps, valves, mechanisms and intensifiers.

Design, industrial, application and sales/marketing experience includes mobile and industrial products for different fluids (including oils, water, hydrocarbons, LPG’s and process chemicals), pressures up to 30,000 psi, international sales/distribution and personnel skills.

28 years of wide experience in industrial applications of pneumatic and hydraulic pump, valve and other devices.

Desired Position - Special Skills

Positions Desired
 - Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Consultant, 
    Application Manager, Design Manager 
    in industrial pump and valve applications 
Special Skills
- wide experience in industrial pump product and system design, 
  application, sales, advertising, exhibitions and sales management
- Marketing, product promotion , sales and distributor training 
  experience  in most European countries, the Middle East, 
  South Africa and the Americas.
- Six years as a member of  the publicity committee of the  British Fluid
   Power Association's (a professional association)  involving
   the creation of 
   - publicity material such as brochures, posters as well as 
   - the organization of two exhibitions and a reference book
- reliable self starter
- good team leader
- supervisory skills
- wide knowledge of industrial pump and valve applications
- skilled in marketing of industrial products to sophisticated clients

Computer Skills
 - Autocad 2000, Paradox database, MS Front-page web design, HTML, 
    MS Word and Excel, 

Objective, Work Experience, Education


To obtain a challenging Product Managers, Marketing or Application Consultants position, where I can apply my previous experience and technical versatility to help a company's growth


1994- Present
Product Manager  with
Hydronic Corporation - at Michigan USA (1998-Present)
Reporting to: - Marketing Manager
Responsibilities and Achievements


Total responsibility for design and manufacture, sales and distribution 
for pumps, power units, boosters and intensifiers. 
Developed Hydronic Product Range

My responsibilities were: 
- To develop Hydronic product range
- Expand sales and distribution network across North America 
- start and build up exports to Europe

- Designed P901 pump range, seven models to 10,000 psi,
    launched January 2000, adopted by Enerpac as their standard 
   workholding power unit
- Designed P923 product range, seven models to 10,000 psi, to be 
   launched April 2002 at International Fluid Power Exhibition in Las Vegas.
- Designed FT3 oil transfer pump for Fleetguard Nelson, 
    a Cummins company, delivered 2001. Ultra low energy consumption 
    for fluid transfer in mobile applications
- Authored and delivered dissertation to the Fluid Power Society’s 
   46th symposium in Chicago, April 2000. Two other dissertations 
   scheduled for the 47th symposium in April, 2002, for the 
   Fluid Power Society and Society of Automotive Engineers
- Conceived, built and managed the company’s first 
   Fluid Power Exhibition stand
-  Produced a series of press releases covering applications and products.
Marketing  Manager  with
Hydro-Pump Ltd. - United Kingdom (1994-1998)
(UK part of Hydronic Corporation)
Reporting to: Marketing Director
Responsibilities and Achievements


Designed pumps and mechanisms for clients Robert Cort Limited and Mobil Oil

My responsibilities were: 
- sales, design and manufacture of line of pumps and intensifiers 
- cost and profit responsibility for product lines

- Completed new pump and intensifier designs for oil hydraulics and 
   liquefied gases
- Two successful patents were applied for during this time.
1984 - 1994
Marketing Director  for Heypac Ltd, United Kingdom 
Reported to: General Manager
Responsibilities and Achievements


Marketing and sales for air driven hydraulic pumps and their
worldwide distribution

My responsibilities were:
- application engineering and systems design
- increase worldwide sales

- Increased sales volume by 400% to 1,000 units per year

January 1991 -
April 1994
Product Director and General Manager with - 
DPS and S Ltd, United Kingdom
Reported to: Company General Manager
Responsibilities and Achievement


Organize and direct  sales, manufacturing, design and distribution in Europe

My responsibilities were: 
- manufacturing and distribution of Ingersoll Rand and own brand equipment 
    for quarrying, mines and construction sites
- complete control, including cost and profit responsibility for 
    product marketing, sales, manufacturing and  design 
- increase European sales 

- First successful patent applied for during 1984
1963 - 1972
Police Officer with Police Unit in England - 
Responsible to: Station Head


Standard Police duties
- firearms instructor  
- specialization in underwater diving and criminal intelligence
(moved to private sector due to a color eyesight defect)
- voluntary work in Africa





1960 - 1963
- Bachelor in Marketing with specialization in Power Equipment - 
   Foundation for International Services 

- Fluid Power Certificate - Brunell College, London United Kingdom
- Foreign Language Certificates - Slough College, Slough, United Kingdom
- Diploma in Marketing - Institute of Marketing - United Kingdom
- Engineering Certificates - George Abbott Engineering School - United Kingdom
   (first student to achieve 100% in examinations)
Technical and Managerial Training Courses in quality management systems, machine engineering, product design, product innovation, fluid power, materials stress analysis, marketing through exhibitions, business administration, team building/leadership

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