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Aviation Internet Sites and Recruiters

(Below are General Aviation and Flight Crew Recruiters - If you look for a specific Airline, go to the Airline Site - For Jobs in Aerospace Engineering etc. go also to Engineering, Design, Manufacturing etc.)

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Recruiters and Job Boards for Aviation, Pilots, other Crew, Aviation Engineering
Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
Aviation Recruiting
420 College Drive,
Suite 207
Florida 32068
United States
Ph:+1 (904)264-0097
Fx:+1 (904) 264-0230
Recruiter - Job Searches; vacancy posting Engineering and Aviation USA English, nationwide and worldwide Specializes in the recruitment for the aviation industry only and we have successfully placed thousands of aviation professionals worldwide. Our main goal is to develop and build long-term relationships with our clients and maintain our position as one of the global premier aviation search firms.
PlaneJobs.com Job Board Resume Submission, Job Searches; vacancy posting Crews and Engineering USA, English, Nationwide PlaneJobs.com is an employment and recruitment web site serving the aviation industry exclusively. The company was founded in 1999 to provide employers a venue where aviation industry jobs could be advertised and recruited for exclusively within the aviation industry. The mission of PlaneJobs.com is to be the gathering place for aviation industry employers, recruiters and job seekers.
Betts Recruitment Ltd
Fairlawn House
125 Marshalls Road
Ph:+44 1933 625700
Fx:+44 1933 625707
Job Board Resume Submission, Job Searches; vacancy posting Crews and Engineering UK, English, Nationwide and International Aviation people for aviation companies - A privately owned, UK registered Limited Company; we’re not owned by any other organisation and with no shareholders to please, we make fast decisions - immediately adapting our working methods to answer your Company’s individual needs.Our Contract Management is the best around. We build relationships with all the Contractors and stay in touch with them every month, to develop a great Team spirit amongst everyone on Assignment.
Sigma Aviation Services
37 Fitzwilliam Place
Dublin 2
Ph+353 1 6698 224
F:x +353 1 6698201
Recruiters for Flight Crews and Aviation Executives - Resume Posting and Job Searches; vacancy posting, Crews and Engineering Ireland, English Europe wide and international Sigma Aviation Services has many years of experience providing the most qualified and reliable Flight Crew, Flight Attendants, Technical, Operational and Management Personnel to Airlines throughout the world. Also providing a comprehensive Consultancy Service including Movement of Aircraft, Aviation Marketing Services, Assessment and Selection Management, Selection including the use of Psychometric Tools and Assistance in start-up phase and other critical stages to airlines across the globe.
Capital Aviation Services
Head Office
Broadway House
112-134 The Broadway
London SW19 1RL
Resume posting, job searches vacancy posting, Crews and Engineering UK English Nationwide and some international Providing the aviation, aerospace and space industries in UK and internationally with contract and permanent personnel
1500 Spring Garden Street
PA 19130
Engineering and Aviation (Aerospace) Recruiter - Resume submission, vacancy posting, Job search USA, English Nationwide and International Skilled in the latest concepts and technologies – ensuring our clients have the high-performing engineering workforce they need, when they need it.The demand for engineering candidates continues to outpace the number of qualified resources available in the marketplace.  Yoh attracts and recruits top-notch engineering resources
5788 Echo Bluff Dr.
Ft. Worth, TX 76137
Voice (817) 281-1110   
Fax (817) 281-8157
Recruiter with On-Line Resume submission, vacancy posting, Job search Crews and Engineering USA, English Nationwide Provides aviation employees access to aviation jobs such as avionics, engineering, pilots, sales, maintenance, A&P, executive, accounting, and management
The Parc Aviation Aero
St John's Court,
Dublin 9,
Recruiter with On-Line Resume submission, vacancy posting, Crews and Engineering Ireland English, International International provider of specialist personnel and recruitment solutions to the Aviation, Engineering, IT and Telecom industries across Europe and the US

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Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remarks
Avjobs Inc.
PO Box 630830
Littleton, Co 80163 USA
Fx - (888)624-8691
Job Board and Internet Recruiter, Resume Submission, Job Searches; vacancy posting Crews and Engineering USA,
English, Nationwide, worldwide
AEAC is an online resource that brings together employers and employees in the aviation industry. 
Aviation Employee Placement Service
PO Box 550010
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33355

