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ID Number Reply to Position Required Annual Salary
Requested (in US$
if not indicated otherwise)
Age Sex
R02-CA-0126-14 R02022614@joblinegroup.com Programmer, Systens Analyst, Project Manager Ecryption
$ 125,000 39 M

Preferred Location USA - Spain, Portugal
Nationality Russian with Green Card - Permanent Residence in EU Countries
Date of Birth 12th July 1963
Language English, Russian, German, French

Special Skills

Programming Languages

Operating Systems

Web Tools


- Cobol, Fortran, Assembler, JSP Servlets, WML, WAP, XML, cHTML, iMode, JRun server & Studio, Palm OS, Code Warrior, J2ME-CLDC,KJava, C (Palm OS) Win CE, embedded VB,
- UNIX, Sun, Win-95, Win-98, Windows NT
- Oracle, MEGA, Progress, Informix, SAP, MS SQL Server
- Java 2.0, Java Script,VBScript, ServerSiteScripting with ASP IIs, Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe, Cold Fusion Server, Cold Fusion Studio
- SAP, Foxpro, Uniman, JMail,W3Uploas,ASP Smart UpLoad

Pursuing a dynamic career in Programming and Systems Analysis where my exposure in different business related functions adds value to an employers operation.
January 1996 - Present Infoterm Inc - Los Angeles CA
Responsibilities and Achievements


Project: Bank 208 Client: International Bank
Project Manager Systems Analysis (August 1998 - Present)

Introduction of extensive SAP Network into major Japanese banking group.
Acting as project leader responsible for on time completion. Directing a team
of ten programmers and two project supervisors.



Project : Communications Client: Infopar
Software Programmer (July 1997 - August 1998)

Developed, designed coded and tested a Dial Code System for direct account
dial for WAP System which provides worldwide dial codes



Project: Encryption of Funds Transfer System Client: European Banking Consortium
Software Programmer (May 1994 - June 1997)

Designed, coded and tested a complete encryption system for international
bank transfers integrating it into existing applications.
ISO 9000 and SWIFT compatible



Project : Auditing System for Encryption of Funds Transfer System Client: Russian Private Foreign Trade Bank
Software Programmer (March 1991 - May 1994)

Project co-ordination, design, analysis and coding for a complete encrypted auditing system for all international transfers for this major privatised bank

Diploma (Masters and PhD in Pure and Applied Mathematics Moscow State University
1988-1990 (Dec) Master of Science in Computer Science, M.I.T. Cambridge Mass

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