Job Board and Internet Recruiter with Resume Submission, Job Searches; vacancy posting Crews and Engineering USA,
English, Nationwide
During your ten free days your qualifications are made available to 9,699 recruiters worldwide every single day. No wasting time or more importantly wasting money on printing costs, paper, postage, phone calls, faxes or those monthly out of date job service newsletters. British Airways, Air Castle, ATI, Bombardier/ Business JetSolutions, Colgan Air, Express.net Airlines, Falcon Air Express, FineAir, Gemini Air Cargo, Midway Airlines, Martinaire, Shuttle America,Sun Country Airlines, Mesa and most regional airlines, corporate flight operations, FBO's and aviation manufacturers are just a few of the many aviation companies that search our database daily.
Air Consult
United Kingdom
Ph:+44 (0) 7961 356993
Job Board and Internet Recruiter with Resume Posting and Job Searches; Job Posting Board Crews United Kingdom
English, worldwide
Contracting a wide variety of airline management assignments and services on a truly worldwide basis, from cargo charter flight management in East Timor to classroom training for passenger handling staff in Switzerland, reducing airline SITA invoices or finding specialist aviation industry professionals to join your staff:
Aeromarine International
A Division of Cox & Associates
131 Sutphen ST.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA
Ph: 831 466 3440
Fx: 831 466 3441
Consultant with some crew jobs USA,
English Nationwide
AeroMarine International, a division of Cox & Associates, works with clients exclusively for larger asset acquisition, management, sales and financing. We offer aircraft and yacht brokerage services on an exclusive, mandated basis and only after being adequately retained
Swiss International Airlines
Lufthansa owned subsidiary based in Zurich
Company site with job searches Crews and Engineering Zurich Switzerland,
English, French, German Italian,
Go to the Career page. Major airline belonging to Lufthansa - see also Austrian Airline, BMI and Brussel Airline (formerly Sabena)
Aviation Consulting Services Ltd.
P.O. Box 324
CA 94559 Ph/Fx:(707) 647-3758
Mobile: (415) 235-4323
Consultant with Jobs for Crew USA,
English Nationwide
A Napa, California based company providing corporate aircraft acquisition, management and flight crew services to companies and private individuals.  
Aviation Jobs Online.com
by AeroGate
P.O. Box 130451
The Woodlands,
Texas 77393-0451
Job Board with On-Line Resume submission, vacancy posting, Crews and Engineering USA,
English, Nationwide,
Specialist Aviation Recruiter and site

Job.com, Post your Resume FREE!

Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
Aviation Job Search
London Road
Sayers Common
West Sussex
Job Board with Resume Submission, Job Searches; Vacancy Posting UK, English, German Italian, Portuguese, Spanish; Worldwide AviationJobSearch.com specializes in all aviation jobs. Some of our popular job searches include: aerospace jobs, airline jobs, pilot jobs and aircraft technician jobs. Our specialist aviation job board features vacancies from leading aviation companies and recruiters from around the world. We cover all aspects of aviation employment.
Toll Free: 1-800-525-5003
Publication with advertised Jobs in Aviation USA/UK, English, Worldwide Serving over 1.2 million professionals in 185 countries, AVIATION WEEK is the largest information and services provider to the global commercial, defense, maintenance/repair/ overhaul (MRO), space and business aviation communities and plays a critical role in connecting industry professionals worldwide. Anchored by its flagship Aviation Week & Space Technology, AVIATION WEEK continues to grow and evolve its portfolio to meet the needs of the industry.
Cage Consulting
On-Line Resume submission, Job Searches; Vacancy Posting Crews and Engineering USA, English, Nationwide Since 1988 Cage Consulting has been providing the most up-to-date, professional pilot career services in the industry.  Whether you are a low time pilot or a seasoned pilot with thousands of hours, Cage Consulting has the experience to help you expand your professional pilot career
Contractair Ltd
Unit 8, Cedarwood
Crockford Lane
Chineham Business Park
RG24 8WD
Ph:+ 44 1256 368500 Fx:+ 44 1256 368501
Executive Recruiter and Job Board (Flight Crew Leasing) Resume Posting and Job Searches; Crews and Engineering UK, English Nationwide, International Contractair Ltd is one of the world's leading established flight crew leasing companies. Specialising in contract and permanent flight deck and cabin crew placements, training solutions, flight operations support and ferry & positioning flight services. We work together with airline companies worldwide, both for commercial and VIP operators. Contractair is one of the few agencies to hold labour licenses in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.Contractair is part of an aviation group that includes Resource Group, Resource Consulting and Lufthansa Resource Technical Training.

Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
Find a Pilot Job Board with Resume Submission, Job Searches; Vacancy Posting Crews USA, English, Nationwide Pilots and Aircrews and other aviation related jobs worldwide
Nation Job Network (Aviation) Resume Submission, Job Searches; Vacancy Posting USA, English, Nationwide General Job Site with large Aviation Section
Flight Crew Jobs On-Line Information site and Job Board USA, English, Nationwide FCJO website advises its members which airlines or other aircraft related companies are hiring flight crews and/or other aviation personnel. Whenever an airline or aviation related company contacts FCJO with job openings, FCJO posts the jobs with detailed description and contact info on the online jobs board (temporarily down). If the hiring company requirement is urgent, FCJO searches the database and contact all qualified applicants that meet the job specifications by phone or email alert.
PO Box 1405
TN 37088
Ph: (615) 443-2487
Fx: (615) 443-2493
Job Board with Resume Posting and Job Searches; Job Posting Board USA, English Nationwide If you are a business aircraft operator searchingfor qualified crew members, you've come to theright place. Our audience consists of experienced and qualified pilots, flight attendants, and
maintenance personnel.

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